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I have been on Daily Kos (under different names) for well over a decade. If there is an unpopular opinion on Kos, it is to defend Meet the Press - and this is completely justifiable for many reasons. I used to defend Tim Russert before his untimely death and took a lot of slack for that position. While Russert was imperfect, having lived with David Gregory for 6 years, I think that most of us would have gone back to Russert. Since that is no longer an option, we need to figure out how to move forward and fight for strong journalism.

If we ever want to see better journalism on television, we need to be fair arbiters and criticize MTP when it is bad and give it credit when it is effective. Today, on balance, Andrea Mitchell did a good job.


Who would you choose to lead Meet the Press?

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43%347 votes
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I just finished watching Alex Jones on Piers Morgan and, at first, I was amused, though by the end, I felt uneasy and disturbed. Let's just say the Crazy is strong in that guy and this video needs to be spread far and wide. This rant that he just had on Piers needs to go viral as I think it is one of the strongest pieces of evidence of what has become a very strong minority in our country - something that I would call the doomsday / conspiracy laden / gun nut, who is losing touch with reality, yet is very well armed.

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My family is 90 percent conservative, as are my in-laws, and the last 5 churches I've belonged to (which is why I keep trying to find a new one). Because of this, my Facebook feed is at least 75 percent Conservative. This means that most of the weekend I have seen the continuous stream of "guns don't kill people..." and every other imaginable logical fallacy regarding the gun control debate. The most common argument expressed on my page by far has been the idea that if we arm civilians, it would stop these mass shootings. Of course, Daily Kos has been full of diaries debunking this, but I wanted to focus on the most common meme that I have seen. Follow me over the squiggle for my findings.


If you had to focus on just one area of gun control, which do your think would save the most lives?

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15%8 votes
15%8 votes
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7%4 votes
32%17 votes
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I have recently been involved in many debates with Romney supporters about the reason(s) they are voting for Mitt Romney. More often than not, the answer is the deficit. In most of the discussions I have witnessed, inevitably, Obama supporters end up playing defense: We inherited a mess, Obama is reducing the deficit, Bush tax cuts, wars on the credit card, etc. However, if there is one thing that I have learned from the Republicans over the last few decades, it is this: Playing defense is a losing strategy - whether you have a bad hand (Bush '04) or a good hand (Obama '08), you can only win by playing offense. Given this strategy, in over a dozen discussions, I have played offense with just a few questions and have yet had any Romney supporter be able to answer them.

Follow me after the fold for these simple questions that Romney supporters cannot answer regarding the deficit...

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Tonight I was doing some research on the Affordable Care Act and came across an offensive and racist blog post by someone using the title "The Raw Truth" on a Wordpress site. My first thought was that this was just some average racist that had shot off a few hateful posts and would crawl back under a rock like most of them do. However, for some unknown reason, I kept reading - it was like a huge zit on the tip of your teachers nose - I wanted very badly to stop looking, but I couldn't. After I read enough articles, I began to understand that this was not some average racist; it was an articulate and prolific racist (who'd of thunk that is possible?). When i reached the end of the page and decided not to hit next - I began to think about sunlight being the best disinfectant, so how could I help make this person famous? This is where I need your help after the jump.

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This morning on Morning Joe, Gene Robinson said that Michele Bachmann had a "sparkle" to her last night. Morning Joe and others were aglow about Bachmann being the star of the show. Even Robert Gibbs said she won the night (I am hoping that is just political manipulation!).

Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast wrote "Michele Bachmann all but stole the show at the Republican presidential debate."

Politco gave Bachman 2nd place in the debate or an 86.247 (what the ???) out of 100 calling her "firm and direct".


Most unusual Line of the Night:

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36%13 votes
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Sat Jan 15, 2011 at 12:18 PM PST

The Real Faces of Terrorism

by James Renruojos

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a "Terrorist"...

Okay, you are on Daily Kos, so when you close your eyes, you might not picture what the average American pictures, so now try to imagine what most Americans picture...

To get a good idea of what the average person sees as a terrorist, do a Google image Search on the word terrorist and it will tell you a lot about how we view terrorism.

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O-M-G - Cenk called Obama stupid.

He used hyperbole in order to make a political point. Who cares whether his point has merit - the use of hyperbole automatically disqualifies him from contributing to an important dialogue over what it means to be a democrat.

He must just be using hyperbole to promote his podcast. Or worse, he is probably a secret Republican! Matter of fact, he used to be a Republican, so how can we ever trust him?

The worst part - Cenk cross posts and doesn't stick around to debate... - G - A - S - P .... He doesn't debate, he just jumps up and down on his soapbox.

He must be stopped. He must be banned. He must not be allowed to post his twitter address at the bottom of his diary!


Cenk Uygur...

10%8 votes
24%18 votes
12%9 votes
16%12 votes
10%8 votes
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8%6 votes

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On Meet the Press this morning, Republican Senate candidate compared being gay to "alcoholism". This comparison is the very reason that kids get the impression that there is something wrong with being gay - that results in the tragic suicides we have seen in the past few months.

David Gregory asked Ken Buck whether he thought being gay was a choice because Buck had previously referred to it as a "lifestyle choice". Buck stumbled for a few minutes and ultimately compared it to alcoholism.

Here is how the Meet the Press Blog recorded the interaction:

Gregory asks Buck if he believes being gay is a choice. "I do," Buck replies.
"You can choose who your partner is." Buck adds that "birth has an influence over it, like alcoholism and some other things."

We have to come out very strong against this hate speech and make it clear it is not acceptable.

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I fully support our party, our president, and the ideals that we stand  for, but i feel strongly that our party needs a wake-up call and it is time.

From the Washington Post this morning:

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry on Monday endorsed Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania's contested Senate primary as the incumbent tries to fend off criticism that he used "Swiftboat"-style attacks.

This endorsement was sickening to me. I have no illusions about the nature of politics, but I honestly thought John Kerry was better than this. Even as he was being swiftboated in 2004, he tried to retain the high ground, even to the point that it might of lost him the election.

His endorsement of Arlen Specter, who has brought his swift-boat style attacks with him from his 45 years with the Republican party, has proven to me that Kerry has sold out and is focusing on pure politics rather than what is right.

It is time that we send Kerry, Obama, Biden, and the Dems, a strong message that people will vote for what is right over what is political posturing.


Who should We Vote for May 18th?

11%13 votes
66%72 votes
7%8 votes
9%10 votes
2%3 votes
2%3 votes

| 109 votes | Vote | Results

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The Republican political arsenal has long used swiftboat-style attacks, with the two most famous attacks being George W. Bush's attack on John McCain in 2000 and George W. Bush's attack on John Kerry in 2004. Now that Arlen Specter has switched to the Democratic party, he seems to have brought the swift-boat style attacks with him in an attack on Joe Sestak's 31 year honorable military career.

We need to stand up as Dems and make it clear that we do not support Swiftboating in the Dem party. The swift boat style ad claims "Joe Sestak, relieved of duty in the Navy for creating a poor command climate" - and gives zero evidence of this baseless attack. This has been the formula for swiftboating - make an outrageous claim about the challenger's strength (their military career) and then try to force them to disprove the lie. Instead of boasting his own record, Specter has decided to attack in the lowest, most anti-democratic ways.

It is time we come together and say no to swiftboating and elect a true progressive in PA - Joe Sestak.


Who is going to Win the Senate seat in PA?

63%26 votes
26%11 votes
9%4 votes
0%0 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Apr 14, 2010 at 10:58 AM PDT

What Tea Baggers Have Taught Us

by James Renruojos

The Tea Baggers have taught me many lessons, so I thought I would share them with the Daily Kos community:

1.) If you would like to start a truly grassroots movement, get a major news network to cover your actions 24/7.

2.)  Have this news organization place propaganda in newspapers, like the Washington post, to give your organization priceless amounts of advertising.

3.) Have this news organization not only cover your group, place propaganda-like ads for you, but also, consistently complain that other news organizations are not covering you enough - forcing them to cover you even more, thus having a multiplying affect the coverage of the group.


Most Classy Moment in Tea-Baggery

50%29 votes
5%3 votes
0%0 votes
14%8 votes
26%15 votes
3%2 votes
0%0 votes

| 57 votes | Vote | Results

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