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"I’m running for U.S. Senate because it's time for a change and because Senator Mitch McConnell is more than part of the problem. He is the problem," said Andrew Horne

Louisville, KY – Lt. Colonel Andrew Horne (Ret.) launched his campaign today to take back the U. S. Senate seat for the people of Kentucky, now held by Mitch McConnell. Horne, while a Marine and Reservist, served tours of duty Desert Storm and recently in Iraq. Horne outlined his decision to run and what he plans to focus on as Senator in a video released on the internet this morning.

You can watch the video at The full text of it available on the site, as well.

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After Tuesday's Kentucky election where Democrats greatly benefited from the scandals of the current GOP Governor, attention has immediately turned to who will run against Senator McConnell in November '08. We need to focus on who is the best candidate for the job, and who is the best candidate in a matchup against Mitch.

It seems that the new leadership of the Kentucky Democratic Party is split over two names Lt. Col.  Andrew Horne and  Crit Luallen. While Crit Luallen does has decent name ID, she is liked amongst small Democratic circles and has some things to offer a voter keen to dismiss McConnell, she will not appeal to the necessary majority nearly enough to grant her McConnell's Senate seat. I like her a LOT, but she is not ready to take on the McConnell machinery. I wish that were not the case, but McConnell will rip her to pieces in a general and win yet another term.

The Question Democrats in Kentucky have to answer, Lt. Col. Andrew Horne or Crit Luallen?

For the sake of brevity, I will lay out the top ten (of many) reasons why I believe that Lt. Col. Andrew Horne is the one and only candidate that can give Sen. McConnell a real run for his money.


Who is The Best Candidate Against Mitch McConnell

11%6 votes
60%32 votes
28%15 votes

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A new Herald-Leader/Action News 36 Election Poll is out and McConnell continues to slip.  Among the worst news for McConnell was that 46 percent of respondents disapproved of his performance compared to 45 percent who said they like what he’s done —  the first time an independent media poll has shown the senator with a higher percentage of disapproval.

McConnell’s numbers are slipping and it’s because of national security and national defense, Lt. Col. Andrew Horne is the best candidate to counter the Republican’s arguments on the war in Iraq.  Who else can stand with our Democratic Presidential candidates on the issues other than Lt. Col. Andrew Horne?


Who would You Vote For Against McConnell

66%47 votes
9%7 votes
12%9 votes
11%8 votes

| 71 votes | Vote | Results

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The Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who has obstructed every good piece of democratic legislation is up for reelection in 2008 and we the people of Kentucky see him as very vulnerable, but because he is so feared in this state by Dems and Reps nobody has decided to run against him yet there is even talk about a Republican Larry Forgy running against him in the primary but nobody has announced.  I want to share with the dailykos three of our potential democratic nominees and see which one the Kos readers think is the best.


Who would be the Best Candidate Against Mitch McConnell

60%78 votes
10%14 votes
28%36 votes

| 128 votes | Vote | Results

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