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Fri Jul 08, 2011 at 01:15 PM PDT

Robo calls from Huckabee

by Lashe

Just received a robocall from Mike Huckabee about the "evil" and "unconstitutional Obamacare", and how it will "destroy the economy".

"Hello, this is Mike Huckabee, and I'm calling about Obamacare, which if not repealed will destroy our economy."

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We keep getting these stupid calls, and I'm sure you have, too.  You know the ones, the recorded calls that start out with "Hi, this is ___ from Credit Card Services. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your account. We're calling to help you lower your interest rates." Later the message says "Press 9 to speak to a representative."

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Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 06:09 PM PST

Liveblog: MN-01 to MN-08

by Lashe

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MN-01: D
MN-02: R
MN-03: open
MN-04: D
MN-05: D
MN-06: R
MN-07: D
MN-08: D


  • MN is a same-day voter registration state.
    Registered Voters as of 7AM 11-04-08: 3,200,376
    Ballots cast: 2,908,720 million
    Turnout: 90.89%
  • Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, with the incumbent in italics.
  • Parties in these races: Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL); Republican (R); Independence (I).

MN-Sen: See Liveblog for MN-Sen 5:19AM- 1015 apart; 13 precincts to go. Auto-recount? 9:26- 726.

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Tue Feb 13, 2007 at 09:16 AM PST

Floral Thoughts and Tips for Valentine's

by Lashe

Just before Valentine's Day, there are two distict types of people. Those who have already found gifts for their honey, and those who are still wondering if they can at this late date.

This diary is for the latter.

doink doink

Real info about flowers and arrangements after the fold...

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Secretary of State races in states where the SoS is in charge of certifying the votes.

Incumbent candidates shown in italics. If the seat is open, the candidate of the incumbent party will be listed first, and the party indicator will be in italics.

Note: I will be away from a computer for a few hours this evening, but will update before I leave and as soon as I get back.
Update Midnight: Just past midnight CST and I've been back and updating for about an hour. I'll be doing another update run-through, and this time I'll be dropping the candidates with under 5% of the vote. If I were only doing 3-5 races I'd keep them in, but this list has 20!
Update 2AM CST: It's 2am here and I have to get some sleep. States with 100% in are noted, with the winner and party listed. States with most of the vote in, I marked the party that was ahead in parenthesis. I'll be by again in the morning to update things before work.
Update 09:15 CST: Most of the races are decided; I'll check in during the day from work to see if there are any more results.

Here we go...

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I wish my first diary here were of a happier nature.

We lost a friend last night - Barb Penny, wife of former Congressman Timothy J. Penny (D-MN-01).

15 months ago she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and secondary liver cancer and told she had just 6 months to live. Being Barb, and thus just a wee bit stubborn and determined (but always gracefully so), she stretched that out into 15 months.

In those extra months she spent time with her family, celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary, saw her first grandchild born, and continued her work with the local arts center and several other community and church activities. Just ten days ago she accepted Waseca's award for Service Above Self.

She died at home last night, surrounded by family.

She will be missed by many who valued her great heart, kindness, and caring; her sense of humor, and her outspoken nature.

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