To date, no American bankster has been arrested despite the illegal foreclosures, the robo signing, the LIBOR scandal, the drug money laundering scandal, JP Morgan's "London Whale" scandal which lost them $6 billion, plus a myriad of newly invented derivative swaps to augment the old ones that crashed the global economy.  This short list is the tip of the iceberg of jailable offenses and the fact that they have been, and still are, committing illegal and immoral acts doesn't seem to faze any of them.  They just keep plowing forward with old and new methods designed for the sole purpose of sucking yet more billions into the greedy maw of the TBTFs.

The big banks have grown expedientially since being bailed out.  This is partly because of a) lack of regulation, b) lack of regulators, and c) lack of regulators that are not on their payrolls or being bribed, including the ratings agencies.  The Dodd Frank Bill could seriously impair any future growth and to this end the US Chamber of Commerce, the American Bankers Assc., the big banks, and other affected parties have spent over a billion dollars lobbying against all parts of the bill.  One group will attack the language of one part, another group will attack the legalities in a different part, and the combined nibbling away is going to result in a bill that doesn't do much more than waste trees.

Spencer Baucus, Ala(R) who was head of the House Committee on Financial Services, once said  "Regulators are there to serve banks."  Really?  What about the customers?  The sad truth is that customers have morphed from valued to suckers which makes one wonder why two of these robber barons, Chase and Bank of America, have been running ads extolling their Cash Back Rewards cards and other financial services.  Are they short on suckers?  Are they confident that there are enough uninformed people who will open an account without realizing that cooked up fines and fees will swallow up anything gained?

 According to the TV ads, they truly want be your first choice in banking, and just to prove it, they're even willing to dole out niggardly amounts that have been labeled as 'rewards'.  So, nevermind that they foreclosed on you (without ever having to produce a Deed of Trust - because it's lost), raided your pension, screwed up your 401k, repossessed your car, got you fired because your employer was similarly jerked around,  or whatever else forced you into poverty.  Nevermind all that.  Just rush your application in, get the card, and then sit back and enjoy their generosity.