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Tue Aug 21, 2012 at 03:57 PM PDT

Health Care (Mis)adventure

by Mom to Miss M

I was recently in Florida to take care of my 89 year old mother and I have to say that the lack of compassion amongst her doctors and practically everyone who works in those offices is appalling.  Up until her most recent hospital/rehab center stay she has handled all of her affairs but it became apparent that she is no longer able to do that as her short term memory is gone.  Let’s start with her most recent issue and what landed her in the hospital.

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Sun Jul 11, 2010 at 02:25 AM PDT

on forgiveness

by Mom to Miss M

Forgiveness is not one of my strong suits and I have struggled my entire life to master this.  I will admit that it’s still one of the most difficult things in my daily life but I do think that I am finally getting it.  I’ve been writing this diary in my head for quite some time and something happened recently that helped me realize that yes, I am able to forgive.  And I think I have enough stuff in my head to finally complete this diary.  I’m going to give a little background to give this story context so follow me over the fold for one of this gal’s stories of forgiveness.  

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Well, it finally happened.  We finally went on the trip that I had been planning for years.  And it was fabulous!  Well, okay, not all of it was fabulous.  I actually caught a cold and felt like crap the day before and the day of my birthday.  But, I soldiered on anyway and had a fabulous time overall.

A little background...I had spent my junior year of college in Madrid and have wanted to go back ever since.  We saved and planned and finally got to Spain, even tho ash clouds hovered over Spain the week before we got there...and a last minute health issue threatened to cancel the trip.  

We spent time in Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Málaga and Granada.  I’ve decided to create a photo diary of the trip so this won’t be a very detailed trip report.  It will cover all the places we went and an occasional story or two.  Please follow me over the fold for fun pics of our two weeks in Spain and a temporary distraction from all the misery in the world right now.

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This is my first diary, so please, go easy on me :D  I am not following any rules of writing, I am simply writing this from the heart about something that has happened to me with the hope that it might help others as well as being a catharsis of sorts for myself.

I have been thinking about writing a diary about my awful experience at work that at first engulfed me, next shattered my confidence and finally, hopefully will release me.  I was going to wait until the nightmare was completely over (read: getting another job), however, after seeing Erich "Mancow" Muller on Keith Olbermann last night, I’ve been inspired to jot some things down here for the world to see.  What, pray tell could this right-wing talk show host have possibly said to have inspired a fairly liberal woman to write her first diary you might ask?  It is this(have to move it out of intro, so look for video below the fold):  

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