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Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 11:38 PM PST

I am going to die soon

by JasonSpurlock

Please pass around as well as sign

This is a plea for America to finally realize the shape of their country. My name is Jason C Spurlock and I am a unemployed worker because of walmart. I have a EEOC case going against them because of the discrimination I faced. I have no insurance and I am now aware that soon I will most likely die because I was prescribed a wheelchair through their workmen comp, but their Shift Manager at the store I worked for had me illegally suspended. There IS NO SAFETY NET.

I have tried to get walmart to work on giving me my job back so I could keep getting medical help, but as of now nothing is working out. I have been trying to figure out how to get a wheel chair because that is the process I was in before they illegally suspended me from work and forced me to finish the ADA process to cover their Management action. Mine was a On the Job injury.  

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None of you on the left seem to understand that this is a middle of the road issue. First of all let me say this up straight I HATE GUNS. I do not believe in hunting with guns. Yet that is my own view. I do not wish to push my own view of hating guns onto another person who has guns. You see I have family that goes hunting. I believe they do have a right to enjoy their hunting. As long as they aren't harming anyone I'm fine with their act. I can put my views aside.

Instead of banning guns we need a National ID database set up to keep track of people. This would be similar to how our Drivers License work with the Real ID that Republicans love.  You from the right should not tell me that this is a a issue because you love to have us get a ID to vote which is the same concept for guns. If it isn't right to vote then why is it right not to have one to own a gun?

This national database would be tracked by all states. It would be pulled up at gun shows. The ID card could tell the person with one swipe of the record the person has. Think of it like driving a car.


Would you support a National ID over a assault rifle ban?

15%3 votes
84%16 votes

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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 04:35 PM PST

I hate how the states are called

by JasonSpurlock

I'm watching MSNBC as they call out states it is annoying that people are still voting and the Media is allowed to call. I really wish we had a system that only allowed election results to be called when the last state in the nation votes. This is annoying when the east coast is called and it makes the west coast feel less important.

I truly wish we could reform the way our media is allowed to call these things. That is what the danger here is they want to call it when PEOPLE ARE STILL VOTING. I really hate it. I know this isn't much of a diary just a rant how do we reform the media?


Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 03:02 PM PST

Please Vote tomorrow for my sake

by JasonSpurlock

Today is a good day. No matter what happens with the election next week I'm making a important move from Texas to Colorado. After a long battle to get a lease we finally got one. It has been hard here because of being off work on medical leave. The good news is I just got a letter from the Justice Department. The Justice Department has turned over my info to the EEOC direct in D.C. I have also filed the paper work for the EEOC locally. This was the final step of a long battle dealing with work and a on the job injury.

I do not know what is going to happen from here on. I was actually shocked to get a letter from the Justice Department because I had originally wrote the White House letting them know what was going on. For some time now I forgot I sent the letter to the White House about what happen with my on the job injury. i had been in the process of waiting to see if I got ADA. Sadly I have not been given my ADA which is the reason I wrote the EEOC.

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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 08:12 AM PST

Obama needs you on Election Day

by JasonSpurlock

I believe Obama is going to win, but Tuesday is going to be nasty everywhere. You are going to see the Republicans doing what they always do try to scare us from voting. Do not be scared instead be active. Here is what you can do to help if you are able to on Tuesday go to the polls to distract the Republican Operatives.

What I mean by that is on election Day if you see Republicans trying to pass on information or if they come to your door trying to pass information do not ignore them instead Engage them. The longer you can keep the Republican there talking to you the less time they have to try to talk to other people. Another thing you can do is watch out for the Handicap. If you see Republicans challenging handicap people or anyone go help stand up for them. Do not be afraid instead stick together and lets protect our people who are voting Obama by not being scared.

The news itself is going to be one of reaction and chain events. The Media wants to call it on election night which should be illegal. If we had a proper Election the media would not be able to call anything till Alaska closes it's poll. I believe they are the last one to vote. Chuck Todd was giddy last night on trying to declare which states to call early in the night. DO NOT let the media get to you VOTE!

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It is breaking right now on Daily Caller and Drudge is carrying it. Apparently Daily Caller has video footage of Harry Reid having Sex with a nurse after Car Accident. Many did not believe the Old man still had the balls left to do it! Video after extend

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YOU ARE WRONG NO MATTER WHAT STATION OR NEWS YOU ARE. All states matter even if it isn't about the President election. We have seats in congress that are up for grab as well as local seats in local races. It isn't just about the President Election, but all states matter.

Do not let the media fool you into believing that just because you aren't a swing state you do not matter. You do because there are ballot items that are thrown onto elections that effect you. If you do not matter and you believe it then they win because local dems who count on your votes will not get elected. Also now is a chance to take look at what local races Dems were not running in the county. It is important that we start to support those local races and find someone to run next time.

This is how we build a network not just a President, but Local government matters

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Look I understand the polls are fun to watch. It can help you feel better or feel down depending on how the polls go, but the most important focus right now is GOTV. In early voting we have found the President is doing well. That means we have a big chance to win this election.

You can call them Debbie Downers or Sam Saders, but even our focus on those people do not help instead we should be focused on actually talking to people. Head down to the local mall, movie theater, grocery store, and park to just talk to average people. There is still time. This is all part of GETTING OUT THE VOTE.

Every effort we put into actually talking to people even those who aren't willing is another way we can effect this election. Think of it this way the more people you are talking to means someone from the right-wing isn't pulling a nasty trick. Imagine if you sit and talk to all those right-wingers passing out fliers. That is one less person per hour they get to put out a flier.

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In light of the protest I have decided to post my story.

Because of a On the Job injury I am disable and was in the process of filing ADA accommodation for a wheel chair access at walmart. I was originally denied CMI coverage for my injury by CMI saying I had a pre-existing condition scoliosis. This is what makes me disable I can not stand up for a long period of time and walking hurts so bad. I toss and turn in bed. I am currently on medication ultram, was taking MethyIPREDNISolone dose pack, and robaxin.

Saturday the 15, 2012 was the day that my run in with Shift Manager happen. Shift Manager has shown hostility towards me before in the past. Shift Manager unfairly wanted me to stand outside after my injury the first in 100 degree heat by the garden center gate without going inside. It was because of this that my injury was made worse. I had to go to Urgent Care Doc which is the doctor CMI sent me to and have restrictions increased to say I was not allowed outside due to weather. This was documented and Store the store Manager tried to excuse Shift Manager action of this as just not knowing how to read a physician report sheet. I let the matter drop at the time just wanting to go back to normal with doing my job. The letter is still on FILE and I have copies. This was around July that it first happen. During that time Shift Manager thought  he knew better then my doctors and told me I was sitting in the chair to much that I needed to stand.

When I got moved inside I thought the matter had been dropped. I went on doing my normal job without any problems. I was in the process at this point of Appealing CMI Denial. The stress was hard enough, but I was managing to go through the process. It was on the 9/9/2012 that I had another injury up at walmart due to a shop lifter. I was put back on CMI and sent to the doctor. This when I was seeking ADA accommodation for a wheel chair because I had to protect my back from further injury. The first time I was put back on restrictions I Shift Manager  about using a wheel chair that I was in the process of ADA and Urgent Care Docs were in the process of helping me get it by having a MRI and going to a physical therapist to declare me in need of one. I was told the wheel chairs are for costumers and I would not be allowed to stay in one I had to stay in the chair. The Chair meant I had no access to the walmart phone system. If I needed to go to the restroom I would have to pray a CSM walked by. I could not do my job and I was hurting so bad from having to twist my body to get in the chair which was against my physician report sheet.

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I'm 31 years old and I'm a shamed of my fellow Dems I see who are freaking out about polls like Pew Polls and others.  Yes Mitt Romney had a bounce, but we knew he would. The Bounce was short lived and most of the polls coming reflect that Obama brought that bounce down to pre-debate levels with the job numbers.

I'm also ashamed at those allowing the Media to get away with it. When I woke up today I saw MSNBC using the 47-47 tie Gallup poll that was a Outlier because it showed the Romney bounce after the debate, but didn't show the 50-45 Obama lead poll date. Everyone jumped with the Bad News Obama polls and went with it to create a horse race. WELL THIS ISN'T A HORSE RACE IF YOU GOTV. You people need to forget the polls and take people to the only poll that matters THE POLLING PLACE.

I'm going to go into more of my story and why this election matters to me. If you care to listen people go after the jump because what I have to tell you is shameful of America and what it has done to not just me, but My Generation.


Should I just give up on Life and accept Romney as President?

38%13 votes
61%21 votes

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Greetings DailyKos this is my first dairy here. As a kid I grew up with Big Bird. I remember watching a home video of me holding a Big Bird doll. For many of you Big Bird was a bigger icon then Elmo is to the younger generation. I'm here to help save Big Bird. Together we can save PBS from Mitt Romney. Ask yourself can you watch these crying children and not feel shame for taking away PBS?

This is not the only child hurt from Mitt Romney more videos.

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