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I woke up in front of TV mid way through the night and had some amusing thoughts about the debate mostly thanks to Romney, and shaking my head at the brlliance of the President.  Let's see what the pundits are missing but I think will be picked up as we get further from the main event.  My initial impression on the debate performances was Romney more aggressive with lies, Obama too laid back with the truth. To me Romney helped clarify....

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Crime is down, Times Square is all a glitter and clean, people are nicer to strangers, tourists are everywhere, the Yankees and Mets have new stadiums.  But where are the cabbies who give the middle finger as a sign of greeting? The charismatic politicians, the investment guys who made it without having the local politicians, and federal politicians and regulators in their pockets? The New Yorkers whom you dislike and Yankee fans whom you really hate.  Where's the BRING IT ON....New York attitude?

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