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Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 07:38 PM PST

is this thing on?

by Marcellus Shale

I just wanted to see if this thing works.


Who do you think this reminds me of.

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Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 04:39 AM PST

Ask Ann Romney

by Marcellus Shale

 Well, I wasn't able to connect with Ann through facebook, perhaps a subtle change in my likes, friends and follows scared her away from my social media presence. However, I did manage to run into Ann down at COSTCO. I reminded her of her pledge to help the poor oppressed downtrodden and shame ridden readers of Daily Kos. I caught her as she picked out gallons of fruit drinks, no orange or grape mostly cherry and fruit punch. She has her assistants carry them to the motorcade of shopping carts that make her easy to spot whether her husband is running for office or not. She sighed and promised me she would, gave me the number to a cell phone burner she bought and begged me not to scold her in public for fawning over the bell ringer manning the kettle.

                                            after the rusty iron rococo cartouche

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   Here we sit, somewhere near a fiscal cliff, or curb, I suppose it depends on where you sit in relation to the edge. Who actually cares about what, and who is just leveraging one component to get something done with another, hostage taking, the whole mirror dodge drill. I think the only thing the two Americas and their creditors agree on, is that it has to stop.

                                              After the rusty iron rococo cartouche

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Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 10:36 PM PST

Roger Ailes is Funnier than You

by Marcellus Shale

Well, that is the spin coming off Bob Woodward's revelation that Fox News sent a flunky to Afghan to talk to Petreaus about being the front man in Rupert's Electrical Band. I don't give a shit how funny you thought the Republican primaries were, imagine them with Ailes running the as close to official as you can come and not be Stephen Colbert Fox News entrant.

                         after the rusty iron rococo cartouche

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Fri Nov 30, 2012 at 01:12 AM PST

The Leveson Filibuster

by Marcellus Shale

  Looking over some of the findings of the Leveson report,-last discussed in American journo-circles as the potential "game-changer" that would destroy Rupert Murdoch's empire- its pretty obvious that conservatives like Cameron were going to hate any perscriptive remedy, and liberals like Miliband were going to demand the document be enshrined along side the Magna Charta.  

   The Leveson perscription stops short of both freedom and responsibility assuring that new illusions of accountability will still be applied only according to power and influence.

after the oxidized iron rococo cartouche.

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 With every McCain-Graham Benghazi echo ringing like Salvation Army bell trying to wring out spare change from largely cashless consumers, Will they dare speak of reports that Salafist militia have captured and plan to mutilate and kill 12 men for homosexuality?

   I sometimes defend muslims as being no more crazy than Christians.I still believe  our involvement in UN operations in Libya, most notably our willingness to take a support position and not leading the mission, is a triumph of Obama foreign policy over Bush's war on terror.

after the rusty iron rococo cartouche.

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Nate Silver has a blog post where he outlines all of the probabilities for the Democratic Party to take back the house in 2014. The best point of it all is that we need to turn out the youth. We can outperform the punter if we preach politics and policy to the DunhamDems. Lets not make em wait until the Clinton-Warren/whomeverthefuqelse debates.

I'm supposed call that thing something: oxidized iron rococo cartouche.

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