The level of disrespect for Hillary, specifically, and the Clintons, in general -- not to mention their supporters -- has been overt and embarrassing at this convention.  Unfortunately, this has been the style of the true Obama -- the intimidating, bullying, disrespectful, power-crazed man -- and his mentor, Howard Dean through his DFA, throughout the primary season.

The tactics of GWB in the 2004 election -- to isolate and confine protestors and demonstrators to an area off-site and away from the MSM coverage, is another troubling tactic.  Obama and Dean have learned their Rovian tactical lessons well and have incorporated the Rove playbook in this election -- a fact which concerns and troubles many loyal, life-long Democrats.  And which, amusingly, does not reflect the "new kind of politics" that Americans assume Obama is referring to in his eloquent, flowery speeches when they sit and listen to him pontificate on the corruption of Washington, scoffing at experience as "Washington trying to boil all the hope out of him."