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The Republicans are about increasing the Debt and Deficit and about holding the working class Hostage to the rich. The GOP is about ignoring the suffering of the Middle class to give further aid to the rich. This flies in the face of everything the Tea Party was about, reducing the Deficit and the DEBT.

The Republicans are ignoring the fact that Main Street Bailed out Wall Street, and now that the Bill is due, the GOP refuses to pay up, but demands even MORE! This is Blood money, blood of our future and our children! Do you really think the world will reward such irresponsible fiscal governance?

This is the first skirmish of the next two years and it is clear what it will be about. Class warfare. The Democratic Party need to exploit this and change the narrative. Country before Party! I want the Democrats to block this deal or Amend the SHIT out it! I want the point to be that Democrats are about keeping down the Debt!

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Democratic Leadership needs to

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You allow the tax cuts on passive investments to sunset.

This is not on Wages, wages remained untouched, those tax cuts remain.

Passive investments for working Americans also remain untouched.

You only allow the tax cuts on dividend and capital gain income
for individuals making over $200,000 a year to sunset.

This generates nearly $74 Billion in additional tax revenues.

It does not increase WAGE income tax for those making over $200,000.
This is according to the figures supplied by the Bush White House on
the 2003 Tax cuts.

This only effects 3% of all taxpayers.

If you earned less than $100,000 your tax cuts was $158.61


Is this a compromise solution

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If in fact the economy was tanking as Republicans claim
US Corporations would not be making all time Record Corporate Profits!

What Corporations are doing is NOT hiring Americans,
but using the funds to fund political groups to keep the
status quo and not instigate business reform to benefit
working class Americans.

The excess funds will be distributed to the rich in the
form of increased dividend distributions to the Rich
who Republicans feel should be taxed at a lower rate
than the struggling working class American pays.
The economy is doing fine.

Big business, the Rich and the GOP doesn't want to share.....


record corporate profits means

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OK, Fiscally Responsible Republicans, you want tax cuts for all, then FIRST show the $4 trillion in Budget cuts!

THAT is fiscal responsibility.

First show the Budget cuts, THEN Americans will have a 'SURPLUS'
they can THEN have!

Americans also can SEE what the Tax Cuts will actually cost
as far as shared sacrifice!

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Should Republicans first show the Budget cuts to support the Tax cuts?

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41%61 votes
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2%4 votes

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it is about doing the will of the people, COMPROMISE and GETTING THINGS DONE!

Republicans seem to forget that before the Tea Party Candidates won
against Democrats, the People FIRST voted out the established GOP
candidates and office holders.

The Change was not just Democratic Candidates, but REPUBLICAN
candidates FIRST.

Change was about eliminating ALL of the politicians that were not
doing the will of the people, which is passing legislation and not
obstructing laws that could have stimulated the economy.

420 passed House Bills being blocked in the Senate by the GOP
is not the will of the people, however the GOP did do one job well,
lie, misdirect, misinformation and half truths about what the
Democrats had actually accomplished.

The Country was saved from a complete economic collapse under
Democratic leadership, but Republicans managed to convince the
Country that all the emergency measures were Social Programs,
bloated spending and irresponsible legislation impeding job growth
and economic expansion, even though the facts clearly state the
the opposite.

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The People's Mandate is

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Currently the debacle that was the 2007 recession
and the 2008 Meltdown and near Depression has
been reigned in and the economy has been stabilized.

The Cause of the down turn was irresponsible governance for 7 years.

Republicans want to claim it all began when the Democrats
came into office with a majority in 2007. A Lie.

Democrats did not have controlling input into economic policy
until the FALL of 2007 during the 2008 Budget process! That
Budget did not go into effect until 2008.

The Country was already in recession in 2007 and saw Bailouts
already BEGINNING in the First Quarter of 2008!

Republicans blocked and denied the economy was in trouble
until it was almost too late to do anything about it.

Now we have a stabilized economy even though the Obstructionist
Republican Senators have blocked 420 House passed bills from
being CONSIDERED to become possible law. 420 economic bills
that were to help grow the economy and create jobs.

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If The GOP / Tea Party gains Control

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Do you want to know how the Republican Senators are helping
the Country? They are blocking legislation from even coming
up for a vote. Legislation that has already passed in the House
of Representatives.

420 Bills to possibly help the unemployed get jobs, the
economy to recover, people in danger of losing their
homes to keep them, small businesses to get tax cuts and
funding to grow their business and create jobs and stimulus
to expand the GDP growth to both help generate more
Revenues to pay down both State and Federal Deficits.

These Bills are not being voted down by Republican
Senators. No these Bills are being PREVENTED from
even coming up for a vote! Individual Republican Senators
have put personal holds on bills and Republicans have
blocked Bills from being called up for a vote.

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Should the American Public be told how the Republican Senators put party before Country

80%329 votes
2%11 votes
14%58 votes
2%9 votes
0%3 votes

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We are Americans first. Not black or white, conservative  or liberal,
Republican or Democrat. We are Americans first. Until this fact is
understood we will be a nation divided and ineffective. We need
to forget our differences and stop blaming each other for the
errors of the past. We need to be non partisan about the
future of this country. Our greatest enemy is from within.
We have turned upon each other.  We need to change our old
way of business as usual and be united for the common good.
Which is, we are all Americans first.

Sean Lewis


The GOP Denying Unemployment Benefits Extensions (edit) denies $16 Billion of Monthly Economic Stimulus!

The nationwide average weekly check to those receiving unemployment
benefits is $295.05 http://unemploymentadvice.blogspot.c...
That is $15,342.60 a year.

The US Poverty Figure is $16,245 for a single person

Does the GOP feel these people are getting a free ride?
Can that be the real reason to deny benefits?

Lets look at this again.

The sad fact is that nearly two million unemployed Americans will be
without benefits by July 10. That is 2 million people who are not
contributing to the economy!

That is over $2.3 Billion dollars not being circulated in local and
state economies!

You add the standard 7 fold multiplier for economic ripples and you
see a decrease of $16 Billions of stimulus!

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Denying Unemployment Benefits

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57%30 votes
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Republicans feel that allowing the tax cuts, that created the Bush
record Deficits and Debt, to end would be an unfair burden on the

The Republicans feel that a better solution to the Deficit and
Debt is to deny benefits to the Unemployed, because it is not like
they need the money, but the rich can't spair a dime!

Does this make sense to anyone?

It doesn't to the Americans who've not received their benefits for a
couple of weeks now. Or to their families.  And to their friends.  And to all the voters who learn of their plight...


Does this make sense?

12%10 votes
62%48 votes
6%5 votes
10%8 votes
3%3 votes
3%3 votes

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Today in Brooklyn NY just outside the posh 3 million dollar
brownstones in Brooklyn Heights I saw a gathering of white
unemployed middle class waiting patiently for 11 PM.

This is when Trader Joe's pushes their Dumpsters to the curb
for garbage pick up.

These unemployed orderly pulled out the bags and began
sorting the food waste into piles to be placed in car trunks
and back packs.

If the GOP needs to see the results of not passing the
unemployment extensions, all they need to see is their constituents
searching for food through dumpsters in their Dockers and golf
shirts in an upscale neighborhood.

These people will not soon forget the how's and why's they were
forced to feed themselves. The GOP may think this is
proving they are fiscally conservative, but middle America see's
it as being detached from reality and uncaring.


Why isn't the money the unemployed put aside when
working via unemployment insurance available?

Because the GOP gave irresponsible tax cuts
combined with irrational spending during
two wars and passed an unfunded Medicare
Prescription Drug Program that exceeds the
liabilities of Social Security.

So rather then admit their mistake, The GOP
is pretending they are making 'hard' fiscal
decisions by denying unemployment checks
to the millions of recently unemployed
(edit) who require extensions of their benefits

The same individuals who became unemployed
because of irresponsible economic, fiscal and
regulatory policies that allowed unregulated
greed go unchecked until the near
complete economic collapse of the US
economy in August of 2008!

So in an attempt to revise recent history,
the GOP is branding themselves as fiscal
Conservatives by punishing the very victims
their previous economic debacle created!

Yet still the rich get to have their cake and eat it too!

The GOP were clueless about the economic collapse
in 2008, and are clueless now about the damage they
are doing to Middle America yet again!


Denying Unemployment Extensions

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14%10 votes
5%4 votes
2%2 votes
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62%42 votes
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