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Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 05:20 PM PDT

A day in the life in Florida

by Millrat

A year in FL now. 29th anniversary with Mrs Millrat yesterday. Still don't own the the home we live in, but still plugging away at the goal. Here is a brief snapshot of life in this crazy place..... Read on

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I was in NY when Travon Martin was killed. and I smelled a rat then. I've been in FLA 1 year tomorrow, and I know he got away with murder. I listen every day to the police scanner, and they deal with a lot of situations we cant imagine.

Zimmerman had a gun on his hip, and a chip on his shoulder. and that is how Martin died.

When your head is beat on concrete, you don't get scratches and boo-boos, you get serious damage.I know this for a fact.

"Georgie" killed a kid and got away with it.

The good thing is, he will never be a wannabe cop any time soon, no matter where he goes.

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Mon Sep 10, 2012 at 04:47 PM PDT

Millrat Florida Adventure: update rev2

by Millrat

Still hiding out in the hotel, the money promised from the previous employer evaporated. I'll let the lawyers deal with it. I went and made an offer on a log cabin on 10 acres of boar infested, panther crossing sign in front of the house, and god only knows if velociraptors are in the back forty piece of paradise.

Our most common comment here is "what the heck is that thing?".

All is well, car is fixed, and I can even hold my own in rush hour traffic now,

I don't miss a darn thing from NY. At least here folks are polite. It's almost un-nerving at times.

The familial Millrats have decided that we are in fact in the witness protection program, and I am merely refusing to admit it. I've told them that their past is what they present to people here, because most people are from somewhere else.

I've spent at least one day each weekend since arrival, on a beach, be it east or west coast. I watched the sun come up in Cocoa Beach and on the same day watched it set in Sarasota, just because I can. I answer my phone when it is convenient to me. I even leave the house without it from time to time. I took a solid month to detach from having to have that darn phone in sight at all times. I think they call that de-tox.

Work took a new direction. They realized that I could actually do what they hired me to do. and threw several projects at me. As I fix the problems created by those who started these projects, I unfortunately get my name recognized further up the chain of command. I often think I am my own worst enemy. I cancelled an unnecessary $10,000 order in the project I started last week, and all hell broke loose. A 30 year veteran of this company heard me out and backed me 100% to the owner.
My butt is covered this time.

All things considered, I've found no reason to regret this choice. If we get the financing for the cabin, I'll post a picture.

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The Millrats made it! We are starting week 4 in FL. 2 weeks after putting out calls for a job, I found a new one, and needed to be here within three weeks. Have you ever packed everything you own in three weeks? It isn't easy or fun.

But we are here, in a hotel short term. I made this decision on a whim, and every obstacle that showed up was easily overcome. Prior to logging on to make this post, I e-signed a document that will provide funds (not a loan), that will give us more than enough to buy a house here with cash.

On our way out of NY, I hit a ditch, breaking a shock on the van, and somehow punching a small hole in my oil filter. I couldn't drive above 60 mph, because the rear passenger tire would start bouncing, and it took 12 quarts of oil during the 26 hour drive to get here.

I showed for work 2 hours late. No worries there though, in my first week, I cleared up a 1-1/2 year backlog of projects that needed done. (they work at a pace I am not used to here, it's like I'm on steroids).

All is good for the millrats, I no longer have any responsibility for anyone but me. I answer to the ops manager, and I see him every few days. I am once again a true Millrat, and loving every minute.

I just wanted you all to know I didn't forget you.



For those that don't know, I'm a news and political junkie. I follow multiple news sources every night. I heard the SCOTUS ruling today, and was somewhat relieved. I have a 22 year old son who is autistic, and is still covered on my insurance as a result of the ACA. He will never be self sufficient, and and until recently, I have fought every employer to retain him on my healthcare. This last year, there was not a question. For that, I'm happy.

As for this "depression" we are going through? I've not seen it happen for those that are capable. I moved to western NY because the opportunities in New England were getting scarce. I've been here 6 years.

I made a choice in early May to move to a State with a 19% unemployment rate. That seems pretty foolish to anyone with critical thinking skills. The results are below the fold.

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Tue Jun 12, 2012 at 07:11 PM PDT

Looking for a job in today's economy.

by Millrat

For those that know, I'm looking to relocate to Florida. I've hit some snags along the trail, and as always have some observations to share.

I started my job experience as a paperboy at age 12. I bought a route from a kid that had 15 customers. I expanded that to around a hundred before I gave it up at age 15. That's when I went into maintenance. I realized I could make much more repairing things than I would delivering things.

Fast forward 35 years. I have been employed every day with the exception of 7 months a long time back. I'm employed now.

This job search though, has taken turns I never expected. I have been asked questions I never anticipated, and today I was asked for a reference from a job I had 20 years ago.

Could anyone here provide a reference from 20 years ago? Please answer that question if you can. I'm somewhat dumbfounded how to respond. Thanks in advance.



I don't often talk on these subjects. It hits too close to home for many people. I have however, grown comfortable enough with you folks that care to read my odd ramblings to give you a window to my soul. (I even cracked myself up with that last line).

On any given project, I wind up with a "punch-list" at the end. It covers the last list of items that need completion. It is presented as a "bullet=point" listing. (I hate powerpoint presentations).

Follow me below the Kos-Swha, and I will share my secrets......

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Sometimes things happen in your life that you cannot explain. I and Mrs. Millrat, and two of the 'Lil rats recently raced From Western NY to Florida to see my dying mother. We failed by 20 minutes, so we spent a week traveling through the state and fell in love with it. I am a mostly pragmatic man, rarely impulsive, or even optimistic that "things will work out". I fix things, and they always break again, it's a truism in my life.

More below the fold.

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Sat May 12, 2012 at 05:00 PM PDT

23 hours driving, to see the shame.

by Millrat

Mother Millrat left this world. I missed seeing her alive by all of 20 minutes. That after driving 23 hours to see her. It seems that the nearby children chose to commit her to a poverty ward run by a local religious outfit, rather than care for her.

No arrangements were made, so I signed the documents required for her cremation. She always told me that she took up little space in the world, she felt no need to take up valuable ground space in her death.

As my siblings converged in town, I saw little reason to attend the memorial they arranged. It seems it was an occasion to get drunk and call me to tell me what a horrible person I am. I asked each of them if they felt better after their rant.

I grew up on welfare. From the time I was 12, until the time I joined the Navy, every dime I made went into supporting the household. Mom re-married and had no need of my support when I left. I never looked back.

I was told last week that I am the reason she was locked up in that home, because they did not know how to reach me. And yet they reached me at the last possible moment. Funny that.

The last time I saw mother Millat was in the late '90s. She came to visit. She owned her home, bought her youngest son his home as a refuge to old age with a guarantee to have a home for life. When I saw her a week ago Tuesday, all of her earthly belongings fit into a 1 gallon zip-loc baggie.

During our week in Florida, I had 2 dreams of Mom. In the first, we were having coffee in our old home. She told me it was good to see me and my newest son, but that we needed to leave before the other kids came, because things would get hectic when they arrived. (Her and I often chatted over coffee).

In the 2nd dream, she told me not to own my siblings' guilt. I followed her advice. All I can say is hold your parents close, and your siblings at arm's reach if you have a family like mine.

And listen to the dreams when they come.


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I got a call Saturday night that mom is dying. She's been abandoned in a home for some time now. Through my lack of attention, I had no idea.

It seems I now need to jump into the deep end of the pool and make some things happen. As I fight my personal guilt, all I ask is that you all reading this think of your mom.

Think of where you want her end of days to be, and control it better than I have.



Not long ago, our warehouse manager announced during our morning staff meeting that the "system" was down, and he could not log or ship product. I watched my plant manager's head swell up and explode several seconds later.

Though my boss is 15 years my senior, he and I are of one mind in the area of technology. It has become a crutch for our younger employees. We make things, we sell them. That has not changed in the last century of manufacturing.

When I started in manufacturing, we had clip-boards, and pencils. That covered everything. I still use pencils and clipboards.


Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 06:56 PM PDT

I need help

by Millrat

I cannot figure out how to post pictures in my posts. Call me an idiot, but could someone please give me the secret code?

Thanks, Millrat

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