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The Courier-Post has just broken the news that John Adler has died. Adler won his traditionally Republican NJ-3 Congressional District in 2008 in the great Democratic Wave, but lost in 2010 to Jon Runyan, the NFL player, in the Republican counter-wave. He also served in the state legislature.

Tragically he was only 51. The C-P reminds us that he often spoke of losing his father to heart disease when he was only a teenager, and how his family depended on Social Security benefits to survive.

Over the years I donated to his campaign, praised some votes, and strongly criticized others. But today we can only hope and pray for him and his family.  

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New Jersey's redistricting for the 40 districts that each elect one person to the State Senate and two to the State Assembly is now finished. The 11th (neutral) member, Professor Rosenthal of Rutgers, sided with the five Democrats on the Commission to outvote the Republicans 6-5 today. Dr. Rosenthal had been nominated by both parties to serve as the tie-breaking vote. Overall it is believed that this is a map that will help Democrats retain control in the 2011 elections.

This was also a personal defeat for Republican Governor Chris Christie, noted bully and loudmouth, who inserted himself into the meetings in an unprecedented way.  


Redistricting is best done by

60%60 votes
2%2 votes
14%14 votes
17%17 votes
6%6 votes

| 99 votes | Vote | Results

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Monmouth University just released a new poll of NY-19 (PDF) and it's a tight race:

In the election for New York’s 19th Congressional District, incumbent John Hall is in a virtual tie with his challenger Nan Hayworth. The Monmouth University Poll finds the incumbent Democrat with 49% of the vote and the Republican with 48% among likely voters in this district.

This is a race where you can make a difference. John Hall Act Blue page and John Hall campaign site.

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Last week the University of Delaware and New Jersey's Farleigh Dickinson University found Democrats cruising to victory in Delaware. Now, a new poll by New Jersey's Monmouth University puts Chris Coons up by 19 over Christine O'Donnell in the Senate race: 57-38.  John Carney also leads in the House race: 53-44.  

The Delaware Senate Debate is tonight at 7:30PM and I understand it will be on CNN. You can stream it here.


Will you watch the debate tonight?

28%19 votes
8%6 votes
62%42 votes

| 67 votes | Vote | Results

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Today, a University of Delaware Professor won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  

Also today, the UD will host the Delaware Debate for the House of Representatives which includes a major party candidate who says Hitler, not Jefferson, invented "Separation of Church and State".

All this is to tell you that you can watch the Delaware Debate Live Stream starting at 7:30PM.

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In Form 1040, it's buried on Line 63, after the withholding:

Making work pay and government retiree benefits. Attach Schedule M.

It doesn't sound like anything important -- and who wants to look at Schedule M -- but it's actually President Obama's $400 tax credit for anyone who is working. It's $800 if you're married filing joint! The government already reduced your withholding automatically but if you miss that line you lose the money. I would have missed it if a friend didn't mention it, and my brother would have missed it if I didn't tell him. So now I'm telling you to check!

Yes, if you have a computer or accountant doing your taxes they should handle it, and it phases out at high incomes.


The Tea Party Recall effort has turned to Andy Schlafly as its new legal expert:

Andrew L. Schlafly, son of Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, has just become the new lead counsel for the committee seeking to recall Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), RoseAnn Salanitri, chairman of that committee, announced today...

Schlafly is also the founder and chief administrator of Conservapedia, which opened to the Internet in November of 2006.

Here's an example of Schlafly's fundamentalism, to pick something that wouldn't seem controversial to most people. Wikipedia's article on the Andromeda Galaxy includes the information that astronomers believe it is about 2.5 million light-years away. Conservapedia simply notes "N/A" for its distance. Not Applicable? The Andromeda Galaxy doesn't exist in a location?

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Sweet victory as we are at 219 Democratic yes votes and one Republican! But we must get this Stupak language removed or weakened in conference.

Do not rec this diary, but please rec the Liveblog Mothership

The house debate can be viewed live at C-SPAN. I'm using their stream.

Wow, we're going through these fast!

The Stupak Amendment passed. The Roll Call of shame is here.

The Republican substitute failed.

The Republican motion to recommit is going to fail once the vote ends.

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Thu Oct 08, 2009 at 04:31 PM PDT

 NJ-GOV: Lt. Governor debate tonight

by John DE

The Phillies game is over, the Yankees have the night off, and the Mets are on vacation. So, I know you don't have a good excuse to skip the first ever New Jersey Lt. Governor Debate, tonight at 8pm.

The Democratic candidate is the progressive reform champion, State Senator Loretta Weinberg, best known for her opposition to corrupt .

The Republican candidate is Sheriff Kim Guadagno, mainly known for posturing against illegal immigrants.  

We'll be live-blogging the Lt. Governor debate at Blue Jersey. There's an embedded video at BJ, otherwise it's on News 12.

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Less than 6% of New Jersey voters know it, but tonight at 8pm Governor Jon Corzine (D), Chris Christie (R), and Chris Daggett (I, former R) will face off in the first New Jersey debate. As clammyc wrote, Chris Christie is choking down the stretch, with his once double-digit lead dwindling to about three. I believe the debates are Jon Corzine's best chance to take the lead.

The debate will be broadcast on NJN TV, but you can watch online at NJN's webcast page.  

I (a.k.a. Hopeful) will live-blogging at Blue Jersey along with Blue Jersey alumn Jack Bohrer, and I hope many others. Jack's liveblog is already up (JRB).

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Representative Rob Andrews is holding a health care town hall this Monday (August 24).  The site is Rowan University, in Glassboro, New Jersey.  I think we need to turn out.

If you're wondering, Rob Andrews has been very good on health care and deserves thanks.

Also, I literally just saw an old man waving a "Stop Obama Care" sign in a neighboring town to Glassboro, so I think the whack jobs will be out in force.

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Cross-Posted from Blue Jersey

Pollster Strategic Vision finds that Corzine is still trailing.  They're considered a Republican-leaning pollster, but the poll of "800 likely voters" here in New Jersey finds:

Jon Corzine 39%
Chris Christie 51%
Other 2%.

Still no improvement for Corzine in the polls; the early ads have had no effect. The fundamental problem is that 59% of likely voters say New Jersey is on the wrong track.

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