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To all those Chicken Little diaries this past weekend.: President Obama never had ANY intention of throwing Elizabeth Warren under the bus. Here is the link to her letter praising the nominee Richard Cordray.

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Thanks to the NYTimes' Frank Rich today, we now know why Liz Cheney and her foundation get so much air time on network and cable TV.


Where will Liz Cheney run for Congress?

20%21 votes
26%28 votes
11%12 votes
25%27 votes
16%17 votes

| 105 votes | Vote | Results

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Sad news today--talented singer/songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died, the victim of suicide. For those unfamiliar with him, here's a synopsis: A car crash at the age of 18 left him paralysed and wheelchair-ridden, yet he still managed to perform live and record 13 albums, produced by such luminaries as REM's Michael Stipe and famed Brian Wilson-collaborator Van Dyke Parks.

i cannot say for sure, but it is quite possible that he despaired of ever being able to pay off his $50,000 medical debt and decided to end it all rather than face a long and humiliating court trial.

(Chesnutt) told earlier this year that "right now, I am in huge trouble in that the hospital is suing me for $35,000 for payment, which is terrifying -- and the rub is that I have health insurance." His heath care debt reportedly totaled more than $50,000 and his struggles with suicide and substance abuse have been well documented.

Chesnutt leaves us with a catalog of 13 studio albums, including this year's critically acclaimed 'At the Cut,' which he was recently out on the road supporting. In a live review of one of those shows, the New York Times noted that Chesnutt's songs were contemplations on "not just mortality but also the broader inevitability of collapse and decay."

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Sun Aug 02, 2009 at 01:39 AM PDT

Song contest: "Harry The Doormat"

by Loose Fur

You've dialed DC until your fingers are worn to nubs. You've spoken to Senate staff & interns until you're blue in the face and your voice is shot.

Now the Senate is going into recess and we still have no health insurance reform bill. Why?

The debate has been shaped by the Blue Dogs and not by the Senate Majority leader, who has, as usual, rolled over and played dead at the slightest sign of aggression from either the Blue Dog or Goopasaurs.

With that in mind, I have been seeking a way for me and fellow Kossacks to vent our collective frustration at the Senate Dems for having a 60-set "majority" and failing to do anything productive. So what to do?

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Tue Oct 21, 2008 at 02:58 AM PDT

Vote EARLY! Our future depends on it.

by Loose Fur

The future of our nation depends on early voters: all of you that can vote early, must do so. The consequences of not taking this opportunity could be dire for all of us.

Why? Because the Republicans are waiting to nail us on Nov. 4 with all sorts of illegal crap. After seeing so many people here saying in posts that they intend on waiting until Nov. 4 to cast their vote, I feel like screaming, "Do you honestly EXPECT the RePugs to PLAY NICE?!"

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Folks, just when I thought I had seen it all, the New York Times published an article yesterday that quoted a man as saying his health insurance provider "recently forced him to buy antibiotics at pet stores because it was cheaper than the pharmacy."


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My first diary: I will get better at this, I promise...

Cut to the chase: Last night, on the Rachael Meadows show, she aired a 2006 photo of John McCain boarding a yacht owned by an Italian playboy-cum-con man named Raffaello Follieri, who now is headed to jail for fraud. Accompanying MCain is his future '08 campaign manager Rick Davis, whose lobbyist services Follieri wanted to engage.

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