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First of all, I need to state that I am NOT a Cubs fan that hates on St. Louis.  I'm not a White Sox fan either, though I have no problem rooting for both Chicago baseball teams (except when they play each other or my favorite team).

From TPM's David Kurtz, we learn that St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa and superstar slugger Albert Pujols will be attending Glen Beck's 8/28 "Restoring Honor" rally.  Pujols will be honored and LaRussa will introduce him.  More over the jump...

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I got a call last night at home from an automated Rasmussen survey.  Since it was election night, I figured I'd participate and give Rasmussen my opinion for whatever it's worth.  I was shocked and disappointed when the questions stayed on one very unimportant topic.

The first question was "are you a Democrat or Republican?", etc.  I think the second question was "Do you plan to watch the Super Bowl.  Follow me over the jump for more.


Is Rasmussen up to something?

58%43 votes
18%14 votes
22%17 votes

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Roberta Miller was laid off from her Nassau County government job in 1992 because she was a Democrat during a Republican administration.

Yesterday, a jury decided that Nassau County "acted in bad faith in discharging her based on her political affiliation."

This case has New York State Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello's fingerprints all over it.  Hopefully he is at least sanctioned for his role in this case.

more after the jump...

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There is a film showing tonight in Chicago called UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections.  Fair elections is the most important topic in my opinion, because I firmly believe Democrats won the presidency in both 200 and 2004, but the elections were stolen.  There is a recommended diary about voter misinformation via Robo-calls up right now and this follows the news yesterday about the Supreme Court upholding Indiana's new voter disenfranchisement registration law.  

Some background about why this movie is important to me and the screening details after the jump...  

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I caught this article in the Chicago Sun Times (awful rag, I know) and it has some interesting ideas about who could take over Obama's Senate seat if he wins the presidency.   Sun Times: Schakowsky makes play for Obama's seat

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If Obama wins the presidency, who should be appointed to take his seat?

34%75 votes
9%21 votes
21%48 votes
4%10 votes
3%7 votes
5%13 votes
20%45 votes

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Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 09:46 PM PDT

Hit Back HARD!

by MJ via Chicago

I am so freakin' pissed about this torturer enablement bill today, i'm now writing my FIRST diary ever.  Unbelieveable!  I can't believe that someone, born in America, could actually even put forth such legislation!  How is this even debatable?  What the hell is going on here?  What's next?  How much lower can we go?  I did some thinking about this week and the NIE and the undemocratic, unconstitutional bill they voted for today...
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