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Remember that Border Wall we bought a few years ago? How's that thing working out? Well, recent studies by the GAO and the CATO Institute have shown that the cost of the border fence has risen to almost $9 million per mile.
In other words, $6.5 Billion dollars.  How effective has it been so far in stopping drug trafficking and human smugglers?


To truly show you how often Tea Baggers and Conservatives distort history and further create their own image of the President Reagan Legacy, watch this video as then-candidate Ronald Reagan launches his Presidential campaign in New Jersey celebrating collective bargaining rights.  

President Reagan was no labor supporter, but he knew that collective bargaining at it's base was a good thing.  to quote the Gipper:

Wherever there is collective bargaining rights, there is freedom


Senator Fillingane has introduced a bill that would tax wire-transfers to other countries from the State of Mississippi.

Revenues would go toward a General fund for the Border Fence

This law is rife with vague language that is simply not possible to execute.
Even better though, it's not even his idea. He was briefed by a local Tea Party group, who stole the idea from the Oklahoma Legislature.  

The Tea Party group, Mississipi Patriots, are actually proud of their idea. Listen to them display no logic whatsoever as they explain their idea on the radio.

Press Release and More below the fold

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Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has always been a smart, tough, and fair law enforcement official.  I met Sheriff Dupnik in 2007 while making my film The Wall.  
We spoke for several hours about border policy and about the horrible violence that happens along the border.  He was passionate, honest, and had some very innovative ideas how to solve some of these huge problems.  I was surprised how much I liked him.
Check him out in my film, here's a tease. more videos at


I, for one, am definitely glad to hear that Democrats are closing the enthusiasm gap. This morning's welcome report from both Nate Silver and Simon Rosenberg are very encouraging.  
And yes I'm delighted that Boxer, Murray, and Blumenthal are holding on to leads in polling.  But what about West Virginia?  The Democratic lead for our "sure win candidate" Gov. Manchin is gone. The average for the race is now LEAN REPUBLICAN.

Without WV, Democrats sit at 50 including Ben Nelson and Lierberdeutsch.  And Nate Silver has speculated that that might prompt a party switch. In short, 50 is not enough.

Why are we patting ourselves on the back for winning in California and Washington? Or Connecticut? We're supposed to be winning those.  We need more than that to hold on to the Senate!

Why aren't we paying attention (and $$$) to West Virginia?

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I want Jerry Brown to win so bad that I couldn't get to sleep last night. The thought of a "Governor Whitman" makes me shudder with fear.  

But I can't stand to watch the errors that Jerry Brown's campaign is making.  There is too much at stake.

You see, I was there for the Jerry Brown Campaign's "reboot" Labor Day at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  I heard Brown's stump speech and then had the privilege of hobnobbing with several campaign staff for various California congressmen, state reps, and union officials.

What I heard about public policy inspired me, but then I talked with campaign staff and some officials within the California Democratic Party, and it scared me sh*tless.

This is a wake up call to the California Democratic Party Elders. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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We are losing the message war against SB 1070. I just have to say it because it's true.  
Why should I oppose SB 1070?  Because it's racist.  How is it racist?  Because it leads to racial profiling.  Well okay, what does that mean?'re taking to long to explain.
See the problem?
Many, who have never experienced racial profiling or heard that expression, just don't understand what that means.
Just ask your grandmother, if she's not black, what racial profiling is. Ask her if she agrees with it.  Exactly.
African-Americans are about the only demographic, in fact, that might have any idea what racial profiling is. Racial profiling has often been ascribed to people of color and mainly dark people of color for that matter.  
In other words: Asians or light-skinned Hispanics most often either support RP or have never experienced it. It's a complex idea that doesn't grab the unaffected, average person.
So why isn't this working, where is outcry?

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The Obama Administration has announced that it will be sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border.
This recent capitulation by the Obama Administration to the fear and rhetoric of the Right wing of the Republican Party does very little to help ensure Border Security and a lot to validate the meme that violence is "spilling over".
Violence is not increasing on the border, in fact crime is down.  Furthermore, the murder of the American rancher in Arizona was probably done by an American.
National Guard troops are not authorized to detain illegal immigrants. They can't stop people, in fact they can't even engage drug cartels without proper identification by local authorities.  In other words, National Guard can't do anything but watch and detect.
So why would President Obama send the troops, if they basically can't stop anybody?
Yes watch and detect helps, but that's not what's being sold here.

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Mon Mar 01, 2010 at 07:56 AM PST

I Just Gave $$$ to Bill Halter

by LatinoDem

And I've never given to a senate candidate before.
I'm hispanic (hence the label), barely 29, and from California by way of New York.
Pay attention Bill Halter Campaign:
Don't Lose Me.
I gave because I'm fed up with Sen. Lincoln's half-ass way of being a Democrat. 50% voting with me means 50% f*cking voting against me and I'm sick of being let down. I'm sick of having to explain to my friends why Democrats can't keep their party together. People like Lincoln are exactly the problem.

I gave because I like Bill Halter's message.
Give me a good message and I'll vote for you, it's that simple.

Bill Halter's Campaign signifies everything that the party needs to do to get disaffected people like me caring again about politics.  It's the idea that if you don't stand for principle, you get the boot. It's the idea that we don't protect these nasty incumbents like royalty anymore, that everybody should be responsible for their vote- that's democracy.

Go give to Bill Halter's campaign, show the DSCC what Democrats want!

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The bedwetters at Politico, just published a story "Dems impasse on Health Bill" where they named Democrats against fixing Health Care Reform through Reconciliation.  
In classic fear-trolling, they start the article

Democrats...ran into a wall of opposition from party moderates Tuesday — throwing into doubt...the sweeping reform plan...Reid could end up scrounging for votes...

Why would he have to scrounge for votes if all he needs is 50?  
Well Politico says they've surveyed Dems and he has 8 that are no votes or have "serious reservations"
Do basic math. He can lose up to 9 votes, not 8.

Who are the 8
Bayh, Liebermen, Nelson, Lincoln (no surprise there)= 4
So who are the fence sitters, the MAYBE's that the article names?
Pryor, Landrieu, Begich, McCaskill=8

8 is awfully close. We shouldn't be that close in my opinion, I think we need to make some phone calls to the "fence-sitters".

Join me below the fold for what they said.

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I know Scott Brown is a dispicable anti-choice, pro-Bush tax cuts, sock-puppet. But I have to say, if he keeps making excellent ads like this one:

It's hard not to like the guy.
I'm starting to see a very powerful narrative play out here between the two candidates that doesn't bode well for Coakley and, I fear, might be driving the momentum on Brown's side.
Taking a look at the ads these two are running right now, I have to say Coakley's strategy doesn't look promising.  As a someone who's worked on commercial's and advertising, I'm very nervous of the increasingly negative tone of Coakley's campaign versus the Underdog, in the streets, approach that Brown is pushing (be it true or not).
Don't we all naturally root for the underdog?  A look at the ads below.

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The AP is releasing another interesting 'analysis' piece this morning examining the effect of the Stimulus on Local unemployment.

Spend a lot or spend nothing at all, it didn't matter, the AP analysis showed: Local unemployment rates rose and fell regardless of how much stimulus money Washington poured out for transportation,

Using my basic grammar skills I can point out how they cherry pick data. But even more transparently, I can see how they construct their article, trying to engineer an outcome.  You see, I've worked in local news before, I know how news producers put together a story.

Disclosure: I am not an absolute supporter of solely infrastructure reinvestment as a means of economic stimulus. I would actually prefer more money doled out to the State Governments right now. My home states of New York and California are both facing horrible layoffs and deficits.

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