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Not much of diary, but Mediaite is reporting that, the video texting site used by the person who claims to have recorded the gunshots of the Micheal Brown shooting while trying to send a romantic video text to whoever, says that the timestamp was at 12:02 pm directly corresponding to the time of Michael Brown's shooting.


I've been trying to track the Wilson defenders' reaction to the audio, and as far as I can tell, the best they can come up with is 1) the audio is not authentic; and 2) the "pause" was when Wilson re-confirmed that Brown was continuing to charge him.

Excuse 1 is gone now by this revelation. Excuse 2 is delusional considering that Brown had to have been wounded at least twice if there were only 4 shots fired after the pause.

The tape hurts Wilson, and the most important piece of evidence yet revealed is now shown to be what it purports to be.


Colorado flood map:


Colorado proposed secession map:

(note that I think the USA today map is tonight obsolete as Phillips and Sedgwick Counties are now affected by the flood).

Link to some things the State of CO is doing for the flood-affected counties:

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Not much of diary. Just saw this link on TPM...

There haven't been any recommended diaries or front page stories on North Korea that I'm aware of, and I trust very much the knowledge and opinions of the people here, and would appreciate kind of an open thread on this situation.

I have to say that I'm of the opinion that this rhetorical meltdown is of greater severity than N. Korea's most recent tough talk, to the point where North Korea is making a statement that can be interpreted as authorizing a nuclear first strike (depends how to interpret their claim that they will counter "US aggression"). At what point does the USA and/or S. Korea have to act preemtively. I'm more than a little concerned, frankly....


Level of concern on scale of 1-10

24%33 votes
8%12 votes
3%5 votes
3%5 votes
11%15 votes
9%13 votes
10%14 votes
11%16 votes
3%5 votes
12%17 votes

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Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets starred in a video to tell the story of his two moms in order to help further Colorado's civil union bill working its way through the Colorado legislature.

Denver Nuggets blogger Andrew Feinstein of has given me permission to copy and paste his post on this in its entirety. But first a primer on Kenneth Faried for you NBA know-nothings...


Who's the baddest-ass slam dunking double double machine who has 2 moms?

100%44 votes
0%0 votes

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So, I ask my daughter last Friday if she had any homework over the weekend. "Yeah, I have to watch some video for Language Arts."

"Why?" I asked.

"We have to write an essay on it later this week about why America is great."

I later watch my daughter punch up the video on our laptop, and it's this website:


Who has the creepiest moustache?

26%32 votes
73%91 votes

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Do not recommend this diary, it's more of a "Quick Hit".  

I thought I'd post this story , though, because it should be on everyone's radar as a potential incident of political violence based on this snippet from the news story.

A parent who saw the incident told 7NEWS that the gunman kept mumbling to himself, "I'm fighting for freedom. I'm fighting for freedom," as he was being taken down.

The shooter was 32 years old Bruco Eastwood, and he timed his attack to coincide with the dismissal of students as they were streaming out to buses and carpools.  

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UPDATED.  Video below

Youtube version (cut off mid interview, but click so that it registers more views).


Firedoglake post on this same interview, with links for taking action.

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According to the CDC there were 820,151 legal abotions in the United States in 2005 (most recent year for which CDC has completed an estimate).  Of these, only 11.4% occurred after the 12th week of gestation.  

According to The Common Wealth Fund (a foundation committed to better health service), an estimated 101,000 die every year from deaths that would have been preventable by access to timely and effective health care.


If the only way to secure enough votes to pass health care reform with an otherwise robust public option is to allow the attachment of the Hyde Amendment to the publicly funded health plan, it is better

38%19 votes
61%30 votes

| 49 votes | Vote | Results

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A look at Kay Hagan's OpenCongress web page shows that her single largest contributor in the 2008 election was  Act Blue

Act Blue raised a whopping $1,637,639 in donations for her.

Act Blue now claims to have raised $2,389,405 for Ms. Hagan as of today.

And who made contributions to Kay Hagan through Act Blue, why it was progressives like you and me.  Who is Kay Hagan caving to in the HELP committee draft of health care legislation?  The health industry, who according to OpenCongress raised 10 % of what was raised on Act Blue.

UPDATE:   User Scott Zumwalt, who was Kay Hagan's online communications director, posted 4 diaries on Daily Kos during the campaign, as well as comments.  Paging ScottZumwalt... If we were good enough to listen to your pro-Hagan diaries, can you jump into this discussion and explain Kay Hagan's stance on Public Option? Kay Hagan directed you to solicit us and our enthusiasm and our money -- we would like a response. h/t Silence is Complicity. Thanks!


I support a strong public option and

76%504 votes
4%32 votes
6%45 votes
11%79 votes

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Brian Maas of CBS 4 in Denver is reporting in a breaking news lede on that 2 men were arrested in Aurora (suburb of Denver).  Subsequent interrogation revealed that they may have been planning to assassinate Barack Obama.


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Yesterday, early Sunday evening (7:00 pm - ish MDT) I turned on KOA radio in Denver to see if a Rockies game was on.  Instead there was a talk-radio host doing a show.  The host took a caller, and the caller said that if Obama was elected, there would be a Civil War, and the host encouraged and laughed at the notion.  The caller was not laughing.  The two talked about a Civil War between Real Americans v. Liberals. When the caller hung up, the host continued with this fantasy, and asked whether, in a Civil War between Real Americans and The Liberal Left, you'd rather be fighting on the side of "Gunny Bob" (who is a right-wing weekday host for KOA and former marine) or Janeanne Garafolo.  I was unaware of the Unitarian Church shooting until I read about it later last night.

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Not to be outdone by non-Democrat Sen. Salazar's cynical and dividing Iraq amendment, Sen. Ben Nelson (nonD-D - NE) decided to vote for an amendment to the appropriation bill that restored funding to the Office of the Vice President.

The amendment was offered by Sen. Brownback. So Nelson chose to support Cheney and Brownback instead of the caucus.

Now that the Vice President's lawlessness has been enabled by Sen. Nelson, it's time to revisit the question of whether a non-Dem Dem is better than a Republican.

My answer is "yes", but I can only urp up this answer in a vomit-scented whisper.

UPDATE: I guess I'm late to this issue.
I'm keeping the diary up due to a discussion on a new measurement called the "Lieberman Unit" or LU. I'd rate Salazar as possessing 60% of all LU's

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