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Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 01:35 PM PST

Armed Officers in Schools

by KarlinMD

So the NRA thinks the way to prevent mass shootings is to station a police office in every school.

Okay... according to the DoE, there are 98817 public schools in the U.S. as of 2009-2010. ( I'm going to skip private schools because they should pay for their own security, right??

Let's say a police officer makes $50K a year. This is admittedly a guess - an officer in every school would ranged from small schools in rural areas to large ones in dense cities. However, we'd certainly want to have fairly experienced officers in place - after all, a rookie may not make as much, but then would parents be happy with a new police academy graduate being the armed presence at their child's school?

That works out to about 4.9 billion dollars of annual salary. Naturally I'm sure the NRA also advocates this to be paid out of the profits of weapons makers?

Every state's education budget is under a lot of stress - 4.9 billion a year is an average of 100 million per state per year. Draining that much money into stationing an officer at each school is outrageous compared to spending that money on, I don't know, education, teachers, perhaps even mental health issues.

I mean come on NRA, an advanced nation with an armed officer at schools? That sounds to me like a war zone description. Armed guards at schools in Afghanistan, armed guards at schools in Somalia, armed guards at schools in the U.S.? Seriously?? Rather than some reasonable limits on guns?


Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 09:19 PM PST

Red State lol

by KarlinMD

I went over to read the site (yes I know, I need to shower now) and it is hilarious. They are all about throwing Mitt Romney under the bus - wasn't he their nominee, survivor of the crap-throwing fest known as the GOP primary? - and doubling down on conservative issues.

Seriously, doubling down. They wave away their demographics problem by claiming Democrats have a demographic issue of their own: the "white voter" problem. It's just stunning how out of touch they are. The refusal to objectively and honestly analyze the election results... if anything, the bubble they shield themselves in grows even thicker!

Let's just say, I'm hoping they do follow that advice. Double down, aggressively pursue the rapist voter demographic, purge their party even more than Josef Stalin would have. Hahaha I'd feel pity but I don't care; we've got plenty of issues to tackle. They clearly don't want to listen to the advice already offered up.

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