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Thu Apr 08, 2010 at 03:48 PM PDT

Take a ride on the Brunner Bus Friday!

by MJ159305

My name is Matthew Johnson, and I work for the Jennifer Brunner for US Senate campaign.  I work in campaign finance so that makes me everybody's least favorite person-because you know I am going to ask for money. So money... Ok, a little background first, but then Money..

A little over two weeks ago now we started, and it was a success for us. It was huge because it gave us the money we needed to start our "Get Out the Vote" project here in Ohio.  It also gave us the money we needed to do something that many here would recognize...

A Bus!!!

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Hi, my name is Matthew Johnson.  I am on the Jennifer Brunner Finance staff.

This is an important day for progressives in the state of Ohio.  Jennifer Brunner is having a huge fundraiser today, and all Progressives should get behind a candidate that has a proven record of helping people.  It is happening at Victory For


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I'm Matthew Johnson part of Jennifer Brunner's Finance team.  

Yesterday was a disappointing day for all Progressives when the Republicans once again blocked any movement for the Reconciliation bill.  I hope I do not need to remind people that what is also at stake here in Ohio is a Senate seat that is currently held by Republican Senator George Voinovich. If the Democrats get this seat in November it will be a huge victory.  
Here at the Jennifer Brunner Campaign we recognize that we need the support of everyone if we are to win this primary. Please Pledge your support, and help elect a better candidate to office!  


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My name is Matthew Johnson. For identification purposes, I work with the Jennifer Brunner for US Senate campaign on her Finance team.  

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