Skip to main content just released their third story on how special interest PAC money influences Congress.  The first two focused on Republican Mike Coffman and Democrat Diana DeGette.  This one is about Cory Gardner.  Here is an excerpt:

“The Colville River flows through much of the Brooks Range. Alaska’s largest Arctic River is home to 20 fish species. Known as an internationally-recognized area for nesting birds of prey, the Colville River’s bluffs provide significant nesting habitat for raptors such as Peregrine Falcon, Gyrfalcon and Golden Eagle.” - from On Arctic Ground

The river delta has been designated an “Aquatic Resource of National Importance.”

An Inuit family on the Colville River
One would have thought that this is one of the few places on Earth where other species might be safe from encroaching human development….and that would have been true except for the hundreds of millions of barrels of oil under the cold, sparsely-populated tundra.

"Special interests buying political influence by financing campaigns is an ongoing crisis, profoundly undermining our democratic system.  This corrupt practice is accepted -- in fact promoted -- by political insiders across the ideological spectrum.   Accordingly we will publish reviews of the special interest political action committee (PAC) money received by members of Congress, starting with Colorado."

This Coffman's Coffers gives an interesting look at the issue of how special interest PAC money is influencing our politics.  Take a look...

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