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While Boehner squawks about a House mandate for his proven-to-be-devastating policies, the people, in contrast, speaking thru the elections, provided a mandate for Obama and his vision for America.  Face it Boehner, Obama trounced Romney.  And in the Senate, when the Democrats had much more at risk than the Republicans, the Tea Party and compatriots were stomped.  Even on nationwide House totals, Democrats out-polled Republicans, where Republicans were able to maintain their majority only thru gerrymandering the voting districts.

But Boehner, did you know that the Democrats achieved the same trifecta in your home state of Ohio?  Obama won (51.5% to 48.5%, ignoring all but D and R votes).  Sherrod Brown won (53.1% to 46.9%).  BUT EVEN IN THE HOUSE ELECTIONS IN OHIO, MORE VOTES WERE CAST FOR DEMOCRATS THAN FOR REPUBLICANS.  Democrats received 2,440,895 votes, while Republicans received 2,398,364 votes.  So despite winning 12 of 16 seats, the Republicans actually lost the popular vote in the Ohio House races.

Maybe, Speaker Boehner, you should follow the mandate of the people in your home state, and stop being such an obstructionist to the progress that the people of your home state have chosen.


President Obama and Democratic Senatorial candidates swept statewide elections in the following six states with total margins (Democratic percent minus Republican percent) of 4.6% and 8.5%, respectively.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans hold a 235-200 edge, for a 35 vote margin.  In these six states, Republicans hold a 68-35 edge, for a 33 vote margin.  So these six states essentially constitute the Republican majority in the House.

State               Obama Margin    Senate Margin    House Democrats    House Republicans
Florida            1.9%                13.0%                     10                     17
Michigan            9.5%                20.8%                       5                       9
Ohio                    1.9%                  5.2%                       4                     12
Pennsylvania    6.8%                  8.9%                     10                     17
Virginia            3.0%                  5.0%                       3                       8
Wisconsin            6.7%                  5.6%                       3                       5

Total                    4.6%                  8.5%                     35                     68

These six states are where President Obama, and those who support him on the Fiscal Cliff, should focus their energy on garnering Republican votes.

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