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 photo Costofbraverynbcnews.jpg is currently running a front page story about Joseph Robert Wilcox, the man who was shot in Las Vegas after confronting the insane domestic terrorist couple, Jerad and Amanda Miller.

The headline on the piece reads "Cost of Bravery."

This will not be a long or complex diary. I just want to say that Joseph Robert Wilcox was undoubtedly brave -- but he was also a victim of wingnut, NRA propaganda and his blood is most assuredly on the hands of Wayne LaPierre and every concealed-carry ranter who ever led cheers for the power of "a good guy with a gun."

I am beyond hoping that incidents like these will do anything to change gun culture in this country. But maybe pointing out how this ugly reality differs from the outcome of a John Wayne western might be a start.

And maybe it also starts with not celebrating Joseph Robert Wilcox as a brave hero, and recognizing instead that he is just another in an unending line of gun-violence victims.


Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 09:24 AM PDT

F*ck "Entitlement Programs"

by Montco PA Dem

I just read yet another newspaper article about some asshat Republican politician - in this case Pat Toomey - spouting off about how "entitlement programs" have to be cut.

I'm just venting here, so feel free to move along to another diary that is probably much more substantial, but I'm fucking fed up with this wingnut terminology. "Entitlement Programs" has wormed its way into the everyday dialog way too much and it may be one of the things that's holding open the door to slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a whole host of things that a responsive, progressive government needs to address.

These are not "Entitlements"...they are responsibilities, things that a citizenry needs to do so that fellow citizens do not go hungry, spread illness, suffer, or die. Existing on the very edge of survival is not an "Entitlement." But yet again, with the media in full compliance and Democratic politicians seemingly too tongue-tied to object, this phrase has become accepted and commonplace.

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Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 08:16 AM PDT

Montco PA Ex-Dem

by Montco PA Dem

After this latest national disgrace in which our President once again abandoned the people who supported him in order to appease those who hate him and hate all that the Democratic Party stands for, I can no longer be a Democrat.

I have not left the Party. The Party has left me. And I am grieving because of it.

But until some hoped-for day in the future when those we elect actually stand and fight for the ideals our Democratic Party was built on, I will not call myself a Democrat. When this party again defends the poor and the powerless, when it protects the weak against attacks from the rich and powerful, when it speaks for labor and jobs and not for greed and corporate corruption, I will happily welcome my Party home.

I don’t see that day coming anytime soon, though. So I will be Montco PA Ex-Dem from this point on.

You have no idea how sad this makes me.

Cross-posted on Montco PA Ex-Dem Blog


I just wish this was an April Fools story. It would be really funny. But it's not...and it's not.

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia has a blog called Constitution Daily, a nice one to check every once in a while for historical and Constitution-related tidbits.

To coincide with the NCAA basketball playoffs, the blog decided to run a Presidential bracket and see who came up as the Presidential champion.

Well, they're down to their Final Four and here are the match-ups:

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Fri Oct 29, 2010 at 12:08 PM PDT

You're getting sleeeeepy....

by Montco PA Dem

I can't believe that this song by Roy Zimmerman hasn't been in 24-hour rotation on the front page here at Kos. But since I didn't find any diaries with a Roy Zimmerman tag, I'm going to put this out there and hope that it gets some notice.

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I knew this was coming.

It's how Arlen Specter -- and now, apparently, his new pals at the PA State Democratic Committee -- play the game.

State Democratic Executive Director Mary Isenhour just sent an email blast, most likely to all the Democrats on the PA Dems statewide email list, lying about Joe Sestak's appearance on CNN yesterday.

I expected this from the Specter campaign. I'm beyond angry that it came from my party.

More below...

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Sun Nov 15, 2009 at 11:29 AM PST

Why isn't this bigger news?

by Montco PA Dem

This happened in a sleepy Southeast Pennsylvania township on Friday afternoon. If you live outside of Montgomery County, PA, chances are you haven't heard a word of it.

That's probably because the guy involved apparently doesn't have an Arabic-sounding name. We don't know that for sure, though, because, well, because we all we really know is:

"My understanding is that the gentleman from New Hanover was crafting explosive devices and during the course of some of his activities, he exploded one of the devices and injured himself," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said.

Ferman said the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was in charge of the scene throughout the course of much of the official activity in the 2600 block of Deep Creek Road, and "detonated all the materials" that were believed to be volatile and explosive. Once the detonation was complete, the FBI and ATF which responded to the incident, "have been handling the investigation," Ferman said.

There's more...

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Wed Sep 16, 2009 at 09:18 AM PDT

Morans with guns

by Montco PA Dem

I think we all go between laughing at the lunatic right and being appalled by them. Then every once in a while they go and shoot a doctor or carry concealed weapons within a few yards of the President, and I realize that some of these crazy wingnuts are capable of real violence.

So when I read something like this in the anonymous comments of my local newspaper --

I'm right there with you. I agree 100 percent. Also our second amendment rights are under severe attack by this administration. I fear an armed revolution may be this country's only way out of this predicament.

-- it worries me. Worries me a lot, actually.

There's more...

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I know it's late in the game, but here's a suggestion for Surgeon General as an alternative to the much-opposed Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

Meet Vermont's Dr. Jan Carney.

Dr. Carney served as Vermont Commissioner of Public Health for 13 years under three Governors (including Howard Dean). In her biography on the National Library of Medicine website, Congressman Bernie Sanders is quoted as calling her a visionary leader during whose tenure "Vermonters experienced extraordinary gains in their health and well being."

Learn more about this incredible woman below...

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This is probably not a surprise.

Even though the Inquirer is now privately owned by a very conservative Republican holding company, and has a publisher who has steadily been populating the Editorial Board and the opinion columns with right and far-right voices -- including ex-Senator Rick Santorum -- the paper has managed to keep its liberal tone pretty much intact, as befits the newspaper of record in one of America's most Democratic cities.

And in tomorrow's edition, the Inquirer says this:

These times demand steady, focused leadership. Leadership that takes America far from the policies that have created so much fear. Leadership that says it's OK to hope, because hope properly directed yields results. Barack Obama is ready to provide that leadership.

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New York may have the Springsteen-Billy Joel $500 and up fundraiser, but Philly's got something that I like even better.

How's this sound?:

-- Bruce Springsteen solo acoustic.

-- Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Parkway this Saturday.

-- A massive rally for Barack Obama.

And all you have to do is visit your local Obama office and sign up to volunteer.

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Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 05:53 AM PDT

The Republican Civil War

by Montco PA Dem

Say what you will about Barney Frank, but he is framing the breakdown of these bailout talks in exactly the right way. This morning, on the CBS Morning Show, he said this (doesn't appear that there's video up yet; I apologize for the AP link, but it's all I could find):

I didn't know I was going to be the referee for an internal GOP ideological civil war

That, my friends, is what is going on in Washington, DC: a Republican Civil War.

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