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I need a family attorney, pro bono. The courts are closing the custody case. I'm on waiting lists for pro bono, but I have been for years. The alphabet soup orgs have more important cases. Custody is so far down on their lists it's invisible.

And the new wife keeps txting me rants and demanding I not respond.

And it was my son's birthday and either he didn't want to speak to me or they didn't tell him.

I'm on SSI and initially lost custody because I'm disabled. So far my orientation, atheism, and former (then-current) marriage to a trans-woman have all been brought up as reasons as why I'm unfit. Oh, and kink (a therapist recommended it for my then-spouse).

Donations of fluffy aminal pics, yarn, and stuffless pupper toys also accepted.

:blanket fort for the night:

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Pacer looking noble (and making sure Púka knows he's behaving!)
In my last diary, I wrote about some issues I was having with the building manager in my subsidized housing complex. He had always referred to Púka, my hearing alert dog, as a pet, and he was trying to tell me I couldn't get Púka an apprentice.

Of course, armed with paperwork from the ADA, HUD, letters from my medical team, and a prescription, and presenting all this to his vacation stand-in who sent it well over his head, I received permission to bring in Pacer.

My uncle and aunt brought him up on Valentine's Day.

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Wed Feb 04, 2015 at 09:40 AM PST

A new service dog? Maybe.

by LoreleiHI

My landlord berated me and sent me into a panic attack. I think it was on purpose.

You see, he doesn't want me to start training a replacement for Púka.

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Mon Dec 15, 2014 at 12:56 AM PST

What are your insomnia experiences?

by LoreleiHI

I start having surreal dreams as I sit mostly upright. Several times while writing this, which could be embarrassing.

So, what's the most interested story of your exhaustion, and how you came to be there! :)  


I'm in a little group called Lazy, Stupid, and Godless that is currently raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières. (Doctors Without Borders)

We may be all or none of those things, but since the campaign started on 25 November, we have had to raise our goal three times, and we would dearly love to raise it more than that. It started out at $2,000 (that was hit within 24 hours). Then $5,000 (and today there was much rejoicing!). Now we have a goal of $7,500, but I won't hesitate to tell you that most of us are salivating at a chance to raise it to $10,000, because there's a small part of our Cthulthian mod who wants to be able to say:

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Thu Oct 09, 2014 at 05:30 AM PDT

New (subsidized!) Housing

by LoreleiHI

I didn't think it would really happen. Certainly not so soon. There were a lot of bumps in the road, and more to come, but I'm in an apartment of my own, in an elderly/disabled building. It's fully subsidized, heat, hot water, and trash removal included.

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A few days ago, a week earlier than IKEA had lead me to believe it would happen, several long boxes and what looked like an over-sized California roll were delivered to the apartment. My roommate cavorted, and I would have if it were possible. :)

Once again we would each have a sanctuary, as well as a place to sit and enjoy tea together. And I would get blessed sleep. Apparently my already spotty memory becomes hilarious when I'm sleep-deprived, and I lose my careful grip on my enunciation.

We got to work immediately.

Tuxedo cat looking out from cat tree
He can be cute when he wants.
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agent of destruction, black and white cat reclining on his back looking innocent
The fuzzy destroyer
Very late last month, Kitsap River heard about what a certain cat did to my air mattress, and renewed her objections to my sleeping conditions. So she asked to write a diary, and I accepted.
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Okay, maybe this would have been better received next week, but I write when I can. :)

You wouldn’t believe how many people have opined that I have chosen to give up a good job to live in the lap of luxury that is SSI, that I’m either just lazy or that I don’t want to pay child support. For the record, I gave my ex all the releases so that he could try to collect my SSI back payment—we weren’t sure of the legality (it wasn’t legal, but I did try).
I will continue below the yarn tangle for those of us on disability to catch our breath.


Would you truly support a community-based charity in lieu of fundraisers?

11%3 votes
3%1 votes
48%13 votes
14%4 votes
3%1 votes
3%1 votes
11%3 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
3%1 votes

| 27 votes | Vote | Results

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Destitute Trixie--quite how I feel
A small outcry has been made for new diaries from the disadvantaged.

I'm certainly one of that group. Im on SSI, its my only income save $18 a month from SNAP. I have no family to live with, no rent-controlled housing. My roommate and I split the rent in a 2-bedroom. That takes 48% of my income. We're responsible for the utilities, including heat.


What's your income?

15%12 votes
21%17 votes
12%10 votes
14%11 votes
5%4 votes
5%4 votes
11%9 votes
8%7 votes
2%2 votes
2%2 votes

| 78 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue May 20, 2014 at 04:45 AM PDT

Púka got sick over the weekend.

by LoreleiHI

Púka the day after treatment
We're not entirely sure why, as of yet. It was in some measure gastro, and had his red blood cell count worrying elevated. I don't regret taking him to the emergency veterinary hospital, because it was so clearly warranted. He was on the verge of needing to stay there. He is doing better now because of the fluids and antibiotics that he's on now.

I've been whistling in the dark over the cost, but he needs to go in again on 22 May for a follow-up (he can't work without a clean bill of health), and I simply can't afford it, especially as I'm moving at the end of the month.

If it were me, I'd suck it up and deal, and not ask for help. But with it being Púka--I can't leave him hanging. He means too much to me, and works too hard, for that. So I have to swallow my pride.

If anyone wants proof of the need, I'll happily send a PDF of the billing. I'm hoping that the check for the rent deposit really is being held until the first!

Thank you for listening.

Edited to add:
I blanked on putting in my paypal. Thanks for the head's up, broths!
lorelei at roadrunner dot com

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Thank you so much, everybody. I received a beautiful quilt at a time when it was truly needed. My divorce was coming up, I'd reached two months at this DV shelter, and life was feeling pretty dark.

But then I got a small box. A remarkably small box. I opened it with a borrowed key, and saw bright colors. And when I started pulling it out, it seemed to never stop. And it was wonderful. I wasn't the only one who cried.

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