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Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 02:56 PM PST

This font . . .

by James Kresnik

. . . makes my eyes bleed.


Fri Apr 09, 2010 at 06:32 PM PDT

We fight here, dammit.

by James Kresnik

I will, in the greatest spirit of American Democracy, be quite blunt and plainspoken.

The fact is that there is a substantial rift in the Democratic party along deepening lines and that both sides can claim legitimate beef with the other side. It's obvious that elements on both sides want conflict, as that is how political differences are usually settled. Given that this is a political forum, and a discussion/debate/policy forum at that, 'fighting' at some level will be not only natural, but necessary to advance a particular view. No amount of group hugging or person worshiping is going to heal this rift. "It's on like Donkey Kong, my friends."


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Before we start, let me get this straight - as a principled, responsible, thoughtful, leftist - I don't like this bill and I won't be going out of my way to actively support it, either.

Honestly, this dirty hippie has better things to do than to waste time bolstering a deeply flawed chimera born of a co-opted and corrupt process. I'm not interested in hearing the flawed reasoning used to support this corrupt process: the unnecessarily excessive accommodation to corporate interests; the enabling of the corrupt media; the desire for some poor souls to support The President regardless of the quality of legislation.

Now moving that considerable lump of consternation out of the way, I do see an opportunity in the aftermath to move us away from a political duopoly determined to drown The American Experiment under a flood of corporate welfare, middle-class debt, and cheap imported widgets. Now, if this bill passes, the Republican Party will be destroyed, and then the real progress begins.

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Since anti-privacy Senators and Congresspeople like spying on us so much, why don't we spy on them? Find out what dirt they got (plenty) and put it all over the Internets. They said invading anyone's privacy at will was okay, so let's go for it!

There should be a camera wielding progressive across the street of their house, at the airport stall when they hop a flight to the next lobbyist junket. They won't be able to call their hooker, or lobbyist buddy in peace. No more golf trips without some 'hippie punk' and a camera phone and a smirk, keeping a steady eye on them.

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Great, it looks like another plutocratic, pro-corporate authoritarian wants to rule us and he has the support of the Very Serious People in Unity '08. At this moment, I could become cynical and partisan and reject Michael Bloomberg out of hand. However, while I've always been very cynical, I've never been strongly partisan. Therefore, I will have to remain honest and consistent in my principles and pick who I think is the best candidate for the job. So, until Mr. Bloombergs answers some questions, the yard sign stays in the garage.

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