Yesterday BusinessWeek had a solid look at why the It'sOurNet coalition was failing to make headway in Congress.  After reading it, the result of the COPE vote was even less surprising to me--it's worth checking out.

For those of you that don't have the time to RTFA, a quick summary:

  • The Cable and Telecom outfits completely outmaneuvered the big tech companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) on K Street:
    • Telecom's already had a majority of lobbyists on payroll.
    • Many of the lobbyists that are being paid by the coalition couldn't work on the issue because of conflicts of interest.
  • Telecoms signifigantly outspend tech companies in lobbying cash.
  • The larger internet companies entered the fray late.
  • The majority of internet companies' 2004 campaign contributions went to Democrats.