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(Intro by me)
This was originally written and published on Sherry's Facebook page as a two part series.  She has given me permission to republish it here because this is a message that needs to be heard.

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo is a dedicated education reform advocate with experience in  schools, civic, faith-based and non-profit sectors.  She is interested in developing relationships that will advance systemic change to provide optimal learning conditions for all children.

She was a candidate for Michigan State Representative in District 8 (which includes the neighborhood I grew up in).  In December 2012, Sherry was selected as the TPE Hero of the Month for her tireless efforts in public education.

“We chose Sherry because she is dedicated to helping everyday people in an everyday town become all that they are capable of, ” said Trish Brown, founder of Tipping Point Education and the, “We admire her tenacity.”

Sherry is a sought after education consultant.  Her cornucopia of experience and wealth of talent stems from vast experiences serving formerly as the Director of Educational Performance, for the United Way of Southeastern Michigan; leading the Early Development Instrument (EDI) pilot and project during 2010-2012, teaching Science with Detroit Public Schools for more than six years, and working for two Detroit City Council members Alberta Tinsley-Talabi and mentor the late Honorable Clyde Cleveland, collectively for more than 9 years.  She attributes her vast knowledge of public service and community organizing to her tenure with the city of Detroit.

When asked why advocacy for education in Detroit?  Dagnogo said, “I am Detroit”, as her twitter handle “Detroit Educator”, reminds her followers.

I used information from Sherry's candidate website and the TPE write up from December. I hope they forgive me for gently stepping on copyright toes.

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 07:05 AM PST

Roy Roberts - You're Fired!

by Just A Mom

On January 9, 2013, Roy Roberts sent a letter to the members of the Detroit School Board informing them that they were in violation of Public Act 72 (a law that no longer exists). I am tired of Governor Snyder, AG Bill Schuette, and the supposedly "appointed" Emergency Finanacial Managers continuing to ignore Michigan Laws and using a non-existant law to justify the gutting of our cities and school systems. I answered Mr. Roberts and faxed my response to his office this morning. I will be addressing (and summarily firing) all other EFMs in the near future. We need to start standing up and taking back the control of our communities and schools. Enough is enough.

This is the letter Mr. Roberts sent to the school board:

January 9, 2013

Dear Detroit Public Schools Staff:

Many of you may have recently received communication from Interim Superintendent Dr. John Telford regarding the reassignment of current district personnel or the appointment of individuals to newly created positions within Detroit Public Schools.

Let me be clear, the personnel actions taken by the Board were made in direct violation of Public Act 72, which states that only the Emergency Financial Manager may: 1) negotiate, approve and enter into contracts on behalf of the school district; and 2) create a new position, or approve or disapprove the creation of any new position or the filling of a vacancy in a permanent position by an appointing authority.

You should, therefore, be advised that today I disapproved all personnel contracts/appointments made by the Board (with the exception of Dr. John Telford as Interim Superintendent) and have asked that the individuals filling these illegally appointed positions be removed from district premises.

Please disregard any such email that you may have received regarding these personnel matters, and contact your immediate supervisor or administrator if any of these unauthorized persons disrupt your work day.

We are seeing great outcomes as a result of everyone’s laser focus on ensuring that teaching and learning is taking place in our schools. Please don’t let your efforts to educate our 50,000 students be sidetracked by this unnecessary distraction.

Roy S. Roberts
Emergency Financial Manager

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Today was a sad day for Detroit, Michigan. For years the citizens have been fighting against a state take over of the city. One by one, their elected officials have been bought off (yes, I mean they have been taking favors or money in order to vote a certain way).

The state has been trying to get the Detroit Corporate Council, Krystal Crittendon, fired for quite some time. Her offense? Fighting the state on the take-over of Detroit. Ms. Crittendon was one of the last warriors for the citizens of Detroit. She was fired today for DOING HER JOB.

The following article was written by LaToya Henry and was originally published here.


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Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 10:57 PM PST

Open Letter to Governor Snyder #1

by Just A Mom

I wrote a series of open letters to the Governor of Michigan.  This is the first of the series, written and sent to him via fax on December 15, 2012.  This letter was previously published on a friend's diary at

Obviously, we now know that Governor Snyder is a total weenie and doesn't bother to listen to any of the citizens of the State of Michigan unless they have contributed heavily to his bottom dollar.  This entire series of letters was a total and complete waste of my time and effort, but they were excellent therapy for me and served to refocus my mind and give me the push I needed to continue fighting against Rick Snyder and the policies will ruin this state.

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