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Originally posted at Progress Texas. This is an open letter drafted in response to Tea Party Conservative and fringe U.S. Senate candidate, Ted Cruz, and his response to having Texans across the state tweet at hm a very simple phrase, "Hey @TedCruz - stop sending your campaign money to Rush Limbaugh!". Apparently, Mr. Cruz did not like citizens engaging him. In fact, proving he is a lightweight, he called those who disagree with him a lynch mob. Not sure how he plans to handle the U.S. Senate when he can't even respond to 30 tweets.

Dear Ted Cruz,

The Progress Texas community understands you are running as a fringe Tea Party Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, and that you feel you need to double down and show support for Rush Limbaugh. Your advisors lead you astray when they told you bail Rush Limbaugh out and now they have you in a box.

Let's give some back story really quickly. When Rush Limbaugh started his attack on women, and Sandra Fluke specifically, we didn't think that was very Texan. And since Rick Perry made Rush Limbaugh an Honorary Texan and a spokesperson for the state, we made sure all of our members were aware. Thousands of you made your voice heard and told Perry to revoke Rush's Honorary Status. Of course, Rick Perry, when asked by the Texas Tribune, dodged the question on whether he would do anything about the issue but he did decide to start calling all of us names and drive a wedge between people trying to make their voice heard in the Governor's office.

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Wed Oct 22, 2008 at 03:38 PM PDT

Listening to the Locals: Texas

by Matt Glazer

(In the final days of an election, there is so much information from so many races, it's difficult to stay on top of every story and understand the subtle dynamics often at play on the ground. Thankfully, we have an expansive 50-state blogosphere to match our 50-state strategy. Over the last two weeks of the campaign, we've asked leaders of the state blogospheres to provide insight into late developments and share the stories of their states in a series we're calling "Listening to the Locals." What follows here is the first installment in the series. SusanG)

Imagine, New York, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas all in the Democratic column.  That would mean every election cycle, Democrats would start with 162 electoral college votes.  

Texans are on our way to making that a reality.

Together we have started the journey towards a Democratic Texas by bringing our blogging community together and forming the TexBlog PAC.  In essence, we are putting our money were our mouse is with the singular goal of wining back the Texas House.

The reasons are simple.   Texas is set to gain 3 to 4 congressional seats in the next census.  We have a Legislative Redistricting Board (LRB) that helps determine what our legislative districts look like and right now, all 5 seats are controlled by Republicans.  We are set to change that this cycle though.

The Speaker of the Texas House is one of five elected officials on the LRB, and in 2008 is the only one technically up for re-election.  See, the Speaker of the House is selected by the 150 state representatives at the beginning of every legislative session and Democrats are only 5 seats away from winning back the majority in the Texas House.

What once was an 88-62 Republican majority after Tom DeLay's mid-decade redistricting, is now just a slim 79-71 Republican controlled chamber. Winning a majority with a Democratic speaker, not only means we throw a wrench into further Republican redistricting, it means Democratic committee chairs on up to 40 committees.

How did the progressive blogosphere respond in Texas?  In forming the TexBlog PAC, we have raised money and given at least five $5,000 checks to incredible Democrats throughout Texas.  We have donated our time, money, and energy to electing a Democratic majority in the Texas House by endorsing Diana Maldonado, Chris Turner, Joe Moody, Sherrie Matula, and Robert Miklos.

These five candidates will soon represent Round Rock (just north of Austin), Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, and Mesquite (just north of Dallas). And each of them has an excellent chance of winning as we have explained in our weekly Burnt Orange Political Report.

We could rant and rave about how great each person is, but that does a disservice to the nearly half dozen amazing candidates we didn’t have the money to endorse.  It is unfair to the Texas Supreme Court candidates and State Senate candidates that fell out of our state mission.  It does a disservice to our incredible U.S. Senate nominee Rick Noriega who is closing the gap according to the polls and would be the upset of the cycle.

We are Turning Texas Blue.  We are doing it from the bottom up.  We are running more and better Democrats from County Commissioners to Texas Supreme Court members.  

Our focus has been rebuilding our bench and supporting our state house candidates with big checks early on so the Democratic establishment pays attention to us. We have succeeded.  With our endorsement, Diana Maldonado currently has a 14:1 cash on hand advantage against opponent.  Sherrie Matula has a 2:1 advantage.  Chris Tunrer raised almost double what his Republican opponent raised in the last fundraising period.  Joe Moody has the fund he needs to put together a complete field program in El Paso.

Our money is making a difference. Candidates we have endorsed have been given a second look and become targeted races. Texas bloggers are volunteering their time and running some of these campaigns and coordinated efforts on the ground.  The online community has moved off line and in doing so, we're hoping to move Texas into the Democratic column for Barack Obama's 2012 re-election.

Read: Burnt Orange Report
Give: TexBlog PAC ActBlue Page


Just two weeks ago, we showed the Netroots Nation why Texas is important and how we are working tirelessly to Turn Texas Blue. Over 3000 people attended and saw first hand the passion surrounding Texas. Over 10,000 people kept a watchful eye on Austin as we heard from Wes Clark, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, and others, that Texas is not a lost cause.  Texas is ready to be a Democratic state again.

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(Cross posted at Burnt Orange Report)

More good news in the Texas 10th Congressional District.  In a recent poll conducted by Goodwin Simon Victoria Research, CD-10 is now very much in play.

Our recent poll results indicate that voters in Texas’ 10th Congressional District may be willing to head in a different direction in 2008.  Democratic candidate Larry Joe Doherty has a compelling personal narrative, incumbent Republican Mike McCaul is vulnerable because he has failed to make any meaningful connection with his constituents, and Democrats have a real chance to take this district in November.

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Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 09:25 AM PDT

John Cornyn: The Final Straw

by Matt Glazer

This post at Stop Cornyn has our blood boiling.

Why was Cornyn the only major public figure not at the Lady Bird funeral today? Is it because:

  • he died in a plane crash on the way
  • had a fundraiser already scheduled somewhere else
  • or is just too ideological and small a human being.

Everyone was there but him (including Rick and Anita Perry).  Everyone."I couldn’t make it" is no excuse. Frail Nancy Reagan came all the way from California to join the others. Even frailer Betty Ford sent her daughter Susan. Even Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was there.


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Over the weekend State Representative, Lt. Col Rick Noriega announced he would join Mikal Watts in exploring entering the race for U.S. Seante.

During the past month, Noriega had been hinting at the run in San Antonio and the Valley.  This past weekend at the Mid-Cities Democrats meeting Noriega announced that within the week he will fill out the necessary paperwork to explore the race to defeat Junior Cornyn.

A healthy group of Texas bloggers and online activists have been involved in drafting Rick Noriega to run for U.S. Senate which has sparked national interest from DailyKos, MyDD, and Swing State Project.  Collectively these three sites raised over $1.5 million for Democratic candidates alone and are likely to raise more in a presidential cycle.

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