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Paul Craig Roberts served as Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Yes, he is a staunch conservative, but I often read his articles because they are very  informative.

According to Mr. Roberts, the Bush Adm. and large corporations are lying to the public about the job market and the unemployment rate.

In the article, Roberts states January 2006 was "the 61st  month that the US economy has been unable to create any jobs except jobs in domestic nontradable services, most of which are low paid." He goes on to say the unemployment rate is much higher than reported because the job numbers do not include the many workers who have given up looking.

The entire article can be found at:

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I was reading a June 21, 2004 interview with Ralph Nader in, yes, The American Conservative magazine.

I was very impressed with Nader's tax plan - zero income tax on wages below $100,000 and the lost revenue made up with taxes on wealth and stock/bond transactions. I think it would do wonders to bring back the white, working class and middle class vote. Note: I'm assuming the plan would be at least revenue neutral -

Here is a link to the full interview which dealt with all topics not just taxes.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

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Dell Computer has just announced plans to hire 5,000 new workers in India bringing the total to 15,000.

Here is a link to the news article:

The Pew Research study shows "The public generally takes a negative view of the hiring by U.S. businesses of lower-cost workers in other countries to produce goods and services. About seven-in-ten Americans (69%) believe "outsourcing" is a bad thing because it sends good jobs overseas; just 22% feel it is good because it keeps costs down" This is an issue the Democratic Party needs to brainstorm on, and come up with solutions.

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