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As a freelance programmer, I've bought my insurance on the private market for the past couple of years. I actually have a decent low-cost plan with Humana that exceeds the quality of the bronze level plans in the exchange.

The problem: Humana doesn't offer that plan on the exchange, or anything like it. They offer 1 plan at the bronze level that costs twice as much and has a nearly $5,000 a year greater maximum out of pocket cost, with the same deductibles.

As a matter of fact, there are only 3 companies offering bronze level plans in my area, and the least expensive plan is $60 more a month than my current plan for less coverage.

Not to offer a promo for them or anything, but I had been buying my health insurance online from, and there were many more choices available there than on the exchange (I recall at least 7 or 8 companies with plans, possibly more). And dollar for dollar, the coverage was better.

Thankfully, I received a letter from Humana last month that I can keep my coverage for next year. But I'm a little worried about if that's going to be the case going forward, or if the exchanges are going to displace the rest of the market. And why are there relatively few plans and few providers in the exchange compared to the existing market?

What's been your experience with the exchange?


Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 03:05 AM PDT

Holy Bad Messaging

by Liberal Jon

OK, in the wake of Republicans getting shellacked on their shutdown idiocy, not only are Democrats talking about entitlement cuts:

Now Obama is set to come out today to admit the roll-out problems.

No one is a fan of broken government roll-outs, but how is it smart to have Senator Durbin come out and admit to future entitlement cuts, plus the president himself to admit to serious IT problems with Obamacare, immediately after such a huge GOP fail?

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Just wanted to share what seems to be a much clearer photo of Suspect #2 than what's shown in the FBI video (this photo has since been featured on Piers Morgan - warning: the full image below is a bit graphic):

High res:

(thanks Eileen B for lightening pic)

If you zoom in center left, you'll see Suspect #2 more clearly - to my eyes anyway (zoom crop here):

(Thanks kyril for the edit)

Or zoomed even more (thanks BvueDem):

At the risk of stating just my opinion, I'd describe him as a short, thin, Caucasian/Semitic? male with a distinctive nose, dark hair. He looks young and from that shot I imagine anyone would recognize him.

Just wanted to share since I couldn't make heads or tails from the FBI video and this photo seems to clearly show Suspect #2 in more detail - despite the "only official photos welcome" warning and all that.

Let's make sure as many people as possible see this photo.

Tip for great justice and let's get the bastards!


Obama's health care reform bill allegedly cuts the deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years while ensuring coverage to 95% of Americans. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. Here's why:

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In a time of massive economic crisis, in the midst of a lost decade for American workers, the great rallying cries of the progressive Left have failed to produce any meaningful reform of or restraint on capitalism. It's true that progressives of all stripes rallied against the disgusting abuses of the Bush administration. But after his eight years, is it just me, or does it seem like the fire has gone out?

I wonder if the problem is that the progressive movement in America generally lacks a cohesive vision for the future? An ideology worth fighting tooth and nail over? Proposals that translate into serious improvement in the lives of working families? Maybe it's time to shed "progressivism" and more forcefully adopt the socialist critique of modern transnational capitalism?


Is it time for Social Democracy?

65%78 votes
5%7 votes
4%5 votes
24%29 votes

| 119 votes | Vote | Results

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This is getting ridiculous! What does one find on the front page of DailyKos today? Not a discussion of Republican obstructionism. Not productive discussions on the economy. Not interesting candidates for 2010. Nope. Instead we're treated to screeds and jeremiads against Jane Hamsher, Ariana Huffington, and this president's other progressive critics. Whether you agree with them or not, the trend is disturbing. I wish kos and other front page diarists would address it, rather than adding fuel to the fire.

It's like we're fracturing into ideological splinter groups. I see this as a fatal flaw of the left: the tendency toward ideological division. If Jane Hamsher and others want to form a Left Opposition to the President, then why criticize? The end goals are the same, even if tactics differ.

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Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 05:43 PM PST

Does anyone believe Lynn Woolsey?

by Liberal Jon

I just had the misfortune of watching Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey stutter her way through an interview on "Countdown." Guest host Lawrence O'Donnell pressed her on her threat to hold out for the public option, and she barely avoided a complete meltdown. Now, I don't know if the woman has an actual speech impediment, but she comes across like the character of the "batty librarian" from literary lore. Or that crazy aunt with the eight cats. Anyhow, as Chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus, it occurs to me: we're screwed.


Lynn Woolsey is

17%12 votes
45%31 votes
7%5 votes
29%20 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Dec 20, 2009 at 09:53 AM PST

HOW is Health Care Going to Pass?

by Liberal Jon

With the Senate set to invoke cloture on the Lieberman-Nelson health care bill, the media and pundits are falling over themselves to declare "mission accomplished." Just one fast question: how are they possibly going to pass this thing?


What's going to happen after conference?

48%42 votes
18%16 votes
1%1 votes
4%4 votes
27%24 votes

| 87 votes | Vote | Results

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A quick review of some of the changes put forward by Senate Majority Leader Reid's manager's amendment to the health care reform bill.

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Sat Dec 12, 2009 at 02:47 AM PST

Obama Taking on "Fat Cat Bankers"?

by Liberal Jon

With all the bad news on the health care front, our foreign wars, and pessimism on the economy (despite modest signs of improvements in job losses and retail sales), it's nice to see populist rhetoric - and action - from the White House on Wall Street and the banks. In an interview with "60 Minutes", President Obama takes aim at "fat cat bankers" and details aggressive new IRS enforcement against tax cheats.

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Whatever happened to universal health care?

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Hey, if it's good for the goose:

“I think it’s important that we show we mean it, we believe in it, that it works for the public and we’re willing to put our own families on it,” Mr. Brown said. “This says we have to go on the public option. I think they are right.”

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