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I already diaried this last night but wanted to make sure everyone saw it before tomorrow.
If you can attend tomorrow afternoon, RSVP here.

Update: Last night's diary.


Just a quick shout out to any of my fellow Oregonians who have not heard about this. Below the orange puff of smoke are excerpts from the email sent out by the Sierra Club.

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I'm on vacation in the Philippines and having been hearing this amusing little ditty a lot in the clubs. I just know it's something the Dkos community will love. Merry Christmas

Sorry if its already been posted. Couldn't find any reference to it on the site.

Love the sexy, mischievous picture of Lily at the beginning. I bet she's delightful in person.

The top comment on the You Tube page is "I have the OVERWHELMING desire to stand outside the Westboro Baptist church and blast this over and over and over again hehe"


When trying to find solace in the wake of the debacle that was the 2014 midterm elections, many have pointed to the fact that the president's party almost always loses congressional seats in midterm elections and assume that we will be winning big in 2016. I think that is a bad assumption due to another historical pattern that nobody is talking about. Since 1952 on only one occasion has a party held the White House 3 elections in a row. That was when George H. W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis. It is worth noting that Dukakis ran when of the most inept presidential campaigns in modern history.

The chances of holding the White House for 4 terms is even more daunting. That has only happened twice in the last 100 years. The last time, of course, was when FDR won an unprecedented 4th term.

What this tells me is that if we want to avoid seeing a GOP presidency within the next eight years we'd better have an exceptional candidate or hope that the GOP puts up an exceptionally poor one.


Earlier this year, I had put out a poll on the Democratic Presidential Primary. It received a lot of interest and became my very first diary to make the rec list in my eight years as a member of this site. It also received a lot of criticism, most of it legitimate, with many suggesting that I re-write it to make it more specific than just Hillary vs. not Hillary.

One thing I heard not only in my diary, but in many others posted around the same time was that we had an election coming up this year that should receive higher priority than an election that was over 2 years away. I thought this was a very sensible idea and decided to postpone posting any more on 2016 until after the 2014 elections. Now, with those elections behind us, I believe it is a good time to start thinking about 2016 as it is going to be a critical election that will probably be pivotal in determining whether or not our country continues to have some semblance of a functional democracy.

For this poll, I decided that it made the most sense to limit it to those individuals who have actually shown some interest in running. The list is actually pretty short. I have added a category for "other" just in case there is somebody I am forgetting. It pains me to not consider Elizabeth Warren, but I have to agree with the conventional wisdom that she has shown absolutely no interest.


If the Democratic Presidential Primary were being held today and the field consisted of the 5 candidates listed. Which one would you vote for?

30%81 votes
5%14 votes
48%130 votes
2%6 votes
5%14 votes
5%16 votes
3%9 votes

| 270 votes | Vote | Results


Thu Dec 11, 2014 at 08:44 AM PST

Rush the magic a$$hole

by MikePhoenix

A couple of days ago there was a diary about Limpdick's reviving the odious "Barrack the Magic Negro". I am a strong believer in not getting mad but rather getting even. So I am hoping, with the help of me dear fellow kossacks, to compose a tune for whatisface.

I have a great first verse, but am experiencing writer's block. So I am turning to you, out there in DK land to help me out. Once I have all the verses, I will try to compile them into one song that we can use to annoy the right wing. Maybe some of the more musical among us can actually record it.

Anyhow, here's the first verse:

Rush, the magic asshole
His mind is a sewer
He fills the right
With sheer delight
By feeding them manure


Tue Nov 25, 2014 at 09:15 AM PST

The Dixiecrats are still with us.

by MikePhoenix

You know how for so long we have thought that the racist wing of the Democratic Party called the Dixiecrats, that were based in the South were dead and replaced by Republicans? The actions of Democratic officials like gov Jay Nixon, always thought there had to be something slimey about a Democrat named Nixon, and Bill McCulloch, the vile St. Louis DA who smirked as he gave cops the green light to keep murdering young African-American males have proven that assumption wrong.

This is where the "big tent" philosophy gets us, folks. How can we point the finger at Republican racism with so much racism in our own party? We need to drive these people out. If this party has no standards and no limits on what the people we put up for office believe and how they conduct themselves, what's the point.

I really think it's time to rethink some of the rules of this site. Do we really want to support the jackals named above if somebody with a more progressive mindset is willing to run against, but can't get the nomination due to the party machinery? Also I would change the site motto from "More and better Democrats" to "More Good Democrats" or something similar. We need to start cleaning up our own house and demanding more from our elected Democrats, otherwise supporting this party is just not worth the time and trouble.


I'm so happy to say that I told you so.


This will probably be the last of my diaries on Measure 91 before the election. As things stand now, there are three factors which make me very optimistic for its passage: endorsements, polls, and the campaigns.

Endorsements: When I last posted on this subject we had the endorsements of several prominent leaders like Congressman Earl Blumenauer along with a number of former prosecutors and law enforcement officers, civic organizations like the City Club of Portland, and newspapers like the Oregonian and the NY Times. Since then Senator Jeff Merkley has added his qualified support, as was reported in another recent diary. John Urquhart, the sheriff of Washington's largest county, has gone as far as to appear in a TV ad for it. This has led to much squealing from the Oregon Sheriff's Association, the main group supporting the No on 91 campaign. Other newspaper endorsements have come in from the Medford Mail-Tribune and Portland's two weekly newspapers The Mercury and Willamette Week. In addition to the State Democratic Party, we have won the support of the Multnomah Democratic Party, which means when they distribute cards with their recommendations to county residents, those cards urge a "yes" vote for 91.

The polls: There are a lot of incumbent office holders running for election this year who would kill to have the kind of polling that Measure 91 has had so far. Not a single poll shows it trailing. The two latest polls from DHM Research and Survey USA show the measure ahead by double-digits, 52-41 and 48-37 respectively. Check the cross-tabs on the Survey USA poll. I think you will find them interesting.

The campaigns: First of all, this is one of those rare cases where the progressive side has far more resources than the conservatives. Yes on 91 has collected around $3,000,000, compared to just under $200,000 for no on 91. Yes on 91 TV spots are airing on a regular basis and we have money for a decent GOTV operation.

If that wasn't enough the No on 91 folks have managed to seriously embarrass themselves a couple of times. The first you can read about in my first Measure 91 diary. More recently, No on 91 spokesweasel, Dr. Ron Schwerzler had to retract a statement he made during a televised debate claiming that children in Colorado had died from ingesting marijuana-laced edibles. Not the first sensationalist lie they have put out there, but at least this time some journalists were doing their job and caught them at it.

Barring any last minute game changers, I am really happy about the way the campaign is looking.

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The endorsements just keep coming for Measure 91.

When I last wrote a diary about our campaign in early September, I was able to report that we had won the support of the state's largest newspaper, the Portland Oregonian. Since then, The Register-Guard, which is the state's second-largest newspaper, and the East Oregonian, the main news source for Pendleton and ruby-red Eastern Oregon, have have followed suit.

Just a few hours ago, I learned that we REALLY hit the jackpot for newspaper endorsements. Measure 91, along with the legalization measures in Oregon and Washington DC have been endorsed by  the nation's largest newspaper, The New York Times. This isn't a huge shock as they recently ran a series of editorials calling for the legalization of cannabis. However, the fact that they specifically and officially endorsed our measure is a huge boost for us.

Not enough good measure 91 news for you? OK, here's some more:

We have been endorsed by distinguished former US Attorney for Oregon. Kris Olsen.

We have also been endorsed by veteran police officer, Pete Tutmark, who is featured in our first TV ad, which IMHO, is very effective in targeting those most likely to be wavering.

Drug Policy Action, a reform group associated with George Soros, has just given another $300,000 to the Yes on 91 campaign. Cue the RW conspiracy theorists whining.

All in all, we've had a really good month.

And remember: October 14 is the deadline to register to vote in Oregon for this November's election.


Mon Sep 15, 2014 at 08:26 AM PDT

Pet Etiquette

by MikePhoenix

I know this is not really a big issue in the great scheme of things and most members of the DK community are probably smart enough that they don't need to read this, but I just gotta vent.

I assume most of your mothers taught you not to try to touch animals that you don't know, but it seems that there are a surprising number of pea-brains in the public who were never taught this valuable lesson. Not only is it really disrespectful to both animal and owner to try to touch somebody's pet without asking, it is potentially dangerous. Think about it, if you touched somebody's kid that you didn't know, you would probably be accused of being a pedophile. Touching an adult you don't know could also lead to either serious legal problems or a serious beating. Just because an animal is bonded to somebody doesn't mean it won't be frightened if a stranger touches it. And frightened animals will almost always get aggressive in response.

My favorite pet is a blue fronted amazon parrot named Jake. He loves to ride around on my shoulder and hang out with me. Being an apartment dweller, I can't really have a dog so he is the pet I take walks with. Jake is very well behaved in public, but there is always some idiot who comes close to getting a painful bite when he or she tries to touch him. You would think that with parrots' well-deserved reputation of being temperamental, people would be smart enough to at least ask first. Most are, but there is always that one idiot....

This one guy tonight ( I actually wrote this diary 9/12 but am publishing it 9/15 so it gets more exposure ) really took the cake. After trying to touch Jake's tail feathers and receiving a savage snarl from the bird, this fucking moron kept trying to touch him until he received an even more savage snarl from yours truly. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to touch strange animals? Are you fucking stupid?" His blank stare answered my second question more than adequately. Having been a volunteer at a zoo and being a regular reader of the antics of politicians that regularly get elected with huge majorities, I should probably realize by now that there is a disturbingly large  percentage of the population that is really pretty much brain dead. However, it still amazes me just how stupid some can be.

So in case your mother never taught you the basics of behaving in public, please remember that touching strange animals. And parents, teach your kids not to touch other people's companion animals without asking. Jake couldn't do anything that wouldn't be cured by a band aid. Some of the larger, more powerful breeds of dogs could cause serious injuries or death.



Both ABC News and The Oregonian are reporting that Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-D wing of D) is calling for a federal investigation into whether taxpayer dollars are being improperly spent on marijuana education events that he said appear to be aimed at influencing voters to oppose ballot measure 91, which would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. This is bad news for the No on 91 crowd, who have been on the defensive about funding a one-sided "educational" summit on marijuana that just happened to be scheduled to start 2 weeks before Oregon ballots are put in the mail. Now the issue of misuse of public funds has become national news, making them look dishonest and desperate.

In the meantime, those who support measure 91 keep gaining support. Right on the heels of winning the endorsement of the Oregon Democratic Party little over a week ago, the measure has been endorsed by the influential City Club of Portland and The Oregonian, which is the state's largest newspaper. To put this into historical perspective, in 1996 voters approved Measure 67, which legalized marijuana for medical purposes, over the paper's opposition. These times they are a changing.

It would be in bad form and premature to gloat, but as a supporter of cannabis legalization, I can't help but be smiling!

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