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The politicians that are the backbone of the democratic party stand for nothing.

Oh, except for their wallets; they're well-paid losers who would rather take the 'safe' corporate road than actually work for the good of their constituents. Screw the democratic party. I'd rather lose and believe in something than win and enrich the corporate sell-outs and weak suits who are afraid to stand up and fight.

The democratic party is part of the problem now. "Electing better Democrats"? THERE ARE NO BETTER DEMOCRATS.

I refuse to vote for the 'lesser of two evils' any more. If the 'big orange' has any real courage, it should turn green. It worked for Germany, and it can work for us. But not with corporate sell-outs at the helm. They have no courage, no vision, and no will.

And people who follow them are sheep.


It was with a somber expression that our president announced today's choice for "Enemy of the moment".

His expression was serious, the good father reluctant to punish, woefully aware of the bloodshed being performed far away, yet determined to do right; viewing with alarm, yet pointing with pride, Uncle Sam's own ass kicking, coming your way, yeah! You-Ess-Ay! You-Ess-Ay! We’re number one! At least in military spending!

As for you and me, we get to go along with it. We have no choice in the matter, except for that quaint custom called ‘voting’, and whether it’s Obama, Clinton, or any other candidate that we ‘vote’ for, the Military-Industrial complex dictates their actions, and obviously without war it doesn’t make BUCKS, ya know? It’s the United States’ economic engine, so education, infrastructure, veteran’s rights, civilized health care, climate change, all those small and unimportant things that make a country worth living in have to take a back seat to this monster that, like Godzilla, rampages through wrecking everything and contributing nothing, except maybe wealth to a few, such as our ex-vice-president, whose name, like Voldemort’s, cannot be spoken.

Once, there was a way to stop the insanity. Once, for a few golden years, we really did have hope that the people’s voice would be heard. Oh, you don’t remember? let me tell you the story.

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Yes, I would move my business abroad to avoid US taxes, and here’s why.

I feel that my taxes go to support things that I wish would disappear, and I’m upset (What an inadequate word!) about it.

I don’t want to support the military-industrial complex of the USA. It’s bloated, riddled with dishonesty, and does not protect me.

I don’t want to support Israel, a genocidal (By UN guidelines) Apartheid state.

I’m tired of politicians who promise “Hope and change” and do the same old shit.

I feel like my taxes go everywhere but to support me and my fellow citizens.

I want real socialized medicine, modern infrastructure, good social programs unaffected by religion, and respect for the environment.

But most important, I feel that the political system in the USA is too corrupted to be functional FOR THE PEOPLE.

I have been told “Stay here and fight for justice”, and I have, for years, but at this stage I really believe that nothing is going to bring hope and change until we have a revolution.

Please, please prove me wrong.


I had to put the Israel-Palestine area in stasis today.

From the outside, it looks like the area is buried in a green glass-like material, and if you are close to the edge you can see things moving with incredible slowness inside. That kid who is about to kick that ball? His foot will connect in about five years. Their time is slowed 10,000/1, and a few centuries of that should help them get their crap together and give the world a breather from their bullshit. The stasis slows everything down a lot, except for their minds. They’ll have plenty of time to think about how they (Yes, ALL of them) have been a thorn in the world’s side. When I dissolve the stasis and allow normal time to resume in that zone, perhaps they will be a bit better behaved, at least those whose minds are still intact. To have to act as the Supreme Nanny is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it, and we Romans have experience with out-of-control people in that area. Have a nice day, and don't make me come into your room, or county, or state, or....


Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 10:25 AM PST


by Mr Horrible

When I mention the name of my main music teacher, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, people sometimes ask me

“If he’s so great, why haven’t I heard of him?”

I ask them “Have you heard of Kim Kardashian?”

“Of course!”

“What’s she famous for?”

“I dunno… her ass?”

“Jane Fonda has a better ass, and she’s twice Kim Kardashian’s age”

Then these people, who have never heard the name of the greatest Indian musician of the 20th century, sit there wondering why Kim Kardashian IS so famous.

Follow me down to find out more.

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Wed Feb 05, 2014 at 08:41 PM PST


by Mr Horrible

There is a group of people in the world who want to make profits so badly that they will destroy the world and everybody in it. They don't care about you. They don't care about your children. They don't care about the environment. They don't care about the future. They only care about one thing: the bottom line.

THEY want us to die so that they can make profits. Yes, there is a “They”, and it's people who put profits ahead of We, the People. Ahead of OUR country. Ahead of OUR future, ours, our children's, our children's children, and all succeeding generations, Human, animal, plant, and all life. They are so shortsighted, so concerned with the bottom-line, that they do not realize that they are condemning their own children to death.

This is a struggle to the death, because if we don't win, we will die. Yes, it's that serious.
THEY have successfully divided and conquered. THEY have divided this great country and this great world into small groups of people who dislike each other and mistrust each other, Instead of mistrusting ”them", and they done it very successfully. So successfully in fact, that is only now that we are finally seeing who the real puppet masters are.  

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I'm traveling in India right now, and thought that I'd keep you up to date on things that REALLY count.

I went to a popular vegetarian restaurant here in Jaipur yesterday. Off in the corner of the restaurant, in plain sight, was a man making bread.

Now I have to explain that a lot of Indian bread is in the flat style; bread baked in a loaf is totally available, but it's not what is served with a meal.

Follow me below.

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I have friends who actually think that they can hold off or even topple the government if they don't like it.

Now I like weapons as much as the next person, but an armed society...

Here's what it's REALLY like.

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Your job was outsourced… to a machine.

A couple of days ago, I went to Home Depot, and a robot checked me out.

That's right, A robot. Where once there had been four checkout counters, staffed with live check out clerks, there are now machines that read the labels on my merchandise, told me how much I had to pay, added the tax automatically, and took my money via a plastic card.

Five human checkers, five jobs, taken by robots. Just because they don't look like mechanical people doesn't mean that they're not real and effective. If you were thinking that the world was going to be taken over by mechanical monsters, you're behind the times. It's already happened, and they're not monsters. And, of course, five people out of work.

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Up to now, we’ve looked at problems like global warming and thought “we have to fight it”.

This is exactly how we acted for most of the history of the human race. I propose to act in a different way, and that difference can be summed up with one word: aikido. In aikido, one does not “fight” the opponent, but instead one seeks to merge one’s energy with the opponent and bring a successful conclusion to what started as a dispute. The best conclusion, of course, is to end up with the opponent agreeing with you, and both of you going in the same direction, hopefully as friends.

 The same thing can be done with global warming; let me give you an example.

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Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 02:36 PM PDT

Enough with the insults!

by Mr Horrible

“Libtard"....  “Teatard".... and so on and so forth.

If we flatter ourselves that we are “better” than the other side, that illusion is completely dissipated when we start insulting people who disagree with us.

 If they wish to insult us, let them; let them have their moment of pleasure, but do not sink to their level, because this makes us every bit as bad as they are.

 This is especially true when we insult people with the suffix “-tard”, to which refers to people with special needs who have done nothing to deserve this.

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Charles Thom Senior, The Red Hawk Walking Backwards, chief medicine man of the Karuk nation, left his body to join his ancestors today.

When I heard about the passing of this man, who had saved my life, I had to stop and cry. I could barely breathe.

This is a man whose kindness, peacefulness, generosity, and wisdom sets standards that I can only aspire to.

 I believe that I have already told the story of my meeting with him here; it will only enrich this site for me to tell it again.

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