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wesmorgan1 has a well-written diary on talking about marriage with Southern Baptists, which combines a separation of church and state argument with exposition of some SB doctrine.  

In the comments section, I saw this (excerpted) comment from coffeetalk:  

When they hold to religious beliefs that have been around for centuries, call them "greedy bigots."  That tells them that you think their religious practice of limiting their religious marriage ceremonies to heterosexual couples is unacceptable and wrong and should not be tolerated in our society.  That's the message that kind of language conveys.  That is YOU intruding on THEIR religious beliefs.
(full text)  This reads to me as exempting religious beliefs from criticism and I strongly disagree.
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Is there any other way to interpret this?  Romney asserts that the single mother who works day-in and day-out, pays payroll taxes, state and local taxes, but uses the Earned Income Credit to defray her federal income tax believes that the government should take care of her, that she is a victim.  But when he uses dummy corporations in the Cayman Islands and accounts in tax havens like Switzerland and Luxembourg to dodge tax payments, he says paying more taxes should disqualify him from being president.  So to be clear, when the single mom uses the EIC to stay in the workforce, contribute productively to our society and immediately return her whole paycheck to circulation, she's a leech on society.  Romney, now, keeping his hard-earned money from going into the treasury, making sure his capital isn't creating American jobs or bolstering the American economy, well, he's clearly demonstrating his presidential qualities.

Steady your stomach and read on.

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Wed Aug 29, 2012 at 07:24 PM PDT

The New Pro-Life Politics

by Kimbeaux

According to The Economist, 1000 Americans die waiting for organ donation.  Since every life is sacred, we must act now to ensure there is not another life lost that could be saved.  That's why the Living Initiative For Everyone (LIFE) Act is so important.

How the policy works:
Everyone in the USA must report for blood typing by the end of the year.  Your blood type and contact information will be stored in the Living Organ Donor database.  If you are a blood type match for anyone needing a kidney, liver, bone marrow, lung, pancreas, skin or intestine, you will be contacted to schedule mandatory additional screening.  If you are found to be a match, Living Donation is now compulsory.  

What you should know:
There are health risks, mental health risks, and potential loss of your ability to get insurance associated with this procedure, however your government has determined that every life is sacred and no sacrifice (on your part) is too great to protect another life.  Therefore, you are now compelled to accept these risks and the associated disruption of your life in order to protect that other life.

Bottom Line:
If you are pro-life, you support this mandate.  Otherwise, you're just anti-choice.


Do you believe someone should be compelled to physically sustain another life?

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