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Stop Pelosi, Obama In Georgia!

"...Liberal Jim Martin is the final vote they need for total control to force crushing new tax hikes, to give illegals social security and citizenship, to impose their radical abortion agenda, to take away your Second Amendment rights."

At least that's what the National Republican Trust PAC is claiming in its latest 30-second ad.

Even worse, Obama will reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine to get rid of Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Savage, Boortz, Beck and all the major hosts once and for all if you don't send money to the National Republican Trust PAC a.s.a.p.

Remember the vile ad about Obama giving a driver's license to Mohamed Atta?, via NPR, accused the National Republican Trust PAC of producing "one of the sleaziest false TV ads of the campaign." The other two PAC ads were every bit as despicable.

But where did the Republican National Trust PAC get the cash to pay for very expensive airtime? It only registered with the FEC on 9/29/08 and, as of 10/15, had $205,000 in the bank.

More below.

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Hmm...Patricia Allen just happened to use Mark Foley's attorney to settle her case with Rep. Tim Mahoney and Brian Ross just happened to have the scoop a month before Election Day.

If Patricia Allen of Hobe Sound is Patricia Lynn Allen of Hobe Sound in Martin County, somebody ought to take a closer look at the case against Mahoney.

How was Patricia L. Allen's ex-husband, William C. Allen, able to pay off a $100k mortgage in April of 2007 that he only took out in June 2006?

The property is in Jupiter which is in Palm Beach County.  

William C. Allen is also the long-time owner of Allen Cabinetry at 1029 25th Court in West Palm Beach. I wonder how business is these days, given the state of South Florida's real estate market.

Have the Allens been doubledipping? Worth a look, imho.  

(Reference: Martin County Clerk, Martin County Property Appraiser, Palm Beach County Clerk. Copies of pertinent records are available on request.)


3/15/08 Update: Links to Palin's financial disclosure reportsare available at the Petrelis Files blog, maintained by Kos member, MPeterlis.

Don't mean to be an alarmist but I've noticed a lot of info appears to be disappearing from the State of Alaska website. Save a hard copy of anything you come across on the site that appears even remotely interesting.  

For example, this  link to a 5/8/07 Palin press release about removing VECO Chief Executive Officer Bill Allen from the Alaska-Alberta Bilateral Council works but none of the other links do.

I mentioned to Dengre today that the Alaska Public Offices Commission no longer provides financial disclosure reports online. The public must now "petition" for Palin's reports.

I know Palin's financial disclosure reports were online because I downloaded three of them and I emailed them to Dengre today.

I am now trying to determine what info has been deleted from the Oil And Gas Conservation Commission website.


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If Alaska seafood is involved, can Ted Stevens be far behind?

Please pardon me if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I've been out of the media loop for the last few days.

I first read about James Palin on the Alaska state electoral site. I think Palin's mother-in-law ran for city council and James was mentioned in one of the three campaign docs. I assume he is the father-in-law.

Might be worth looking into if no one has already. I'd do it but I'm pressed for time for now although the situation could change tomorrow.

BTW, Newsday had a two-page photo of McCain up close and personal with Haley Barbour on Sunday. Anyone have any idea as to how much money Bush is pouring into Misssissippi these days in the name of Katrina?  

"Dallas has a Soft Machine, Houston's too close to New Orleans..."


Dear Mr. Young:

I have no interest in your business affairs but I have reason to believe that Bush & Co is coming after you and your son. Talk on the q.t, if you can, to the two brothers on Long Island. In this case, I suspect the IRS is being wielded as a weapon. Count on the Wall St investment firm to cooperate.

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Update: Via TPM Muckraker, The Hill reported today that McCain's staff was questioned in connection with the Rick Renzi land swap investigation. I highlighted the section in this diary about Wes Gullett's lobbying on behalf of a shady-looking land swap in 2005.

How close is campaign advisor and lobbyist, Wes Gullett, to McCain?

When drug-addicted Cindy McCain impulsively brought two sick infants home from Bangladesh in 1991, Gullett, then McCain's administrative assistant, came to McCain's rescue by adopting one of the babies. In 1993, McCain arranged for Gullett to become AZ Governor Fife Symington's chief of staff. In 2000, Gullett was McCain's deputy campaign manager. In 2005, Gullett told the New Yorker that he and McCain did 14-hour stints at the craps table.

As a lobbyist, Gullett's most important asset is his special access to Senator McCain but Gullett doesn't want anyone but his clients to know it. After reviewing filings in the Senate lobbyist database, I suspect Gullett intentionally obfuscated the extent to which he lobbied his pal, Senator McCain.  

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American Future Fund, a 501(c)(4) run by Republican operatives, registered its PAC, American Future Fund Political Action, with the FEC on May 7. Lisa Lisker is treasurer and Keith Davis is assistant treasurer. Lisker and Davis are principals of Huckaby, Lisker & Davis, an Alexandria, Virginia-based political accounting firm representing political action committees for Republican Party candidates and entities.

Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post reported that AFF is "widely rumored to be the most likely conduit for soft-money donations to be spent on some of the most hotly contested Senate races this fall." This correlates with what Peter Stone wrote in the National Journal a few weeks ago about Karl Rove coordinating the campaign efforts of independent groups at the presidential, senate and congressional levels.

Read on.

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A scandal emerged in Israel this week that could force the resignation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert is under investigation for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Long Island fundraiser and businessman, Morris (Moshe) Talansky between 1999 and 2006. Olmert swears the money was used to finance his campaigns.

The investigation is zeroing in on Olmert's charity, the New Jerusalem Foundation, based in Jerusalem. The foundation was registered in the United States in 1999 as a 501(c)(3)and uses Talansky's home address. Since its inception, Talansky has been the foundation's treasurer.

Two years ago, I posted about Olmert and the New Jerusalem Foundation at the TPM Cafe (the post is no longer online). I speculated about why the foundation in the U.S. was reporting relatively small contribution revenue even though Olmert was raising big money here.

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A couple of weeks ago, the DNC filed an FEC complaint alleging that Freedom's Watch illegally coordinated with the National Republican Congressional Committee on an ad slamming Louisiana Democratic state representative Donald J. Cazayoux on taxes. Cazayoux and and Republican former state representative Woody Jenkins are in a tight congressional race for a May 3 special election.  

Yesterday, American Future Fund, a 501(c)(4) GOP front, issued a press release announcing the results of a poll conducted between April 5-21 in Louisiana. According to pollster, Jan Van Lohuizen, "The survey points to a clear and convincing distrust of liberals in Congress on tax policy."

Freedom's Watch runs an ad nailing a Louisiana Dem on taxes and American Future Fund (AFF) concurrently runs a poll in Louisiana that concludes taxes are a major issue.

Coincidence? I doubt it.

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American Future Fund is a 501(c)(4) fronted by Republican operatives. To date, American Future Fund has run a television ad supporting Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) and a Roll Call print ad urging the House to pass the Senate version of the FISA bill. Mike Allen of Politico recently reported that American Future Fund staff have been spotted in New Hampshire.

Last week, Peter Stone in the National Journal confirmed that Karl Rove is actively involved in organizing independent political groups. According to Stone, "One new group being cobbled together includes old associates of Rove from the lobbying and communications firm DCI Group, including Tom Synhorst."

My research uncovered a number of links between American Future Fund, the DCI Group and former Iowa congressman, Jim Nussle. Nussle was appointed Executive Director of the Office of Managment and Budget in September 2007 after a failed gubernatorial bid in 2006 and a brief stint as a consultant to Rudy Giuliani's campaign in early 2007.

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As soon as Iowa Dems found out that Bruce Rastetter, a major player in the ethanol and wind energy industries, was behind Iowa Future Fund, Republican operatives rushed to incorporate Iowa Progress Project last Thursday. They then issued an idiotic press release late Friday to the effect that Iowa Future Fund(IFF) was so successful, it was being replaced by Iowa Progress Project(IPP).

I'm not an Iowan but I am interested in IFF and IPP because they are part of a national Republican program to misuse 501(c)(4)s this election season. IFF and its affiliate, American Future Fund (AFF) are the first Republican 501(c)(4) shams out of the gate this year. IFF and AFF were registered on 8/7/07 by Holtzman Vogel, a Virginia law firm. Alex N. Vogel and his wife, Jill Holtzman Vogel, are among the dirtiest of dirty Republican operatives.

IFF is running ads criticizing Governer Chet Culver in Iowa and AFF is running pro-Norm Coleman ads in Minnesota. The MN Dems have already filed an FEC complaint against AFF.

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Everyone in the know agrees that 501(c)(4)s are this year's 527s. David Corn called them the new mudslingers and Paul Kiel wonders which one will emerge as the successor to Swift Boat Vets. Last week, I posted here about two new ones, American Future Fund and Iowa Future Fund, being operated by Holtzman Vogel.

501(c)(4)s are supposed to be non-profit social welfare organizations as defined by the IRS. Key is the fact that donors can secretly contribute unlimited amounts of money. Campaigning is limited to adressing issues but that leaves a lot of leeway for abuse.

The story behind the Progressive Policy Council is an easy-to-follow textbook example of how a 501(c)(4) Republican front operates.

Read on.

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