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(Chris Shays defends failed Bush economic policies, Bridgeport Debate, 10/14)

(Jim Himes' Opening Statement at Bridgeport Debate, 10/14)

Just got back to Orange to Blue candidate Jim Himes' HQ from this morning's first CT-04 debate in Bridgeport, CT which focused on health care. Congressman Shays was defensive for the entirety of the debate - defending his positions against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, his procedural vote against S-CHIP, and his support of the disastrous Bush economic policies.

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(Cross-posted from

Jim Himes talks with seniors about protecting Social Security

With just three-plus weeks to go until election day, an article in tomorrow's New York Times characterizes Orange-to-Blue candidate Jim Himes' campaign as Chris Shays' "biggest challenge ever":

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(Cross-posted from the Himes for Congress blog.)

Over 300 people gathered last night at Mt. Aery Baptist Church in Bridgeport, CT to share a meal and experience an historic night together. Minutes before Barack Obama accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party for Presdient, Orange-to-Blue candidate Jim Himes addressed the assembled crowd about this campaign and the need to take our country back.

Here's video of Jim's remarks:

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Jim Himes votes on Primary Day

(Jim, Mary, Emma, and Linley Himes voting this morning in CT-04.)

It's finally here: primary day in CT-04! Orange to Blue candidate Jim Himes is taking on "Hedge Fund Mistress" author Lee Whitnum in what is shaping up to be a very low-turnout contest for the Democratic nomination to take on Chris Shays in November.

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