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The beauty of RWNJ false outrage is that they always kind of convince me off-the-top until I look deeper into the thing and realize they're just howling at the moon, as usual.  Like on the phony IRS scandal or the phony Benghazi scandal.

Is this more howling at the moon, or is it valid?

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She just released this special announcement on her website a few minutes ago.

I'm speechless.

I hope it has more to do with her wanting so badly to be President and not with the numerous ethics scandals, because she really is entertaining.


FORT PIERCE -- Results of recounting more than 37,000 St. Lucie County ballots were announced shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday and preliminary figures given by Canvassing Board member Tod Mowery placed Jupiter Democrat Patrick Murphy farther ahead of Republican Allen West than before the two-day effort began.

Murphy campaign senior advisor Eric Johnson was quick to reaffirm victory.

"As far as we're concerned, this puts an end to it," Johnson said. "The West people demanded a recount. They got that retabulation and Patrick Murphy gained a margin of 242 votes.

""This election is over," Johnson added.

Mowery said the final count was 65,841 votes for Murphy and 52,704 for West. The results still are unofficial.

Together with votes from Martin and northern Palm Beach counties, the two other counties in District 18, Murphy's lead was still outside the 0.5 percent difference that would mandate a recount under state law.

Whether West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, will attempt further legal challenges remains an open question.

"We are still evaluating how to handle this," West campaign manager Tim Edson said. "It's a unique case."

Finally, it's over with. The St. Lucie County recount which began on Saturday morning and went beyond today's noon deadline has concluded, and 29 yr-old Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy has gained 242 votes over freshman Congressman Allen West, the disgruntled Tea Party Republican whose re-election bid was the most expensive for the Republican Party.

Allen West has yet to concede and his advisors are saying, "We are still evaluating how to handle this".

The West camp got what they wanted: a total recount of ALL 37,000+ early ballots. They have lost the recount and have lost the election by outside the margin of .5% to Patrick Murphy, and they need to be graceful now and hone up to it. That's how you handle this.  


You know, the way Jeff Bridges did in that 2000 movie "The Contender".

Can he address the nation and then, right there on live teevee announce that he wants to see the vote play out in front of the nation in order for us to see who votes FOR the middle class tax cuts and who votes AGAINST?

Peeling away 18-20 Republicans to get this done seems impossible with Boehner and McConnell at the helm acting like they'll only support Obama if Obama acts like Romney.

Well, Romney lost. They lost. And they're treating it like they're the ones with the mandate. Eff that, I say. The best way to get this thing done is by national shaming in public.


I mean, why is anyone thinking that an obstinate bunch of know-nothings would all of a sudden start living in reality?

Republicans live in a bubble of their own design where tax cuts create jobs and lower deficits.

John Boehner said yesterday that tax hikes would be bad. He continues to keep saying this despite the election results and so do many other Republicans.

A lot of the more intelligent Repubs say that Boehner and the House will cave because they won't want to be seen as causing middle class tax cuts to increase, but I beg to differ.

Come January 1st, if Boehner et al allow them to go up, they'll triple-down on the fact that the President is incapable of bringing anyone together on anything because that is the only narrative they understand on Bullshit Mountain.

Republicans are going to bring us to the brink on this and every other important thing, including the debt ceiling, while Obama continues to use the term "we" instead of "Republicans" when he says that "we" should not hold the middle-class hostage.

What's happening at the moment is the same crap that happened 18 months ago as all of us educated people guessed that Republicans wouldn't actually play chicken with the entire country, but they did and the President caved.

So.....WHY would Republicans suddenly awake from their invented fantasies from up on Bullshit Mountain?

Don't tell me it's that they don't want to end up getting voted out in 2014. If Republicans stick to their guns and allow us to go over the fiscal cliff, that would be perfect for them. They need another recession so they can pin it on our guy, and there's no reason to believe they won't allow it to happen.

It should come as no surprise that Republicans don't seem to understand the consequence of things like math and elections, facts and learning, so why would anyone think they're going to actually help this President do anything?


You can go to or and fill out the electoral map to your liking.

You can link people to those pages that have your map on twitter or facebook.

But is it possible to take the image of the map and just embed that? I want to embed my electoral map predictions but it seems impossible to do.

I feel like somebody on here's got the solution I'm looking for but haven't found yet.


A lot of entertaining Senate and other down-ballot debates took place yesterday night all over the country.

A lot of good Democratic candidates.

One in particular is Tammy Baldwin, who is running against Republican Tommy Thompson for the senate seat in Wisconsin.

In their debate last night, Thompson acted like a lout and a drunk. At a key point in the debate, he interjected himself rudely, likening her to Joe Biden interrupting Paul Ryan in their debate.

The audience grumbled and booed. Baldwin didn't say anything.

Later, on his heels about the fact that his stock portfolio contained investments with outfits in Iran, Thompson said he had sold those stocks earlier in the day (how convenient!) when he apparently found out about it.

The audience wasn't buying it, they grumbled and booed. Baldwin didn't take advantage.

If there's one thing that bugs me about the stylistics of politics, it's that Republicans know how to obnoxiously repeat the same three or four tired memes uniformly from the top to the bottom of that party while Democrats don't do that.

When the audience boos, dear Democrats, the proper response should be, "Don't boo, VOTE!".

Today, President Obama began the "Romnesia" meme. Joe Biden followed it up later in the day. I'm sure others will too, but with Democrats you never know.

Democrats who run away from Obamacare in tough races will lose, just like 2010.

Democrats who decide to shout from the rooftops about it and what it would mean if Romney replaced it will win, just like 2010.

What's ironic is that Republicans fall in line behind total strawmen with ease while too often Democrats seem to have a more difficult time getting really passionate and indignant about REAL problems.

I think Tammy Baldwin will probably win in Wisconsin, thanks to riding the President's coattails as well as running against a former Bushie with a sour attitude.

But if Democrats hope to regain the Congress and really do something, it's not enough that only Baldwin wins. Gotta win a lot of the really close races and that means giving yourselves the permission to put the hammer down, call your opponents out on their crap, and use some of the pearls that Obama and Biden are spoon-feeding us with their mix of passion and humor.


Does this seem like a guy on the rebound or what?

After scoring a much-needed win in the 2nd presidential debate last night, the President stumped in Iowa earlier today.

With polls essentially showing a margin about as close as 2004, and just like President Bush, Obama comes out of the 2nd debate having stopped his challenger's momentum. With polls still very tight among women, expect the Obama campaign to emphasize the stark differences in policy that both parties have concerning them.


So far this is the only link to the entirety of the First Lady's remarks today in Loudon-Leesburg, Virginia that I've been able to find.

Am not able to embed it here, probably because of that local news outlet's copyright protection.

There will be better looking and better sounding vids than this one of this event, but for people who need an immediate pick-me-up (myself included), here it is. Enjoy.


I'm a straight shooter. A liberal with bite. I took a lot of flack for my last diary post, titled "Sorry To Disagree, But We're Losing".

I know what my politics are and who I'm rooting for. I know that I'm not a troll. I am also not a knee-jerk partisan groupie, the kind of hypocrite who says the same stupid stuff that Republicans do when they don't like the polls.

I care more about cutting the crap, calling things the way they are, and offering a prescription.

Only one campaign can have the Big Mo. All along it's been with President Obama, until Mitt Romney grabbed the ball last Wednesday.

Blunting Romney's polling surge were Friday's job numbers, showing unemployment at 7.8%, effectively taking away a key talking point by Republicans about 40-whatever straight months of 8% unemployment or higher.

Obama appears to have quickly regrouped, catching fire at campaign events from Thursday through the weekend. His team smartly got out the Big Bird meme in funny fashion, using Romney's own debate performance against him.

The Big Mo would be stronger for Romney had he released a big ad featuring the debate first, and had the jobs number remained at 8% or higher.

But make no mistake, even though he told flat out lies during his foreign policy address -- like how the President had apparently not signed any free trade agreements when clearly he had just signed 3 not one year ago -- Romney still has the ball going into Tuesday because the bar was already set so low for him on foreign policy, all he has to do is sell low information voters on the idea that he looks presidential when it comes to matters of national security.

And in that, he succeeded. He sounded strong and tough, continuing to shoot first and aim later on things like his disjointed comments about wishing we could have stayed in Iraq indefinitely, as well as the Israel and Palestine stalemate.

The Obama team was quick to respond with two ads, a 30-second and a 2-minute, both of which hammered Romney for being "amateurish" on foreign policy.

Interestingly, both ads failed to mention Romney's infamous quote from over 4 years ago where he admitted he would not have sent troops into a sovereign country to get Osama Bin Laden.

Widely panned by a plurality of op-eds out there after 3 or 4 consecutive news cycles where they praised his zesty and commanding debate performance, Romney's day, however, did not result in a loss for him of Monday's news cycle since the PEW Poll put the wind back in his sails, showing him at 49% to Obama's 45%.

Later today, both candidates will be stomping around Ohio, which also marks the final day you can register there as a voter. The President will be at the Oval while Chris Christie will join Mitt Romney, ironically enough, at a massive fitness center called the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium.

Earlier in the day, Romney will be visiting the Koch Family Farm in Iowa.

If President Obama is going to take the ball back and start making people forget about his lackluster debate performance, today might be the day he wins the news cycle back if his campaign can exploit America's feelings about people like the Koch brothers. If the Obama team doesn't release a sharp ad today about that stuff, as well as an ad referring to the 10,000 jobs GM is going to create, it will be a lost news cycle and a wasted opportunity for him.

Best new thing in the world: The Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium tv commercial from Ohio.


Sun Oct 07, 2012 at 09:49 PM PDT

Sorry To Disagree, But We're Losing.

by MovieJay

Before you pepper with me with insolence, hear me out.

If the election were tomorrow, I think Barack Obama would win. Barely.

People around here are putting up poll results and jumping to conclusions way too early.

What Mitt Romney's post-debate bump tells us is that he gets a real chance with this moment to grab control of the news cycle and use it to get people to think of him as the guy with the right energy to help get this country roaring again, which is what it wants so badly to do.

Romney came out like a lion and a lot of people are at least open to what he's going to say and do the next few days and into the second debate. And if he acquits himself well with the same energy and hunger for moving the country in the totally ridiculous direction he'd like to take it, today's batch of polls will seem like ancient history a week or so from now when it looks like Romney is within striking distance of 270 should VA, NC, OH, and FL start going his way.

The whole topic of conversation this weekend all over the news shows was essentially, "Does Barack Obama even want to be President?".

If the feeling in the air continues to revolve around whether our guy is spent after having been one of the best janitors this nation has ever seen, than today's polls are meaningless compared to where they'll be by the end of the week.

With his debate win, Romney is given a chance to pivot now and start speaking of his vision for our greatness and blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, it could very well be that our side doubles down on attacking Romney as a flip-flopper. Doing so helps him come back at us with, "They're desperate and out of ideas, and that's why they're attacking me."

Obama's back is to the wall now. This is his last election. There are a number of ways he can screw this up, but there is only one way for him to succeed, and it's to go bigger and farther and more visionary than Romney.

Barack Obama is a transformative figure on the political scene. If he is to be great, it will be because in the face of all challenges, he met and equaled them. He wins when he speaks of big things. He loses when he plays small ball the way he did in the first debate.

I'm sorry fellow liberals, but the feeling in the air at the moment is whether this guy has his full heart and soul into this, or whether he's been beaten down some by one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Yes, if the election were held tomorrow, we'd squeak this one out, but that we're talking small ball instead of inspiring awe about the future of the country is seriously troubling. Say what you will about the numbers, but we don't have the Big Mo. It's not in our bones the way it was a week ago.


This ad was dropped by the Obama campaign on Sep.17. It got snuffed out by the "Romney 47%" story. Better two weeks late than never. It's the single best ad of the campaign season, a reminder of America's potential and of course, what she was founded on.

When President Obama is re-elected on Nov.6, it will be due in large part because of a whopping 2 to 1 margin among Hispanic voters.

"Ian's Letter" is a wonderful ad in its own right, about a 10 yr-old boy and his father, an Iraq veteran. But where that ad was about a promise that was kept, "Gloria's Letter" is about an entire nation's promise.

Please share this. It goes to the heart of this whole damned fight. Fostering potential vs. fostering the powerful.

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