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Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 08:22 PM PDT

Meet my friend that just bought a gun

by Karl251

This was posted on facebook a few months back by a friend of mine, yesterday she got her concealed carry permit and bought a Glock 17:

a few hours after the fact & we've all settled down, but I'm still pissed that my girl hurt herself badly as we're going into a club & seriously needed stitches. We finally spoke to a manager to show him where she got hurt at & then they wouldn't let her back into the club. I tried my best to be civil,  but I have no tolerance for incompetence & people that will not take accountability for their actions or lack there of. I literally nearly took out the fat SOB incompetent security guard at the club that thought it was acceptable to flip us off because his lame ass doesn't pay attention to his surroundings & actually do his job & instead resorts to childish behavior. I should've dropped the fat mother f'er that was 3 times my size at his knees & made him cry like a little pussy. Instead I told the fat f%#k to get his lazy fat ass to the gym & pay attention to his patrons. My girl was a tough bad ass & refused to get stitches, sat there without flinching & stoically , so I went to the nearest pharmacy & took care of her & the situation. Guaranteed heads are gonna roll after this shit!!! I'll see to it!!! Mama bear is always taking care of the ones she cares about!!! I guess we won't be dancing tonight. Too bad someone is too much of a pussy to dance face to face with me. The bigger they are... the harder they fall!!!
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Kevin Drum has post up talking about how much income people think they need to get by and it seems that most people believe that however much money they make is about how much it takes to get by until you start getting up to some pretty high incomes.  It seems like this should lead to more empathy by people that make more for those that make less, but it doesn't, or at least I haven't noticed it, but it does show how hard it is for people to be happy and perhaps is part of the reason why the U.S has such a high rate of depression and stress related illness.  Even when you make a lot of money here in the U.S you still don't have much security.

Politicians, even some I really like, seem to miss this point, Obama talks a lot about creating "good jobs" and educating people so that they can get "good jobs" but most of us at some point will be laid off, make a mistake and get fired or for any host of reasons lose our job and not able to make our obligations. It seems like a really comprehensive social safety net should be a bigger part of the discussion,  and might lead to a happier population that might really start to create some "good jobs".  


I guess I am sort of late to the party regarding showtimes girls, and shameless they premiered a couple weeks ago, but after watching them both a couple times, I have decided that they are really talking about two kinds of poverty.  One is single person poverty.

Single person poverty isn't great, but it's not horrible, if you know where the good happy hours are you can probably eat for free every night and living with a bunch of roommates, while again not always great can be fun. Add kids to equation and poverty is not so great.

Once you have kids it's probably not such a good idea to surf happy hour buffets and live with five other people, not to mention healthcare can be much more expensive and school expenses and ....

Watching the two shows makes me think we should start looking at children as a cause of poverty, not a gift, and do what we can to make them safe legal and rare rather than have policies that encourage people to have lots of kids.  At the very least maybe it's time to talk about  Population growth more honestly.


The NRA would like to put armed guards in schools, and I bet it happens, because its the perfect storm of ignorance and self interest.  First off, all these guards will have to buy guns, so corporate profits although they will scream "jobs jobs jobs"  Second, the schools will contract with private security companies again leading to corporate profits, but expect to hear "jobs jobs jobs".  Third, it's an opportunity for every guy that couldn't pass a police or military physical to finally get to carry a gun and get paid for it.  

My guess is that it will lead to a lot more school shootings, but it will be the untrained armed guards shooting brown students that looked at them funny, and it will be a good opportunity to incarcerate the "weird kids" because they make the untrained armed guards uncomfortable.  

The status quo of a few school shootings is better than what's coming.


Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 10:48 AM PST

John hickenlooper. Wanker of the day

by Karl251

Hickenlooper has been a terrible governor and seems to see his main job as funneling public money to private companies and calling it job creation, while inventing new ways to violently crack down on the occupy movement; but for a brief moment he almost made those of us that volunteered on his campaign not regret it, he came out in favor of regulating guns, or so it seemed.  At least when he said the nation needed a conversation about gun violence it seemed like he might talk about guns, instead he seems to want to talk about video games and violent culture.  Hickenlooper clearly wanted some attention, and the minute he got the spotlight he promptly took all the air out of the gun conversation.

It's probably best to start making Kevlar vests part of all school uniforms because guns are not going anywhere, until we get better politicians.


Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 08:11 AM PST

Don't expect too much

by Karl251

I lived about two miles from Columbine High School and was student teaching at a middle school one suburb away from Littleton in  Englewood,  Colorado when the shooting occurred at Columbine. People talked about all the changes that were going to take place "thanks to Columbine". And that was the attitude, why let a tragedy go to waste.  

Of course all the religious nut cases came out, one church put up fifteen crosses to memorialize the dead, one of the victims parents figured out that two of the crosses represented the killers and up cut them down.  

A marylin Manson concert was cancelled, and bill Clinton was discouraged from visiting the state, everyone used the tragedy to further an agenda, Years later the parents of the victims were still fighting over what kind of memorial to put up.  Interestingly it was Bill Clinton who stepped in and helped them raise enough money to build anything.  But nothing changed.

Today one of the cheapest places to buy guns is the sports store in southwest plaza about a mile away from Columbine high school, and a couple of my friends that work at the school say the place is as sports obsessed as ever, and administrators take great pride in getting students that "don't belong" to transfer or drop out.  

Some cultures are way to dysfunctional to learn from mistakes and I fear the U.S may be one of them.


Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 09:48 PM PST

Lets talk about Hillary

by Karl251

So 2016 is just around the corner which means its time to start to discussing the democratic candidates for president.  Ok, maybe it's a bit early, but certain people are starting to say Hillary Clinton is inevitable in 2016 and other potential candidates should stand down.  I am not so sure that's a good idea.  

This isn't meant as a slam on Hillary Clinton, but she was only in one tough campaign and it didn't work out so well, and she may not capture the youth vote the way Obama did.  Clearing the primary field for her will not sharpen her campaign skills, and leaving government service this year may not help.

One of the biggest problems for Romney was that he hadn't been in charge of anything since he left the governors office, even though everyone called him "governor" the truth was he was an unemployed guy running for president.  What will people call Hillary "Madame secretary" when "former secretary" would be more accurate, and kind of just hangs there when not said.  I hope people think carefully before nominating Hillary before the campaign even begins


Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 05:59 AM PST

Patreus and Sandusky

by Karl251

As the story of general Patreus starts to unfold it seems like there are hints of bigger problems. I have seen several articles that talk about his strong belief in "mentoring" young female officers.  As a high ranking commanding officer the power in the relationship was obviously all in the generals favor.  Once he took a civilian job, albeit a very powerful one he lost some of that control and the next thing you know his protege was hacking into his email account and sending messages to other potential biographers.  

It seems like perhaps one of the problems in both Iraq and Afghanistan was that the man in charge was a little more concerned with his personal life (getting laid) than with winning the war, but it was considered unamaerican to even criticize the man named patreus.  After the Sandusky scandal The NCAA at least tried to do something about a culture that allowed people like Sandusky to prey on vulnerable young boys, hopefully the military and the people that are supposed to be in charge of it, will look at what happened under patreus and also make some changes.


I am starting to think this Obama guys knows what he's doing.  Yeah, he looked a little bored in the debate and pretty much let Romney control the whole show, and look what Romney did with all that rope. Romney pretty much threw his wealthy donors under the bus when he went back on his promise for a large tax cut, and he promised to kill big bird.

The entire debate was Romney letting his freak flag fly and now the ads practically write themselves. You can't get down in the mud with someone lke Romney and not get dirty, but you can stand back while they role around and laugh at them later.  I think, and hope, Obama has this one under control.


Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 08:11 AM PDT

Welcome to Mittland

by Karl251

In the land of Mitt all the countries financial problems are caused by big bird, and everybody in government has one goal and that is to keep a socialist, Muslim, atheist, kenyan anti-colonialist in the presidency. The government conspiracy shows itself occasionally in the form of job numbers that are just not possible with a black man in office; heck, Bin Laden probably killed himself just to help Obama get re-elected.

I am not sure how one wins a debate with Mitt when he is discussing Mittland after all he created it, with an assist with his friends from fox news, but hopefully in the next debate Obama can talk about problems in the world most of us live in, a place I am pretty sure Mitt has only seen through the smoked glass of his limo as he traverses the country between his many homes, and fundraising opportunities.


It seems like the deficit would not be that hard to fix, raise or remove the cap on social security earning, and suddenly social security is fine for a very long.  Lower the minimum age when people can join Medicare and suddenly Medicare has a much healthier insurance pool and is not only insurance for people at the end of their lives, when things can get very expensive.  Also, eliminate over treatment, although that might be tricky.  It would probably help to stop invading countries.   And, finally let the Bush tax cuts expire, I vaguely remember things being pretty good in the nineties and the slightly higher tax rates did not seem to stifle the job creaters.  

Of course none of that will happen because when people talk about reducing the deficit
what they really mean is how do we make poor people miserable and for some reason rich people seem to feel that the poor people are having way too much fun and need to be
brought down a notch.  

Maybe if we are really serious about getting rid of the deficit the country should invest in counseling for the elites to find out why they hate everyone.


I don't think Mitt Romney's comments about the "forty seven" percent are going to make much of a difference.  I know three republican voters, one works for the army core of engineers, one is a police officer, and one manages a municipal recreation center, I went to high school with all three of them and have known them for over twenty years.  They all have had the same job most their life, and last night sitting around a happy hour all of them were cheering on the mittster and his willingness to stand up to the "moochers"

For me it was almost like the scene in revenge of the nerds when members of a fraternity are chanting "nerds, nerds, nerds" and the the guys the chant is directed at are looking around for the nerds.  My friends all see themselves as hardworking individuals and for the most part they are, although, they do seem to have an awful lot of free time to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Feeling superior to your fellow citizens and getting to be part of the "in crowd" is a luxury that people with safe government jobs can afford, and they know Mitt is really talking about the other forty-seven percent.

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