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Remember Wisconsin?

Before we started having to worry about a worldwide economic tailspin created by Tea Party Republicans in Congress “trading” a routine debt ceiling increase for an expensive free ride for corporations and the wealthy, we were trying to stop state legislatures from passing draconian budgets that punched working people in the gut.

Even as Republicans in Congress – doing Grover Norquist’s bidding - attempt to make hard working Americans pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate special interests, the situation in the states is equally dire. Wisconsin is Exhibit A. Republican majorities in Wisconsin’s House and Senate, led by Gov. Scott Walker, enacted this year a miniature version of what the Tea Party House seems to want for America. They cut hundreds of millions of dollars from public education, while handing hundreds of millions of dollars of tax breaks to out-of-state corporations and the state’s wealthiest residents, all in the name of fixing a state budget already weakened by massive tax breaks for the rich.

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To: Progressive Allies
Fr: Michael B. Keegan, President, People For the American Way
Re: The Importance of Defeating Question 1 in Maine

I am writing to urge you to lend whatever support you are able to provide to the No on 1 campaign in Maine. The far right has made banning same-sex marriage in Maine a test of its ability to stop the newfound momentum in America toward equality and reverse the progressive agenda Americans voted for last November. We cannot allow the Right to prevail.

I know that progressive advocates are stretched in many ways, pushing hard to win passage of health care reform over brutally intense opposition, to build support for a new path on energy policy, and much more. I also know that marriage equality may not be on or near your list of top priorities. But People For the American Way firmly believes that defeating this anti-equality initiative is vital not only to same-sex couples and their families, but also to the broader progressive movement. We urge you to encourage your members and activists to back the No on 1 / Protect Maine Equality campaign.

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