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A few days ago Tesla Motors bought out an automobile supplier in Grand Rapids,Michigan. They purchased Riviera tool, a company just a door or two down from where I'm working these days. Teslas were driving up and down the industrial park, and from what I hear the old Riviera sign is going to be taken down and a new Tesla Motors sign is going to be put up....they're shuffling their current workload to other suppliers and taking on Tesla parts full time. It's a net GAIN regionally, of work!

How's that for a fat slice of good news?

This is the first presence Tesla Motors has in Michigan, and of course I made unmanly squealing sounds of joy when I heard about it.

Whenever green technology starts putting hundreds of people to work, suddenly it's not so crazy anymore. It doesn't matter WHO you are or what your political allegiances it's just a Good Thing. People buy these cars not because the cars are goofy looking,  wimpy little electric vehicles. No no no...these cars have TORQUE. With Tesla Motors, green tech is a thing of power and beauty. And speed. And of course, of COURSE, the implication of oral sex somewhere in the near if not immediate future. Because who doesn't fantasize about oral sex on top of an electric vehicle? Am I right?

Of course I'm right.

So...........where was I?

Oh yes. Electric Vehicles. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Oral sex.

I think that about sums it up.

For all the Doom and Gloomers out there, beautiful things are happening right under our feet and RIGHT NOW. Our production and use of energy is going through a massive shift all around us.


Wed Feb 04, 2015 at 06:56 PM PST

Your Parallel Universe

by Muskegon Critic

I'm a slow learner. I'll admit it. Or maybe not that slow a learner.

I'm a 240 pound, six foot tall (white) forty year old man. And I just sort of wander about my life, day to day, hither and yon, and nobody really gives me shit. Nobody shushes me when I try to talk. Nobody cat calls me (though...maybe once in a while would be nice, honestly. Just once, okay? Seriously...). People are polite to me on the phone and in person. When I say something, folks generally don't argue or voice their disagreement.

No. My life isn't PERFECT. And it's not without problems.

But most of the time, folks treat me with respect. It hasn't always been that way, of course. When I was younger, people did treat me with less respect. People did shush me. People weren't always maybe that's why it takes some of us guys to realize how much easier we probably have it.

I never did get catcalls though. That never happened. *sigh*

Women, however...I'm seeing it more and live in an alternate universe. See...the older I get, the more gray distinguished hair I have. The more pronounced the differences I personally understand in how men and women are treated. The more I can go about my day and people treat me pretty respectfully.

These days I can barely stand listening to women talk about your casual days without getting pissed off about something that you just mention casually that would never, ever, EVER happen to me. I don't know how you go about your days without punching two or three people in the throat.

For example...nobody on the phone at a cable company would say to me "I don't think you know how to read contracts" and they certainly would NEVER say "you should have your husband read it."

Or during a job interview they don't bring up kids. Like at all.

And if I call a company to say some service I ordered wasn't right, nobody argues with me telling me how wrong I probably am.

Like, when I'm having a discussion in a meeting...nobody SHUSHES me like a friend of mine told me about.

See...I can't even imagine these things happening to me.

And the more I hear about this sort of stuff brought up more or less casually the more it drive me nuts.

So... a few years back our non-profit group had a booth a HUGE biker rally to educate people about renewable energy. Not ONE person in three days said peep to me against renewable energy. Not one!

Then my female associate shows up. I leave her alone at the tent, this adult woman, for FIFTEEN minutes while I get food, and three people come up to her and try to tell her what a shitty thing renewable energy is.

You live in some weird alternate universe where people say things to you I can't even IMAGINE saying to me, and it's really starting to piss me off.


I'll have to make sure to tell my boys about this.


About an hour south east of where I live, Michigan had a 193 car pile-up on I-94. Here's some video footage of that horrible crash:

By the way it's a disturbing video.

One person died and 22 were injured.

I was on the highway that day. The roads were icy, the wind blowing powdery snow into white-out couldn't see more than a dozen feet in front of your car at times. I was driving 30 MPH on a 70 MPH highway. Everybody else was driving the same. Some a little bit faster some a little bit slower.

It didn't matter what speed folks were driving yesterday. Nobody would have been able to see the wall of cars piled up until it was too late no matter how fast they were going.

Here's the the comment threads on Facebook, on the news sites, everywhere, folks are suggesting the 193 drivers in this enormous wreck screwed up by driving too fast or driving at all.

We have a bottomless capacity to look at tragic misfortune and say "that's because they were idiots".

Out of the hundreds of thousands of people driving - out of every driver who ever found themselves driving in lousy conditions -- and don't pretend it's never happened to you, because it has --  when folks actually meet with misfortune we look to find comfort in why those who met with misfortune deserved it.

I'm consistently astonished at our capacity to blame the victims. I'm consistently astonished at our capacity to jam our own heads into the sand and make ourselves believe that if we do everything right, nothing awful will happen to us. And when something happens to others, they've done something wrong.

Sometimes shit happens in life. And there's nothing you could have done about it. Cars are deadly. They're among the deadliest things in America. Everybody who gets into a car any day of the week in any weather is taking his or her life into their hands. If you want to pretend otherwise, you're living in a special kind of denial. You don't have total control.

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Sony Hack Explained

 photo c4ea0b2e-9e3b-4943-aa6a-1f4c29cefb81_zps1b75a5a9.png
For all of you confused by the Sony Hack story that's been sweeping the web, I spent the past three minutes researching it to your benefit. Here's the story in a nutshell:

Sony got hacked --> North Korea something something --> Sony won't release a movie.

And there you have it.

I could expand a little bit: Sony made a movie, called the Interview, which was about assassinating the leader of North Korea. North Korea didn't find the plot amusing, nor do they find their status as Most Adorable Joke Nation amusing. So North Korean hackers allegedly hacked into Sony and started releasing some of their Christmas movies online hitting Sony in their revenue stream. After which Sony cried Uncle Great Leader and agreed they would not release the movie starring Seth Rogan about assassinating his Greatness Kim Jung Un.

Basically Sony caved.

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-20at94602PM_zps3c5e2cbe.png
So there you have it. All you need to do to control the media is pre-release a few movies and tell the executives you'll release their auto-erotic asphyxiation fetish videos. I just made that second part up. Or did I?

I believe firmly that for every rat you see, there are a thousand more.

If Sony caved to this threat, just imagine what other media outlets have already caved to in response from foreign or domestic threats.

Who knew controlling the media could be had so cheaply?

Which movies do you wish had not been released?
And how bad were they?

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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups regularly socialize but also get out the vote, support candidates and engage in other local political actions that help our progressive movement grow and exert influence on the powers-that-be. Visit us at Daily Kos every morning at 7:30 A.M. Pacific Time to see how you can get involved. The comment thread is fun and light-hearted, but we're serious about moving the progressive political agenda forward.

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Welcome Muskegon Critic!

[navajo here:] Please welcome our newest occasional Sunday diarist, Muskegon Critic. He's pictured with his sons at NN14 in Detroit, the likely inspirations for his diary below. Muskegon Critic has often written about wind energy and I've also enjoyed his contemplative diaries in the past. Today's is no exception.

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The Straight Up Santa Truth

So Christmas is coming up and Christians and heathens alike struggle with one challenging question: do you tell your children the truth about Santa Claus or not?

There are some folks who believe you should never lie to your children. Others, like myself, believe Santa is a rite of passage...

Santa is an object lesson in critical, independent thinking in the face vast conspiracy. As usual, even TELEVISION and the media and the government are involved. NORAD's Santa tracker has been a favorite of my household for years as we track Santa's path around the world.

 photo Santa_Suspended_Animation_zps46772f49.jpg
The truth about Santa is....he's not magical. He's got a thyroid disorder. Santa Claus and his two Claus brothers Gunther Claus and Krampus Claus both have the same thyroid disorder in which they all have conscious control over their own metabolisms, allowing them to move at super-human speeds or to slow themselves down to a near suspended animation state. All three brothers realized this early on, when they discovered the could accrue wealth while in suspended animation. All of them are unimaginably wealthy as a result of investments made while they went into suspended animation for 50 years at a time.

Santa is the one who has made the greatest name for himself attempting to do good in this world with his vast wealth and his deep connections and contracts with major toy manufacturers such as Lego and Mattel.

Santa lives in a subterranean compound high in arctic circle where he spends most of his time in a cold room in suspended animation while the rest of the compound dwellers enjoy a prosperous utopian existence while they prepare each year for the annual waking of Santa, who is awake for about one month per year and so appears to age quite slowly.

 photo NSAonashelf_zpsbdeaa538.jpg
His helpers, known as elves, in connection with the NSA and other security agencies keep track of the children who are naughty and who are nice and they produce toys as well as manage promotional toy agreements with major toy manufacturers and distributes them according to the contracts.

Santa controls his metabolism to move at unimaginable speeds which is why children need to put cookies and milk and other high calorie content foods out for Santa since he burns over 1 trillion (with a T) calories in a night.

Of course with the boom in population Santa can't be in all places at once nor can he keep tabs on all kids which is why in recent years there has been the Elf on the Shelf program wherein some households are, by random lottery, assigned elves which assist Santa in various tasks. My household has no elf on the shelf and my six year old asked why and I had to explain to him that we weren't selected as a recipient which means we're still under the direct purview of Santa himself...which is very lucky.

 photo DrunkSanta_zps73290ff5.jpg
Then of course there's Gunther Claus...Santa's messed up brother (who has a substance abuse problem) who often shows up impersonating Santa at malls ant other establishments. He means well, but sometimes he's just not up to Santa standards. He does enjoy holidays at Santa's subterranean compound where Santa tries to set him right but Gunther after centuries is set in his ways and prefers the company of whisky and a lady of the night. He's a good guy, though....

...but then there's Krampus Claus who has some weird overzealous and warped sense of justice who likes to punish kids for perceived wrongdoings or just because Krampus is an asshole who really has no moral compass but thinks he has a great moral compass...and of course on Christmas he goes around un-doing lots of the stuff Santa does. It's just a mess.

Krampus comes to punish children while riding his tasty Yule Goat BUT....sometimes the elf on the shelf, if he's able, will defend the child's honor by challenging krampus to a yule goat joust duel, and the winner drinks the yule duel blood, which tastes of cardamom and cinnamon, from the losing yule goat thus claiming the house child's soul for the next four months while Gunther Claus dances about in a half barrel of crushed wine grapes.

Anyway. The truth is complicated, is what I'm driving at here.

That's why we simplify it for children.

Or at least that's what I tell my kids.

What were you told about Santa when you were a child?
What did you tell your kids?

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Michigan went all red in 2010.

We only had a 42% voter turnout. Despite having progressive, populist firebrand Virg Bernero running against Bill Snyder, only 42% of Michiganders turned out to vote and Dems stayed home. The notion that if we only had the right people running with a more populist message folks would turn out to vote is demonstrably false. Given that choice...Dem's STILL didn't vote.

Here's what Benero said on Fox News prior to running:

I was a little offended by your question "have the unions given up enough...has the working man given up enough?" You know, MY question is has Wall Street given up enough for the billions they have taken?
That's what we wanted to hear, right?

The guy has demonstrable leadership ability. He's got the right street cred. He's loud and proud in favor of working folks. And yet........Dems stayed home. Here's Virg battling against a Fox News anchor:

Democrats stayed home on election day and the Tea Party literally took over the State of Michigan.

Since then:

-- Emergency financial managers have sold off entire school systems to for-profit businesses (who later abandoned their obligations and left the system up shit creek).

-- The prison food system was privatized to an incompetent company with poorly trained staff who let contraban in and feed prisoners maggot infested meat.

-- Michigan created some of the most sweeping anti-choice legislation in the US.

-- Unions were shredded as Michigan became a Right To Work for less state.

-- Thousands of people lost food assistance.

-- Thousands of people lost housing assistance.

-- The child tax credit and housing tax credits were eradicated costing struggling Michigan families more in taxes to the state.

-- Seniors and retired folks saw their pensions and fixed incomes taxes.

-- The roads have gone to pot-holes and shit.

-- My friend the school teacher saw FOUR pay CUTS in a row.

-- A second bridge from Canada to Michigan, the largest international crossing in the US has been held up to benefit a billionaire wealthy bridge owner.

-- Fracking has become rampant.

-- Public schools have been gutted and are being replaced by charter schools.

-- Programs to diversify Michigan's economy have been eradicated making us once again vulnerable to collapsing with the next recession.

-- We've dragged our feet on renewable energy policy giving us one of the lowest renewable energy standards in America and THE HIGHEST energy prices in the Midwest.

Many of these changes impacted my life directly. Many of these changes impacted Michigan families directly...and much of it could have been stopped if Democrats bothered to make a few marks on a piece of paper.

It didn't MATTER that we had a progressive populist candidate running in 2010. It didn't MATTER. It didn't MATTER that he was vocally and proudly PRO union, pro-working class, speaking a proud populist message.

It didn't matter.

What mattered is the folks who stayed home and didn't vote because of whatever excuse they felt they had made things several orders of magnitude worse for everybody else.

There is no excuse for not voting. For most of us, there's no excuse.

We can't sit around tossing head pillows to people who don't vote. We can't excuse people who smoke next to our kids in elevators, we can't excuse people for not washing their hands after taking a shit, we can't excuse people for leaving their infants alone in a hot car...and we can't throw pillows to people who aren't voting, for their poor heads. Not-voting isn't a genetic trait. It's not something you're born into. It's not a medial ailment. It's a willful shirking of your responsibility to your friends, neighbors, family and yourself.


We are fighting the wrong people. We're fighting Republicans when we should be fighting non-voting. If we devoted HALF the amount of time and money we spend trying to counter the Republicans just on getting people to change their perceptions on voting...we'd kick Republican butt up and down the board year after year.

Whenever I hear "we just need to turn out the vote!" I take that as shorthand for "We're hosed."

Ya know...I used to be really angry about Ralph Nader and all the folks who voted for him in 2000, sucking votes away from Al Gore. I used to get all annoyed with those folks.

But I've changed my tune.

Why? Because at least those jerks voted. At least they got up off their butts and voted.

Just read an article where there was 28% voter turnout in Indiana last Tuesday. Pathetic.

Please don't give me that garbage about voter intimidation and Voter ID laws and "dogs ate my homework"...blah blah blah. Sure it's all atrocious and speaks of the evil intent of Republicans trying to further depress voting. But ultimately...MOST folks who CAN vote just don't and there's absolutely nothing standing in their way. Those new anti-voter things aren't why people aren't voting.

We can whine and cry ourselves dry for years about new obstacles in the way of voting and it won't make barely an ounce of difference to the turnout. It's a drop in the bucket. It's a red herring compared to the vast number of people who CAN but DON'T vote.

TWENTY EIGHT PERCENT in Indiana! What the hell? 72% of Indiana's potential voters aren't impoverished single parents surrounded by children working seven back to back minimum wage jobs 30 hours a day without any form of transportation or photo ID.

No. MOST of those folks have NO EXCUSE AT ALL except apathy. There's NOTHING stopping the vast majority of non-voters from going to the polls.

Republicans aren't the ones screwing up this country. Folks who don't vote are the ones making a mess of things.

Look...DNC...listen to me:

Take half of your money and devote it to changing perceptions on voting rather than propping up candidates who just shit talk the President anyway.

I swear to god...I've had too many friends and family say "Ohhh...I didn't vote and here's why: BARF BARF BARF BARF BARF BAAAAARF BARF BLAH BLAH BLAH BAAAAARRRFBLAAAHBLAHBARF"

For the love of god it's ONE DAY out of EVERY OTHER YEAR. We all spend more time picking our nose in line waiting for a cheesburger in that span of time. There's no excuse for not getting out ONCE EVERY OTHER YEAR to make exes on a piece of paper.


Idiots all. All those Democratic candidates who backed away from Obama are some of the stupidest human beings in the nation, and deserve to lose. Grimes...what the hell?!?


What did you think? People would say "OH! She hates Obama! I'm going to vote for her!"

No.'re a Dem. You are STUCK by party association. When he looks bad, you look bad. When he looks good, you look good. The best and ONLY thing you can possibly do is show you have an ounce of integrity and have your friend's back and talk about all the great things Obama has actually done for this nation.

This shit didn't work for Gore when he shunned Clinton. It didn't save the necks of Republican congressmen when they shunned Bush.

It doesn't work! It NEVER WORKS.

And all the folks who shunned Obama are idiots who just look like a sniveling, pandering political hacks.

Here's what you say

"I won't turn my back on a guy just because he's unpopular at the moment. And I won't pretend to be somebody I'm not.  Yeah, I voted for him. He's done a lot of great work. We're all trying to be better people here, and I'm here to lend my hand so that we can be a better nation. I won't turn my back on anybody. So don't ask me to."

If you're not going to stand proud, you look like a weak political asshole.


Mon Aug 04, 2014 at 10:50 PM PDT

Water and the Future

by Muskegon Critic

The drought in the Southwest troubles me incredibly.

I'm here in Michigan where we seem to have an inexhaustible supply of fresh water. Six quadrillion gallons of the stuff pounding the shorelines of sugar sand beaches, wave after wave. And that, incidentally, is how it should be. Or how it's been for 10,000 years or so. And while I often lament the falling water levels here, we're not in the same water-starved ship as our fellow countrymen and women in the West.

I worry about the people in the southwest. I worry about the crops grown there that feed my family. I worry about the ecological damage.

And of course I worry that a water thirsty nation will turn its eyes on the Great Lakes with intentions to siphon it to places far outside the Great Lakes watershed so Civilization can continue there as it has for the past half century.

I'm not alone in this worry. I'm not just some paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing loner eating self fermented pickles and sauerkraut in the Northern forests.'s this very same concern that prompted the eight Great Lakes states to sign the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement that restricts the flow of water outside the Great Lakes water shed. Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York have all signed on to this agreement.


Because every once in a while, sanity reigns.

Because we can't continue to use resources as though they are inexhausible.

It is my deeply held belief that we as a nation and a world are at a turning point where we cannot continue to address the problems and issues of our time with the same solutions we have for the past 100 years. We are at a point where we need to radically re-think how we're going to maintain a just and prosperous society.

We need to re-think energy. We need to re-think water. We need to re-think agriculture. We need to re-think industry and manufacturing as 3D printing and advanced robotics advances. We need to re-think our social fabric as technology emerges where Living in Public extends to the digital world. We need to re-think economics as technology makes menial labor obsolete.

Many of the solutions which have served us excellently for the past 100 years, even traditional Liberal solutions, are going to be insufficient to prepare us for the future that's banging on our door. We need to identify liberal values as separate and distinct from classic liberal solutions and strategies, and guide the world on the former.

It is my opinion that we need new thinkers on a radical level to address a world where manufacturing can take place in anybody's printer, where oil is expensive, where artificial intelligence is both everywhere and indistinguishable from human decision making.

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s I saw the year 2000 as a horizon over which The Future happened. The science fiction I read, the movies I saw, the conversation I had marked that year as the turning point. The future would have Mars colonies and robots and, of course, flying cars. As a society we were captivated by what 2000 would bring as we all shared a vision of The Future.

...but 2000 came and went.

And the Horizon of a Future we jointly held became the past.

I don't know what the new shared horizon point to the future is. I don't know if we HAVE a new, jointly held horizon point to the future in our culture. Maybe 2000 was it. It seems now most folks are looking backwards.

But our original point was right.

The world changed dramatically at our original point. We just haven't noticed it yet. And we haven't prepared.

I like to think that the political turmoil, splintering, and gridlock we have is a sign of grasping as we start to realize we're unmoored from....something.  We have a collective sense that our solutions are no longer connected to our challenges. We just don't know how to find our anchor again.

I don't know who the new thinkers are. I don't know what the new ideas are. What I do know is that we are not prepared for the world that's coming no matter what we do. We have no dominant vision for what a just future looks like in the world that's coming on like a freight train. I feel like we're reaching desperately for solutions that worked 50 years ago.

Anyway..........there's that.


I've long felt the latest incarnation of conservatism should be called out for what it is....a radical experiment. Yeah, they try to wrap themselves in a historical context wearing those stupid tricorn hats and antebellum garb, groping at the Boston tea party history like drunks after a busty bar maid....but it's all just for show. The recent brand of conservatism is an extreme experiment and the American People are the lab rats in some Ayn Randian dystopian social experiment known as "Privatize Everything".... because while conservatives prance around with the American flag, America and the States are somehow, inexplicably inherently incompetent at absolutely everything.

So how's this social experiment working out?

Well...the currently and unprecedentedly deep red Michigan government saw fit to privatize the prison food system, shelling out millions in taxpayer dollars to Aramark, a private food, facility, and uniform services. And what did we end up with?  Maggots in the meat. Untrained staff who can't keep track of steel kitchen equipment, and who consort with the inmates bringing in all sorts of contraban from drugs to left out, filthy kitchens, staffing shortages, and SIXTY FIVE instances where the prisons RAN OUT OF FOOD because apparently Aramark executives are too busy cramming their pockets with tax payer money to know.....DO THEIR JOBS.

Ah yes...that's what we call "efficiency" because the private sector is soooooo "efficient" at....apparently just taking money and running...

As also evidenced by the Muskegon Heights school system which was sold in its entirety to Mosaica, a for profit school thing by one of Snyder's financial managers. Mosaica promised to SOMEHOW magically cut overhead and maintain buildings and educate the students AND turn a profit margin.................

....well..they DID turn a profit margin. But they also failed to maintain the buildings and wren't able to pay the teachers and cut and ran after just one year into their three year contract. Or they were fired for really depends on who you ask. Either way, the buildings are crumbling and there's not enough to pay the teachers.....

We've been educating Americans with public schools for over a hundred years and we were the ENVY OF THE WORLD!!! Suddenly selling those schools off to educational chop shops is a GREAT IDEA!!!

....but we can also look at the Detroit water department which has cut of water to tens of thousands of homes and is threatening 324,000 households all in the name of clearing up the books so the city can PRIVATIZE the water department.... and WHY?


Because it's so much EASIER to govern when you don't actually have to DO ANYTHING. Because serving the people is HARD and making somebody else do a shittier job at tax payer expense is SO MUCH EASIER.

This privatizing is NOT WORKING. It's NOT working. It's not saving money. It's not offering better services. It's a miserable failure.

You CANNOT streamline a systerm with NO profit margin by turning it over to a system that does the same (or worse) WITH a profit margin ON TOP of operating expenses. It's a fantasy.

Look...Michigan already gutted the Unions...what MORE can privatization POSSIBLY DO?

This is all based on some deep abiding religious faith in the divine word of Ayn Rand and it's demonstrably idiotic.  

Privatization is an experiment that has FAILED in spectacular fashion and it needs to be called out.


So for all of you who ventured to Detroit for Netroots Nation, you may have noticed a plurality of hot dog joints. Or chili dog joints. Or perhaps the Coney Island dog. There was American Coney Island dogs, and just a few feet away Lafayette Coney. And all the hot dog and Coney island dogs along the way to either.

But why hot dogs in Detroit?

I'd like to explain a thing or two about why SPECIFICALLY you're going to find a lot of hot dog shops in manufacturing heavy least in Michigan.

For example...Muskegon has a number of hot dog joints, the most popular of which is G&L, which serves up the "amazing Greek chili dog".

Muskegon, like Detroit, is also rooted in a long industrial history.

Here's the thing about hot dog joints in Michigan. You sit, you order, BAM your food is there, you eat, you go. Hot dogs are fast to prepare and fast to eat.

Hot dogs...earlier known as simply "hots"...became common fare in manufacturing regions during the industrial boom when folks had very little time to eat.

In the 1940s, during World War II, the population of Muskegon EXPLODED as factories worked overtime for the war effort. Workers flooded into the region to the point where there wasn't enough housing and people were renting rooms in 8 hour shifts...just long enough to sleep (or whatever). In this environment, rapid food preparation became an essential part of what fueled the stomachs of the American worker. Enter the hot dog vendor...drop a sausage on a bun and slather it with chili sauce. Done. go back to work.

I remember going to G&L with my dad as a kid. We'd sit down, order and 30 seconds later have our food.

I don't know if this explanation is 100% accurate....but that's what my Grandma who used to work at a button factory told me. And that's enough for me.


Tue Jul 15, 2014 at 07:52 PM PDT

Morons with Guns

by Muskegon Critic

I don't care where you are in the gun debate.

I don't. Second amendment yourself off. Grind away at it. Whatever floats your boat. Stockpile rusty meat cleavers and AR-15s. Whatever.

But for the love of God......can we at LEAST have a civil discussion about idiots?

This morning a gas station I pass by WAY TOO OFTENwas robbed by a masked dude who wanted the petty amount of cash in the drawer and several cartons of cigarettes. Supposedly he had a revolver on him, but he used both hands to empty the money drawer into a bag, so if he did have it it wasn't in his hand. Whatever. At least the asshole had the good sense not to discharge the thing.

Criminal asshole dude then led the clerk to a room to get cartons of cigarettes, at which point the clerk pulled out a gun and fired TEN ROUNDS at the guy robbing the gas station as the thief fled like a bat out of a Dick Cheney interview. Never seen a man run so fast as in the gas station video.

So Heroic Clerk is going BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM out the window of the damned convenience store RIGHT INTO what's normally A VERY BUSY street. Rambo style...BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM...spraying bullets into the street. Whether the moron-cigarette-thief was hit is not clear. He made off with the smokes and the cash. What's clear, though, is Hero Clerk was just firing willy nilly into Henry Street, which.....frankly....I drive down EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY with my kids.

And of course all the gun nuts are praising the Hero Clerk for sticking up for his boss's stash of Newports and their smooth, smooth flavor. Never mind the hundreds of folks who pass by that place early in the morning, many of whom are taking their kids to daycare....any one of whom could have taken a bullet in the head.

Meanwhile there are about ten unaccounted for chunks of lead that flew down Henry street, all in the name of saving an armful of Basic's menthol 100s. Thanks GOD for know...sense of justice.

Hopefully future thieves don't catch wise and next time don't just blow away the clerk first thing before stuffing their pants full of Kools.

Muskegon has way too many gun deaths involving innocent bystanders just walking down the damn street in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time. Who the hell knows who the intended targets and motives were or if most of these deaths were just poor bastards in the wrong place when some asshole started spraying high velocity lead into the street.

All this talk of Good Guys with guns and BAD guys with guns. Just shut up. What about the guy just walking down the damn street to get a gallon of milk for his kids?

Stick that shit in your second amendment and smoke it and its sweet, smooth Virginia flavor.

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