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Sun May 31, 2015 at 08:37 AM PDT

Press the Meat & Bernie

by MrQA

I generally don’t bother to watch “Press the Meat”, but since they were actually going to give Bernie a few minutes of time I wanted to see how ChFuck Tard was going to approach this.

Well, it was slightly better than I expected, but not by much! His intro segment was pretty fair, but once the questioning started we went straight to the usual MSM memes:

1.    You are a foil to HRC. She has changed her POV, do you believe her?
     a.    Bernie refused to play along, and just made his progressive points!
2.    Please bash HRC, make bad comments about her!
     a.    Bernie refused to play along, and just made his progressive points!
3.    OK, You’re not going let us play our game so we’re going to bring up some
        crap from 40 years ago, and try to make you out like some wing-nut!
     a.    Bernie refused to play along, and made and excellent rebuttal.

So, to sum it up…. ChFuck tried to ply all the MSM memes and talking points, and Bernie didn’t bite!

[What is going through the minds of the rest of MSM and the "Serious People"]...

OMG!  He’s definitely NOT gonna get any more air time. He’s just not going to play their game!

Quick, let’s get the 2 next useless Repubs on the air, and treat them like serious folks!!

Quick, Let’s get O’Malley as much air time as we can, cuz he’s definitely gonna play the game we want!


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little……

And FYI… I have $100 going to Bernie every month auto-magically, and have volunteered in any way he thinks he can use me!  Have You??

Update... I'm not suggesting you should, or need to donate $100, but Anything would be grand!! :-)


Tue Mar 24, 2015 at 04:56 PM PDT

Tom Lehrer

by MrQA

It's interesting, I've always loved the album that Tom did called "That was the year that was". It was done in 1965, and had a great many satirical songs on it that resonated with me through my life.

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Thu Jan 08, 2015 at 04:40 PM PST

MSM Coverage of Charlie Hebdo

by MrQA

Am I the only one noticing that the general tenor is “Woooo Booooo Be Afraid”!

I just finished watching both the CBS & NBC evening coverage of the event, search, investigation, and background of the terrorists. While it had information it seemed to me that a lot of the reporting was designed to “instill fear”.

“They are scary lone wolves”, “There could be others like them any/everywhere”, “The Govt. knew about them, but lacked resources to keep track of them”,  “The US has asked local & Federal law enforcement to increase vigilance”….. etc, etc, etc…

Maybe these days everything is a dog whistle to me, but it sure seems like if I read between the lines that what I’m hearing is:

Here’s an excuse to ratchet up militarization of the police,
Increase surveillance activity, cuz we don’t want one of these to slip by us,
Blame the evil we are fighting in the ME, and ignore the other issues,
Be Afraid! Your safety is at stake! Give over your rights some more, and ignore that man behind the curtain!

Maybe I’ve become so skeptical of everything that comes out of the MSM, and now simply see it as the propaganda wing of the Govt./Corporations, that I see a bogey man in everything they report. But, it sure felt like a lot of “uga-buga, be very afraid” to me.

As a side note, when the hell did the weather become a BIG news item for the national nightly broadcasts? The don’t have the bandwidth to report any “real” news, but suddenly the wx is a national thing every day?


Thu Nov 27, 2014 at 11:10 AM PST

Something Everyone Should Watch

by MrQA

Today on H2 (The History Channel 2) They are running "The Men who Built America". The story of the men and times of the "Gilded Age".

The parallels to today are remarkable. Much of this history I knew, but not some of the details. It's a wonderful, frank, and enlightening look at our history, and the mindset of the super-rich.

They are restarting at episode 1 at 4pm. I recommend it highly!


Sat Nov 01, 2014 at 09:26 PM PDT

I'm Getting Sick of Bill Maher

by MrQA

This weekly diatribe about his Muslim "Hate Issue". Is just getting too old!
As someone said recently in a diary, blog, article, I read There is a difference between being an "Atheist", and just having an "Anti-Religion Agenda"...

I'm an Atheist. I don't care what you believe, or practice, I know that I don't believe...
Bill seems to think he's at war with other religions.. Why?

Go below the fold.

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I'm scratching my head a bit. I keep getting told that WV is lost to the GOP for the mid-terms. Actually, I've been hearing this since before any blue candidates had even decided to run. Which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. But, if the GOP candidates have such a solid lock on the State then I find something baffling. Why is the GOP spending SO much money here?

Dive below to see the discussion.

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Fri Sep 26, 2014 at 10:04 AM PDT

Help Fight Big $ and Aid Democrats in WV

by MrQA


We're fighting for our lives here in WV! Maybe you'd like to help us fight off the Koch Bros., and the Blankenship funding deluge?

It would be really nice if we can keep WV blue. I'm donating money (and I'm currently unemployed!), writing letters to the editors, making phone calls, blogging, you name it!

The GOP candidates here are the worst of the worst! We do not want them in DC!

Our Senate candidate is endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, and is a solid candidate! The GOP candidate for WV-02 is a carpet bagger, and a tea party RWNJ who was too extreme for his old base in MD. and now wants to come here!

Below the fold is an Email I received today from my County party committee:

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Mon Sep 15, 2014 at 11:35 AM PDT

Welcome to West Virginia.

by MrQA

Here in WV Democrats outnumber Republicans 2x1, however they have a problem with our President. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he’s black. A lot more has to do with his stance on coal pollution.

The right here, along with the energy companies, have turned the carbon reduction effort into an “anti-coal” meme, and it’s working. Forget the fact that most coal workers are losing their jobs to automation, and to cheaper nat-gas from fracking (provided by the same energy Co’s that own the coal mines), but nevertheless It’s Obama’s “war on coal” that’s costing them jobs, and not the other factors (as per the propaganda). No one seems to want to spend any money on ads to inform them differently. The Koch Bros. and Energy Co’s are spending a fortune on promulgating the “war on coal” meme.

Before the election even started here in WV everyone wrote it off as “lost to the GOP”. We even had a hard time finding “D” candidates willing to run in this environment. But, luckily some did! They are good candidates, they deserve our support. Do we REALLY want Tea Party Congresscritters, and Wall St. bank loving Senators in D.C. for the foreseeable future? We all know that once they get in, they are impossible to get out! But, hell… “WV. Is lost to the GOP… Forget it… Turn your backs!”

Go Below....

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I believe I’ve seen the statistic that the current ISIS bombing is costing 7.5 Million dollars per day. That’s $105 Million every 2 weeks. Where are the deficit scolds? I thought every penny the government spends needs to be offset somewhere? How is it that war money always seems to be free money? I suppose that only applies for dollars spent on the U.S. citizens, or domestic programs. Giving dollars to the MIC is free of charge and offset. If we expand the attack on ISIS, this daily number will certainly go up exponentially, so what then? Still all OK for our budget??

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I know many of us have been wrapped up in Ferguson for a couple of weeks, and rightly so, but just as a distraction, I'd like to note, we're going back to war in the Middle-East.

Look at the MSM, the drums are pounding! Listen to the White House, we're sending more "advisors", and observers. The Sec. Dev. has determined that IS is an existential threat. We need to be all shocked that an American was killed, and we need to retaliate!

Not only is IS a threat to the region, but also a threat to the "Homeland"...

Here comes escallatio! (to quote Tom Lehrer).. Let's not just bomb Iraq, but Syria too!

Fasten your seat belts folks, but here comes the war that the MIC, and all the rest have wanted. Doesn't matter that ISIS is a beast of our own creation, or that their money comes from our oil allies... It all works in the grand scheme!

If we don't start paying attention, and pushing back, it's Middle-East War #3... (or 4? sorry, loosing count)

How many do we have to lose to the Oil Co's before we stop?


Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 06:37 AM PDT

Why always the flight to bestiality?

by MrQA

This past Sunday I met a friend of mine (a Solid Conservative, although he refuses to identify as a Republican!) from Virginia, for lunch in Annapolis.

At some point in the conversation he got around to complaining about his new Governor and Lt. Governor. He was claiming that they were trying to make changes to the Virginia gun laws, something to do with record retention periods, and the government being able to go back over time and look into who bought what and when. To be honest I wasn’t really paying close attention. A) I had not heard this. I live in West Virginia, and while we only have the DC news channels as our news source, and thus get all the MD. and VA. news, I hadn’t heard any such thing. And B) About 5 seconds after the election he started railing about “here goes my gun rights” now that the state house was packed with liberals. So my guess was that no matter what was really happening he was going be talking some conspiracy theory. I simply responded that “I hadn’t heard that. I learned a long time ago that there was no point going into any political, or ideological discussion with him. Once upon a time I was trying to make some point, on some topic, I don’t even remember what it was, I just remember it was very benign, and just mildly progressive, and he started shrieking in my face, “You always were an Obama lover”! Which isn’t actually the case, and had nothing to do with the point I was making, but every time I tried to speak he would just start shouting that over top of me until his veins were bulging. But, I digress.

Come below for the rest:

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I saw the attached link on the local morning news today.

It would seem that a math teacher had the audacity to send home a work assignment that had a hand drawn picture of a beer bottle on it and used the word "beer"!

OMG! How awful! This can not stand!

I don't know what I find more crazy, that someone made a fuss about this, or that the school followed through with a mass mailing about it.

Forget the fact that the student probably sees 100 references to beer a day in print, on TV, and on the net. Our schools hardly teach children how to count anymore because they are so obsessed with standardized test prep., but heaven forbid there's a beer reference in a homework assignment. That's the big issue to get upset about today.

Has everyone just lost their minds?

Maybe we should suspend a 9 year old for shaving their head in support of a cancer patient? Oh wait, that happened too...

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