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My name is Lisa Epstein.  I am running for Clerk of Circuit Court in Palm Beach County's August 14, 2012 election.  Our county's voters have spoken loud and clear; expose and rid our county of fraud.   For years, I have worked tirelessly to investigate, expose, and blow the whistle on fraud by bailed out banks that crashed our economy, violated our property rights, and destroyed our tax base. The Clerk is the locally elected constitutional officer who serves as the “public trustee”, putting into motion the county level system of “checks and balances” between the people, the judiciary, and the executive and legislative branches of government. The Circuit Court is often known as " The People's Court", and I pledge to safeguard the integrity of the system on behalf of the people of Palm Beach County.

If you have friends or family in Palm Beach County, please pass this along to them!

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Sometimes you just need a nurse...

First a little background, courtesy of a Housing Wire which broke last night:

Lisa Epstein, who's running for clerk of court in Palm Beach County, was once an oncology nurse. For most of her career she saw her patients strike deals with their banks when they ran into debt problems, particularly with mortgage payments, once they became ill.

But when the housing crisis struck and foreclosures mounted, that changed. Banks and mortgage servicers overloaded with delinquent loans struggled with the paperwork and the complexity of linking struggling borrowers with decision-makers. To speed up the foreclosure process, reams of documentation was mishandled, signed improperly and filed at county courthouses.

In 2007, Epstein noticed her patients were no longer being helped. They were being rushed through the foreclosure system.

"That was my first hint that there was something very different," Epstein said during a HousingWire interview.

So began her advocacy work in Florida fighting against banks and third-party firms handling the foreclosure process. In June, she was placed on the ballot for clerk of court of Palm Beach County, the third largest clerk office in the state.

This is the Lisa Epstein Campaign's first diary; we're thrilled to join the community and we hope to become a regular contributor! If you are able to show your support by recommending our diary, passing along our links (particularly if you have friends or family in Palm Beach County) and perhaps utilizing or forwarding our donation link, we'll be forever grateful....

Meet some of Lisa's supporter's below the elaborate orange symbol , perhaps you've heard the names Grayson, Stiglitz, Dayen, Stoller and Barofsky.....

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