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Shocking, of course, to us Kansans who's followed this man's infamous career chasing those devilish law-breaking ghosts that always seem to slip through his fingers. After all, he did win his re-election in a landslide last November, so we know he is a man of upstanding goodwill and character, and is only trying to protect our vote and stuff.

But lo and behold, he really is a lying turd:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the architect behind some of the nation's strictest voter ID requirements, is asking lawmakers to give him the power to press voter fraud charges because he says prosecutors do not pursue cases he refers.

The state's top federal prosecutor, however, says Kobach has not sent any cases his way. Some county prosecutors say cases that have been referred did not justify prosecution.

The back and forth continues between the two, then the US Attorney General Barry Grissom had enough of his bologna:
But in a Nov. 6 letter sent from Grissom to Kobach and obtained by The Associated Press through an open records request, the prosecutor responded that his office received no such referrals from Kobach, and chided the secretary of state for his statements.

"Going forward, if your office determines there has been an act of voter fraud please forward the matter to me for investigation and prosecution," Grissom wrote. "Until then, so we can avoid misstatements of facts for the future, for the record, we have received no voter fraud cases from your office in over four and a half years. And, I can assure you, I do know what I'm talking about."

Grissom told the AP last week that Kobach never replied to his letter.

And the little weasel's response?
Kobach acknowledged in an email to the AP last week that his office never has sent suspected voter fraud cases to Grissom, citing instead what he said was inaction on cases referred by his predecessor.
Seriously, what other response would you expect when you got busted cold on your lie? Of course, that "inaction" was because no one could verify any actual voter fraud occurring the way Kobach had claimed. Again, truly shocking, I know.

I know a lot of attention is on my Governor Brownback with his recent pile of deficit rubble he's created, not to mention his rescinding of protections for LGBT state employees yesterday. Just know that there's plenty of idiocy and bigotry to spread around in the Kansas GOP.  So proud, I am.


Tue Nov 25, 2014 at 08:45 AM PST

McCulloch's Prosecuting Record: 0-5

by MisterOpus1

McCulloch is 0-5 in cases that he has taken to a grand jury with policemen who have shot unarmed civilians. This little statistic from the Last Word last night continues to stick with me. Georgetown University Law Professor Paul Butler explained this when he said, "The fix was in."

Indeed it was. There's so much wrong with how this prosecutor handled his case to the grand jury, most of which is being parsed through today on this site (and rightfully so). I also am not a big fan of ad hominem attacks myself. However, given this prosecutor's history, given the fact that his own father, a policeman himself, was shot and killed by an African American male, how on earth are we not going to consider just how much he didn't want to prosecute this officer from the start, and deliberately stacked the deck from the get go? I'm sorry, but his reputation precedes him here, and Governor Nixon has much to answer for ignoring the requests for a different prosecutor.


I'm tired of the obvious. The necessary wound licking and experiencing of the 4 stages of grief put aside for a moment, it's interesting to read a number of the recommended and front page diaries today, to say the least. Some obvious things have already been said regarding the demographics, geography, motivation, GOTV vs. Koch, etc., and a burning question I have that seems yet unanswered is how much voter ID laws played a role as well, if not directly at least its potential intimidation factor.

The other interesting and to me the potentially biggest question coming out of this election is whether or not the Democrats were liberal enough vs. being more neoliberal or Republican-lite. This has historically been an issue for us since in the last 3-4 election cycles ever since we enlarged our umbrella to include the so-called Blue Dogs in the Red and even Purple states. As these Neoliberal/Blue Dogs/Republicans-in-Disguise incumbents have slowly but surely fall by the wayside in election losses over the years, it's become obvious to me that we have indeed moved away a bit from embracing liberal ideals and a true liberal message. I believe that has once again cost us last night. Of course it wasn't gonna be pretty, but considering the true shellacking that occurred, I believe that message has once again become easily lost.

So in looking forward as we always do to the next election, the question becomes where we go from here. As it's been more or less alluded to from other diaries today, I believe we have no choice but to push harder towards a populist movement. And really, it just makes sense. People as a whole are not feeling the love of this recovery when the majority of the stimulus and the benefit of that stimulus feeds the very affluent. People do not feel entirely all warm inside about the ACA bill when, despite some 70-75% of the population supported a Public Option, it was dangled out in front of everyone but was never inserted. This doesn't even mention how it was negotiated by the President with Big Pharma not to touch pharmaceuticals even before the negotiations and discussion began. Americans as a whole don't jump for joy when they see the gap widening between the haves and the have nots despite a President initially defining himself as a "Hope and Change" kind a guy. And yes, I get it - the outright obstructionism of the GOP has a large hand in this, but again, where da hell was Obama initially on that? Yep, trying to negotiate with the freaking Right Wing terrorists in Congress.

As Ultron so eloquently states in the Avengers 2 preview, you want to save the world, but you don't want it to change. The Democrats we have on the Hill tell us all about wanting to save this world for us, but are they truly changing things for the better? And if they are being obstructed from that - are they truly yelling loud enough to point that out? How many people do you know outside of our obvious blogging circle and political groupings truly understand just how obstructive the Republicans had been? If we want true change to our system and are being blocked in doing so by special interest groups like the Koch Bros., Wall Street, Big Pharma, NRA, as well as their political puppets in office, where the f$ck was the fight?

This is where true Populism comes in. The uprising starts and ends with us, and we move our candidates as well as our incumbent politicians towards that end. No, actually, we f$cking shove them hard to it. We can't see this as anything but a war. Because the way I see it, lives are on the line. My daughter's lives are on the line, as are your kids and future generations. We have to fight for them, and the time is now.

So whom do we elect for this Populist position? Let's be honest here. I know there's a gargantuan position to get behind Hillary at any and every cost. But let's get real here - will that truly get the people behind a Populist movement? Does she truly represent that? I'm sorry, but to me she comes up quite a bit short in that regard. We have to do better than this. We have no choice as far as I am concerned.


I think it's natural to be a little more tense when it gets a little closer to your home, like this current case at the University of Kansas hospital is to me:

A patient at the University of Kansas Hospital is being tested for the Ebola virus, the hospital said Monday afternoon.

The Kansas City, Kan., man, who had worked as a medical officer on a commercial vessel off Africa’s west coast, went to the hospital early Monday morning with a high fever and other symptoms, said Lee Norman, the hospital’s chief medical officer. He was isolated in an infectious disease unit for tests.

The patient is at low to moderate risk of Ebola, but the hospital cannot rule out the disease, Norman said at a news conference that.

Read more here:

I'm sure these scares are more common than I believe they are nationwide from various people traveling from W. Africa. Nevertheless, again, just a little more on edge this being in my backyard. Will keep you posted.

It was obviously terrific news to see Taylor's name being stricken from the Democratic ticket by the Kansas Supreme Court, but I think it's fair to question exactly who is David Orel and why he is doing the dirty work for Kobach:

The court specifically avoided answering the question of whether Democrats must pick a new nominee. Within minutes of its ruling, an attorney for David Orel, a disgruntled Democratic voter from Kansas City, Kansas — whose son works on GOP Gov. Sam Brownback's re-election campaign — filed a new petition with the high court to force Democrats to name a candidate.
Emphasis mine.

However, in case anyone thinks this has any legs, just read what KS Supreme Court Justices questioned Kobach's attorneys about another Democratic candidate who dropped out of the race after she won the primary, named Miranda Rickel:

Before he could describe why Taylor’s letter missed the requirements, Justice Carol Beier cut in with a question about another letter submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office by Miranda Rickel, a House candidate who withdrew from a race in District 5 this year.

Rickel described in her letter how juggling jobs and college classes made it “nearly impossible” to mount a campaign.

“Her letter says it will be ‘nearly impossible’…she does not say ‘incapable,’ ” Beier said.

Greim said the letter contained facts that were tantamount to a declaration of incapability, but Irigonegaray said Rickel’s letter showed that she was incapable of running, not of serving.

Justice Dan Biles also questioned whether Rickel’s letter had been properly notarized, another requirement of the statute. Her letter was stamped by a notary, but unlike Taylor’s letter, the notary did not note whether the letter was signed in front of her

Biles said enforcement of this requirement appeared “loosey goosey.”

Greim said notarization was a side issue.

“What we’re talking about is what the secretary of state can and can’t do,” Johnson said in response. “You’re saying he can ignore a critical procedural aspect but can exercise discretion (about what constitutes a declaration).”

Yep, this is how pathetic the politics of the GOP has become in Kansas. This particular issue epitomizes how disgustingly low the GOP will stoop.

12 seconds. Not that I expected anything more from Faux News.

12 lame ass seconds on a complete nonapology. I know I shouldn't be surprised, which I'm not. Nor did I expect an apology, because no one has ever apologized on Faux News when they are wrong (which tends to happen, oh, every 10 seconds or so, but I digress).

But let's be real here - it was not a fucking joke to watch a man punch the lights out of his fiance and drag her unconscious body out of an elevator. Telling the audience that they should have taken the stairs instead was just so gosh darn funny when it comes to domestic violence. Man, I guess it would have been even funnier to watch her die from a head trauma or something.

But hey, at least Faux gave it it's due time of, umm, 12 seconds. Well done, boys. Let's just move on I suppose........


Seems like yet another eyewitness has come forward with video today on CNN. It also seems her story corroborates well with the other eyewitness accounts on the ground. This is all well and good, but the problem I have with this, and the obvious apparent problem many other people have whom I'm arguing with that are defending the police force is this:

She ain't white.

In fact, none of them are white. That really sucks, because that appears to be what Michael Brown's family and Ferguson's citizens need at this point in order for people to believe them. There's just not enough white folk there. It's too bad, because with all these Black folk comin forward as eyewitnesses, you just can't believe them very well, can ya?


Please don't give me too many donuts. And Kos, please don't ban me!  For the record, I am 100% against what the policemen in Ferguson have been doing. I've been watching MSNBC the past 2 nights in horror as these policemen appear to have been itching to try out their new anti-riot/all-out-war toys against unarmed innocent African Americans (and journalists).  I'm also in agreement with Kos on the Ferguson cops continually fucking up by performing yet another bonehead maneuver in releasing the names of the looters.

I'm also going to say that this cop that shot and killed an unarmed man should be arrested, jailed, and tried for his crimes. I have no sympathy for him in this regard as the evidence against him is becoming very obvious. The unnecessary grief of Michael Brown's family and friends, let alone the unmitigated terror and fear they are currently undergoing is also horrific.

With all that being said, I simply cannot condone going after the cop by releasing his name publicly. And again, it's not that I think he deserves any less scrutiny or justice. I firmly believe he will receive justice in due time. I just have a difficult time swallowing the tit-for-tat rationale of returning the favor to terrorize him and especially his family as a consequence. Even if I were to believe he may deserve similar terror that he has catalyzed on all the family and friends of Michael Brown, let alone the rest of the African American citizens of Ferguson (and yes, a big part of me does feel this way), I am not one who believes in the so-called eye for an eye reciprocation justice. What's more, and perhaps most importantly, his family members most certainly do not deserve this terror, though it's likely going to come their way regardless.

I'm sorry if my disagreement offends anyone here, and I hope no one misconstrues my point on this. I often tend to put myself in people's shoes, including my enemies, to see if I can somehow gain a bit of perspective on them. I can see this cop sitting at home having numerous "Oh Shit!" moments while watching TV and knowing everyone in the freaking country will be coming for him very soon. And while he likely may have that justified terror seaping through his veins, my empathy of his terror over what may become of his family members is also present. It's the same empathy I have for any innocent persons out there, including those who've been in the streets peacefully protesting as well as family, children, and innocent bystanders caught in the middle of the police war-like tactics. I just don't think calling for his blood, which will inevitably be spilled eventually, and by proxy his family's blood, is good for anyone. He will have to answer for his crimes - I just don't think he and especially his family needs to answer to the threat of the entire country coming for them.

Continue Reading

So I watched the police briefing the press of the Las Vegas shooting around 1 PM Central time today as I was working out over lunch in the gym. Numerous thoughts entered my mind as they discussed the chronological events, but the most obvious one that repeated in my mind was this:

Who the fuck says, “Don’t tread on me?”

What group of individuals say that? Are there any Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, anyone on the fucking left side of the aisle (or even in the center for that matter) that has said this? Do they also carry around gadsden flags? Please, cite me one fucking example of anyone on the Left.

Just one.

What group of individuals believe the government is fascist? What group of people continually and incessantly compares our current government, i.e. run by Democratic President Obama, to Nazi Germany?

Who associates themselves to the Bundy Rancher's cause? Who the fuck defended racist fucks like Bundy and his cause, at least until there was so much egg on his fucking face that he had to walk away from it with his tail between his legs?

Can we please just get this dance over with and point the fucking finger at the problem? The current GOP and their racist shitmongers have stirred their hornet's nests one too many times. And the idiot, ignorant fucks are seeping out killing innocent lives and police officers. GOP - you have unleashed the racists with your hatred.

Congratulations, now own the fuck up to it, cowards.


And the winner of the creepiest show-and-tell displays around goes to one of the biggest antichoice states in the country - why, my own state of Kansas, of course!

The chairwoman of the Kansas Senate's health committee marked the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision Wednesday by introducing a bill that would ban surrogate pregnancies in Kansas and invited two women to undergo sonograms in front of legislators.

(snip)......Introduction of her bill in the Senate committee was a prelude to an extraordinary medical examination of two pregnant women by a technician operating behind a blue tarp in front of senators and guests.

The first patient — Washburn University student Amanda Kennedy — permitted a viewing of her 12-week-old fetus on a 3-foot-wide television monitor.

So now we're performing medical procedures live in the state Senate commitee meetings. What's next, proctology exams for men? Pretty please?

I might also say something about the so-called small government Wingnuts running our state essentially shoving their type of big government intrusion down our throats on big screen TV for all to see, but I know that's nothing new to folks here.

I may also have an inquiry on how performing ultrasounds on pregnant women has anything to do with this idiot Senator's desire to ban surrogate mothers (which ironically is very pro-life in creating a life for couples who cannot conceive on their own), but why even bother?

Yes, these are the ignorant boobs who run my state. Freaking awesome.


Whenever you're ready, dear Congressional members. We're all waiting for you to show some balls here. Just wondering how much more it's going to take:

The National Security Agency on Saturday released a statement in answer to questions from a senator about whether it “has spied, or is … currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials”, in which it did not deny collecting communications from legislators of the US Congress to whom it says it is accountable.
Yes, Congress, they're spying on you too:
In its statement, which comes as the NSA gears up for a make-or-break legislative battle over the scope of its surveillance powers, the agency pointed to “privacy protections” which it says it keeps on all Americans' phone records.

The statement read: “NSA’s authorities to collect signals intelligence data include procedures that protect the privacy of US persons. Such protections are built into and cut across the entire process. Members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all US persons. NSA is fully committed to transparency with Congress. Our interaction with Congress has been extensive both before and since the media disclosures began last June.

Emphasis mine.

Translation - we are spying on you via our "privacy protections" in the exact same manner that it's been so well documented on how we're spying on the rest of all Americans.

So seriously, what the fuck is going on? Are you guys up there on the Hill gonna do something about this? Does Senator Sanders have to be the only one posing direct questions like this? When does the next investigation begin? Christ, when do the arrests begin?


Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 10:58 AM PST

Bad Year for the Pres? Really?

by MisterOpus1

I had the displeasure of watching CNN  at the gym yesterday after work to listen to a roundtable discussion of sorts between media pundits bloviating about how bad the numbers for Obama have been in the latest Washington Post poll. They also couldn't stop tripping over themselves in their attempts to explain how this year was clearly Obama's worst.  

Suffice it to say, I immediately got annoyed. It then, of course, turned to anger as I realized, once again, why I rarely watch TV political punditry anymore, especially from the likes of CNN. I did, of course, do my best to listen intently to their discussion, but the phrase that kept running through my head was simple:

"Are you fucking kidding me?!?"

Really? He had bullshit scandal after bullshit scandal thrown at him by the likes of that turd Congressmen Issa, only to have the facts thrown right back in his and the GOP's faces. I get the fact that silly things like facts tend to get overlooked by the media punditry, but good grief.

And let's also discuss something important - I've been a steadfast critic of Obama bending at the will of the GOP at all turns in hopes to "strike a deal" with them (i.e. give them every little stinkin' concession they want). So what did he, Senator Reid, and Congressman Pelosi do this time when that recalcitrant little asshole Ted Cruz and his Teabagger minions shut down the government, costing our country tens of billions of dollars wasted, all because they wanted to kill Affordable Care Act?

Obama wised up. Finally.

He told them to fuck off, finally.

And the little bully shits cowarded back in their Teabagger holes to congregate and circle jerk around the Limbaugh letter.

And guess what - the ACA Exchange system is up and running. Their worst nightmare chugs on at full speed because Obama told them to stick it up their collective asses.

Yes, I get the fact that it had it's glitches, and the criticism is/was rightfully deserved. Yes, I also get the fact that the NSA issue is not going away (thank goodness), and that doesn't help him at all. For the record, this has probably been one of my biggest criticisms of this Administration along with attacking whistleblowers with such unbelievable fervor. And yes, the drone strikes still go unabated. I get all that, and it still bothers me as well.

But his "worst year?" Compared to what - when he caved and extended the Bush tax cuts? When he gave Boner 95% of what he wanted in the sequester "deal"? I'm no Obamabot, not by a long shot, but seeing his spine and finally giving the GOP the finger only upped his stock as far as I'm concerned.

And as an added bonus, he's also giving Putin the finger with his persecution of the LGBT community.

No, this is one of, if not his best years, and it's likely only going to get better. He will need our help, though. And I'm in.

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