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"...the voice in my head says only one thing: 'Hug her. Hug her. Hug her.' But instead I suspend her for a week."
My 25-year-old daughter has always wanted to be a teacher. Her dream was to teach high school English; she's been working on lesson plans since she was 16. This year, her dream came true when she was accepted into the Mississippi Teacher Corps, and she's now at a rural school teaching the kids that many of us have forgotten or don't even know exist.
"His mom went to jail this morning. He doesn’t have a place to go home after school is out. He only owns one jacket and it’s getting colder."
The Corps encourages teachers to blog, as long as their school and students remain unidentified. Come below the wingding for true stories from this lost corner of America.
Continue Reading is an extraordinarily important resource for nonprofits. Prospective donors, if they're smart, check out a nonprofit at before even considering giving a donation.

So I wandered over there this evening, and logged in to see what might be going on with Susan G. Komen Foundation. Well, it looks like some now-former supporters found Guidestar just like I did. The Personal Reviews section, which I honestly did not know existed before today, exploded in the last two days, and brought SGK's rating down to one star out of five. Not very good for such a "high class" organization!

Over the squiggle and into the comments...

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FEMA is people.

People like the family in rural Alabama whose entire life disintegrated in the wind. The title of this diary came from them. They are trying to rebuild, living in a FEMA trailer and getting regular visits from case workers who work with them to find a permanent place to live. Except thanks to Republicans, now they might not.

People like the students in northwest Alabama whose high school, the one thing that holds the town together, was ripped apart. They’re meeting in temporary buildings right now, provided by the good citizens of the United States of America by way of FEMA. Because of Republicans in Congress, a new school building is now uncertain.

People like me and those I work with in Birmingham, Alabama. FEMA has a policy to hire local people for disaster recovery. It’s good pay although the hours are brutal-when I started back in May it was 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

The local jobs are the silver lining to a disaster like the April 27 tornadoes. I was able to get off unemployment. Some of my co-workers can pay off student loans. Now our jobs are in jeopardy and the people we are working to help are left hanging.

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Palin’s administration last week gained legislative approval for a special $1,200 payment to every Alaskan to help cope with gas prices, which are among the highest in the country.

Seems to me that this disproves entirely the "need" to drill offshore so that we can "free ourselves from foreign oil." (Although what no one ever says is that most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico - foreign, yes, but not Middle Eastern.)

At any rate, if Alaska is one of our major domestic sources of oil (at least until the AIF Party succeeds in seceding) then you would think that petroleum products including gasoline would be cheaper, right? But of course the oil goes where the oil companies want, and I suspect it goes to other places besides U.S. refineries and U.S. gas tanks.

So Alaska's problem with gas prices is definitive proof that offshore oil drilling will not bring down gasoline prices - not now and not ten years from now.


Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 05:16 PM PDT

Waiting for the bus

by Lisa in Bama

I had just turned seven years old when Dr. King made his "I have a Dream" speech. I don't remember it. But I do remember, somehow, that a couple of months later a church was blown up in Alabama and four little girls were killed. In my mind, they were the same age I was and all I was terrified because people would kill little children. I, who had not ever actually seen a black person so had no reason, I suppose, to hate them, thought that I myself was in danger, because I didn't hate black people and they would kill you for that, too.

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The latest fundraising plea from the RNC, with a tone of desperation that sent a frisson of schaudenfreude up my spine, is "signed" by none other than John McCain himself. And folks, we Democrats are doing FINE according to him!

Never in memory have the Democrats, liberal special interest groups, labor unions and unregulated "527" soft-money groups come together with so much determination toward one purpose" Defeating Republicans.

Aw, shucks! Thank you! You noticed!

But wait...there's more...

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Alabama district 45 is a very Republican and conservative district east of Birmingham. Yet in the House race, the Republicans have brought in John McCain against the Democrat, Pat Sewell. I worked for Pat when she was on the Birmingham City Council from 1989 to 1997. She's conservative and churchgoing. She's also a fearless advocate of open government, citizenship, tolerance and common sense.

Her Republican opponent, who beat the R incumbent in the primary, has hardly campagined at all. Pat has hit the neighborhoods, churches, civic groups and airwaves with her message of working together and respecting the voter. The Republican thought he'd coast on his party identification because it's a highly R district. But Pat's neck and neck with him.

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It's happening a lot in Washington these days: sneak something into an appropriations bill that's already passed both houses, and create another corporate giveaway. This time it's the billboard industry, which wants to be able to flout the Highway Beautification Act and trash up our roads with impunity.
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