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Following the county-by-county results as they come in from Ohio, and the early results are VERY good.   In almost every county, Obama's margins are BETTER than what they were in 2008.  Now, caveat that this is early.   But, let's consider:

Logan County:  2008:  62.3 vs 35.7 for McCain.   +26.6 for McCain.
                     2012:  60.0 vs 38.4 for Romney.  +21.6 for Romney (early)

Cuyahoga:       2008:  68.9 vs 30.1 for Obama     +38.8 for Obama
                     2012:  70.3 vs 28.8 for Obama     +41.5 for Obama.

Hamilton:         2008:  53.0 vs 46.0 for Obama     +7 for Obama
                     2012:  56.7 vs 42.3 for Obama     +14.4 for Obama

As I said, it's very early, but I could go on and on...  across the state, it appears that Obama's margins are actually up over his 2008 numbers...

And, as a reminder, Obama won by 4.6 pts...  

Let's hope this stays


Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 03:24 PM PST

My apologies for offending folks

by MrTiggerGolf

Seems I picked the wrong time to post my first messages onto this site.  My apologies for posting my simple views towards something I saw.

FWIW, I am most definitely not a troll as so many have suggested, but unfortunately a first (and probably last) time contributor...  i have deleted my prior diary..

Finally... Let's Go Obama and Elizabeth Warren!!!!  


Here in Massachusetts, my 19-year old daughter has been chomping at the bit to vote, and my 25 year old finally realizes the power of that right.   So, I'm off to brave the long lines, and no matter who they vote for and how long we wait, I'll be the Proud Dad with the smile on his face...

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