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Here's the thing.  I love Bernie and have been supporting him for some time.  But just because I love Bernie, will support/work for and vote for him does not mean I have to trash Hillary.   This is what the right wants.  This is what disturbs me.  I have seen here, some so called progressives, echoing right wing talking points against Hillary for a while. Maybe it is for the sake of pushing their choice; maybe they are trolls; maybe there is left over resentment from 2008.  Don't know why.  Don't care.  Just hope it stops and this is why I loved Bernie even more when he explained he would not be trashing Hillary; he is not running against Hillary but FOR US.

I had originally started this as a comment in another diary.  Lost it (glitch) and decided to just do a diary.  

More below the squiggly!!

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Today on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman had an in depth discussion on education with a superintendent of a NY school district, a parent who is the head of her school’s parent teacher group.  The discussion focused on the  opting out movement occurring in New York.   Yearly, the amount of parents/students opting out is growing.

The discussion focused on things like how invalid these tests are (the tests change yearly, making them invalid in many ways); the results take months to get to teachers making them useless for the current teacher.    Both the superintendent and the parent supported the notion of the opt out, though the super admitted legally he can do nothing.

So that happened and I am writing this diary.  Why?  Most importantly because I believe a GOOD PUBLIC Education FOR ALL is the cornerstone of representative democracy.  Secondly, as a retired teacher who still subs, who began my career in 1967, I have some insight.  Plus, like all of you, I was a student.  However I attended a public school for four years, and then catholic school, from grade 5 thru 12.  Then I attended a public college.  I also have an MA in education, focus technology, and a master’s equivalency in coursework in counseling, plus 90 graduate credits above the MA.  More after the orange squiggly!

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 Catharsis or where are Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John clones cuz the Frank Burns' clones are everywhere!

So as I am watching these 47 Senators, too stupid for their own good let alone the country’s good, dominate the headlines,  I see Tom Cotton morph into Frank Burns.  Seriously, I did.  I shook my head to awaken my conscious mind.  But then I wondered: so where are Hawkeye and Trapper?

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This is a rant, based on something that happened today. Perhaps it is not diary material but this is the only community where I think this rant may resonate.   That, sadly, in and of itself is not a good sign.  

An FYI.  I think it helps to understand who I am.  I am a retired educator, a female, who came of age in the 1960's, spent a glorious childhood in the 1950's.  My parents were neither rich nor educated.  My mother came to the USA as a baby, and my fraternal grandparents were also immigrants.  Both of my parents had to leave school to work, my mother in a textile factory at a very young age.  She was orphaned so she and her siblings were pulled out of school to do factory work by a domineering brother-in-law who took over when the parents died.  My father had 11 siblings and had to go work in the CCC corps along with two brothers to help feed the family.   My dad served in WWII.   He and my mother did well all things considered.  He became a cop (at a time when their wages were well below those doing union jobs), she continued factory work in a textile factory that was NOT unionized though I remember them trying to when I was about ten (scary times for another diary some day). Both valued education and were able to help my sister and I attend college.  My parents were poor enough that I was offered a campus job at a state college.   As well, I worked in the summers and every penny went to the college fund.   At the time, state colleges were well supported by the state and affordable for people like my family.   It was not an easy lift financially but it was doable. Anyway, as it turns out, my apolitical parents raised two girls, one a flaming liberal (me) and the other a center right libertarian (go figure) which has always had wondering.

So now go below the curl for the story that had me wanting to scream this diary's title in the parking lot!

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Wed May 23, 2012 at 11:32 AM PDT

My Patent Leather Shoes Scared Me

by Jjc2006

 I started catholic school in 1955, age 10, 5th grade.  I moved from the public school by my own request to my parents.  Our church had opened three years earlier but my parents, unlike many in our family,  did not automatically move my sister and I to a new school. According to my aunts, "Father was not happy with your dad..."   But we were doing well; so he left well enough alone.  But by the fourth grade, most of the "ethnic" kids had left my public school.  The Polish kids to their parish school, the Irish kids to their parish school, and the Italian kids to their parish school.  I was an Italian American by heritage. I only spoke English but I had olive skin, really dark hair, and bedroom eyes.  I did not look like the pretty little blond girls with curls that dominated my class.  We had African American students in the school but back then classes were segregated by "ability" and very few ethnic kids of any kind made it to the high classes.  Doris who was African American and I were it.  At recess Doris had lots of friends and I did not.  So I asked to be moved to where the kids from my neighborhood and my cousins all went to school.  But I was scared, really really scared of the nuns.....
More over the fold....

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Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 05:10 PM PDT

Here's the deal.....

by Jjc2006

This is a comment I made on the main page.  The diary was  My Experience with an Alternative Charter School.    To be clear, upfront and honest, I am pro public school, and quite distrustful of the charter school movement that I see today. I believe I explained it in another comment in the diary.   I will always support the notion of not-for-profit in any way (by that, I mean the charters who insist to the public they are the same as the public schools but have hidden investors getting the public school funds to push their agenda) PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR ALL. I am totally against "merit pay" or the notion that schools should compete against each other in anything but sports, debat, intellectual competitions.
Competing for dollars for education is just wrong imo.  In the end, and we all know it, the balance of power will go to the corporations and the oligarchs behind the scenes rooting for the end of public education.  
But this comment is more of a general comment about students, learning, teachers and what education me.
Comment follows....

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Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 09:26 AM PST

I wrote and thanked Roger Simon

by Jjc2006

I don't always agree with Mr. Simon.  But this morning, I applauded him. On Reliable Sources he was the only person with the integrity to call out violent rhetoric and violent imagery for what it is...DANGEROUS.

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There has been much yelling and screaming here for weeks now, and sadly too many here take the word of the television pundit class on everything.

This is the same group of people who said over and over that "Al Gore said he invented the Internet" and "Al Gore said he and Tipper were role models for LOVE STORY."

The same people calling the Clintons racists were eight years ago calling Al Gore a bore, mocking his dress, and deriding his intellect.  

And we let them do it.

We cannot do this read on.

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Last night in a very red county in CO we had a forum for democratic voters.  And we got a full house in attendance.  The County dems had hoped we would get 30 or 40 people and, holy cow, we had at least three times that many.  

This happened in a county congressional district that has a hard time getting dems to vote, let alone participate and caucus.

And it was fun. Let me explain.

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Dammit!  Dammit!  What the hell is wrong with these two men (and I use the word loosely because they are more like to tabloid boys seeing who can get the "dirt", the gossip).

The ISSUES, idiots.  Voters want to talk about the issues.  The candidates have made it clear!


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So yesterday he is drooling over Mitt's wonderful speech.
And yet before that, he was whining that religion should not be a part of this.  Which the hell is it Chris????

Oh I forgot.  Mitt is a rethug and you love you some right wingers. Yea, yea you whine about the war but hell you voted for Bush, described the lying jerk as  having a "sunny nobility" and practically drool over tough guy Rudy.

But you're a hypocrite......

See me over the fold...

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I know "JUST DON'T WATCH".  I am sure at least one kossack will remind me to change the channel.  But sometimes, on cool dreary days, I cannot avert my eyes from the train wreck that is Hardball.  

After hearing parts of the previous shows, and Matthews DRONING on and on and on and on about Hillary's clapping, or her shrill voice, or the lies about HER playing the gender card by saying "the boys were picking me" (it's his narrative, not unlike the one about Gore saying inventing the Internets , also a lie, that he likes to play and say over and over and over until it is picked up and believed, I was curious about his "lead" today.  

So today, I was curious as to what he would lead with, considering the breaking news on Guiliani's BFF....

What do you think he led with?

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