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Not too long ago, we have received the support of three endorsements from the State of Florida for Kendrick Meek's campaign for U.S. Senate.  Al Gore has also had something to say.

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Hey, this is Kendrick's New Media Director, Kenneth Quinnell.  Wanted to drop in after the primary victory (57%-31%, while being outspent $27 million to $3 million) to thank everyone who supported us and keep you up to date on what we're doing moving forward.  

First I wanted to make sure you saw Kendrick's victory speech...

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Hey, this is Kenneth Quinnell, the New Media Director for the Kendrick Meek campaign.  Wanted to make sure that everyone saw that we released our third TV ad, this one a positive ad introducing voters to Kendrick and his background.  Give us feedback on this and let us know if we're going in the right direction.


(Transcript and press release below the fold)

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Hi all,

This is Kendrick's campaign manager Abe Dyk.  I wanted to share our new television ad with you and a campaign memo that explains why we went with this particular ad.  Tell us what you think about this one and there will be more to come...

(Transcript and campaign memo below the jump)

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If you haven't seen it yet, the campaign released a new web video this morning, asking the question, "How do you find the real Democrat in the Florida U.S. Senate race"?  Take a look and tell me what you think.  Video and transcript after the jump...

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As you know, Floridians are disproportionately affected by the actions of British Pretoleum that led to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm talking to Floridians every day who enraged at BP and want to make sure that BP pays the full price for it's actions.  I'm listening.

I also want to listen to you.  I'm going to be one of the leading voices in holding BP accountable.  I want your feedback.  Tell me actions you'd like to see taken to make sure that BP pays the price for this oil spill.

(Transcript of video below...)

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Senate Republicans are threatening to filibuster the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." When most Americans think of the filibuster, they think of the climactic scene from the classic movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", where Jimmy Stewart's character Jefferson Smith stages a principled filibuster, fighting corrupt Senators, only finishing when he collapses of exhaustion after 23 hours.  In the past, the filibuster was rarely used -- it was a tool used as a last resort to stop a narrow majority from tyranny over the minority.  It wasn't always used for good reasons, but it was used only in extreme circumstances and could be used to stop extreme laws from being passed

Times have changed.

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Kenneth here on behalf of Kendrick, who wanted to make sure that you saw these videos and audio of the latest Crist flip, this one on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Crist is obviously trying to move to the left to win, but we need to ask how much we can rely on Crist's new position stances.  Will he flip again if he's in office?

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This week, the White House made a big announcement: they would back a vote to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." In my opinion, it is a vote that is long overdue. My opponents, however, both oppose changing this intolerant policy. For far too long, the Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has dishonored those who serve our country so nobly. While yesterday's signals from the White House are promising, the fight to finally repeal this policy has only just begun.  The time to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is now - we can't delay any further. Click here to join me today and call on Congress to take immediate action on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

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Hey, this is Kendrick's New Media Director, Kenneth Quinnell.  Kendrick wanted me to make sure that you saw these stories from this past weekend. I think these stories show that Kendrick is certainly and ally of labor and a fighter, but also that Democrats certainly don't gain anything by supporting Charlie Crist.

Kendrick Meek released the following statement after receiving the Florida AFL-CIO's endorsement for the general election:

"My entire life I have stood alongside the hardworking men and women of this state who are building up what others have tried to tear down. Working people in Florida need a fighter, a leader who will work for their issues everyday. My fight is your fight, and today I stand humbled and proud to have earned your support. I am looking forward to working to bring good jobs with benefits for middle class families to Florida. I am proud to have hardworking Floridians and their families stand with me as Florida's next U.S. Senator."

Excerpts from Kendrick's speech at the AFL-CIO convention below

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Like all of you I have been shocked and saddened by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and BP's inability and unwillingness to do the right thing in the wake of this massive disaster.  I immediately called for a moratorium on any new oil drilling in the Gulf, co-introduced legislation towards that end and launched a petition that has been signed by nearly 12,000 Americans also opposed to any new drilling.  

BP now says they'll spend $25 million to attract tourists to Florida, a fraction of what is needed to deal with the problems caused by the spill.  I sent a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayworth telling him that Florida needs more than this paltry sum.

After the jump you can see the letter and our latest release on the petition, which I urge you to sign.

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I've always opposed misguided efforts that threaten Florida's economy and environment by haphazardly drilling offshore. The vast oil spill off the coast of Louisiana - which led Gov. Crist to declare a state of emergency in several Panhandle counties - confirms this sad truth: the cost for error in Florida is too great. If thousands of barrels of oil spill over into our coasts, our economy, environment and military will all bear the brunt of massive corporate irresponsibility.

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