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Procter and Gamble continues to support ALEC, a corporate-financed membership organization for conservative state legislators that promoted such laws as Stand Your Ground and laws that restrict voter rights in many states.

Write Procter and Gamble here Procter and Gamble customer service and let them know that as long as they support ALEC, you won't support PG.  

Procter and Gamble brands include bounty, Tide, Braun, Bounce, Gilette and more. Full list below the fold. Warning: When you look at the whole list, below the fold, you may feel like Tommy Lee Jones in The fugitive: "My God, this company is a monster!"

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Sun Aug 14, 2011 at 07:32 PM PDT

Reasonable is Weak

by NY Writer

Mr President, We need a leader.

When you say, "It's the Republicans fault" you may as well say "Will they please stop being so mean?"

Americans want someone who can kick the others guys' ass. This is not constitutional law nor a constitutional debate. It's about the perception: Is Obama strong enough to take on the dark force the Republican party has become?

As much as we hated Bush, no one would argue that we was strong. As much as we liked Carter, he was weak.

You're supposed to protect us. What that means: You've got to out-politic the other guys. Your rating are below 40 because we haven't.

You seem like the guy who tries to debate in a fist fight. Who wins?


Strong presidents, with high pol #'s say:

"America will not be held hostage, now or ever. If Congress sends me a clean debt bill, I'll sign it. If not, I'll use the 14th Amendment and sign it in the 11th hour. ...By the way, we need to cut the debt. If both sides of Congress meet half way, I'll sign on to debt cuts any day of the week, but NOT linked to the debt limit. This is money we already spent. We need to pay our bills."

Approval for strong president: 68%

President Obama says (after the fold)--__-->

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Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 04:54 PM PDT

Another Anthony Weiner Diary :)

by NY Writer

There's a story about a guy who worked  in a Fortune 500 company. He  made a mistake that cost the company a million dollars.  He was called into the president's office. The man said, "I know you're going to fire me." The president said, "Are you kidding? We can't fire you! We just invested a million dollars in your education!"

Should Weiner stay on and earn the cost of his humiliation in accomplishments?

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 10:38 AM PDT

Obama: Reelection Man

by NY Writer

Hey guys. The way I'm positioning myself I can't lose. So what do I got? Two years here to manage the wars, the economy and the rest, and then two years in 2012 to really do something before I become a lame duck.

The Right wants to tear apart the New Deal. I don't. So I'll meet them half way (as my opening position), then push it another quarter, so we'll still come out with 25%. Not bad. Any more than that and I'll alienate the moderates. And if I'm not reelected, they'll tear apart 100% of the New Deal. Can you imagine?

Sure, older people, black and white, will start paying for their health care, but what can I do?

How am I liking the job? Loving it! I don't carry keys or a wallet. People play songs when I come into the room. Great wheels. And let's face it, I'm the Jackie Robinson of politics. Historic. I try not to let it go to my head. Like when I run up the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial and people go out of their minds. Little do they know I've got wars to run. What a mess.

As I said in my book, as a black man I've learned not to speak too loudly or move too fast. And I got myself elected president of the United States. And I will be reelected. Older black people...and white people might start paying for health care in their old age. But in balance, I"m doing good. And there's 2012-2014 when I'll really put down my marker...


Mon Feb 28, 2011 at 11:08 AM PST

Israel Apartheid Countdown: Entry #1

by NY Writer

Arabs in Israel have more kids than Jews do, so it is only a matter of time before there are more Arabs than Jews in Israel. In order to keep Israel a Jewish state, Israelis will require Arabs to become official second class citizens. (Hmm. What 20th Century fascist regime does that dynamic remind us of?) Then Israel, not having agreed to a two state solution in which this may have been somehow written in, Israel will become an apartheid state.

This is a space to think of little and big questions of what it might look like and how it might work.

My first entry: Resorts.

In 1979 in South Africa, Sun City, a casino resort, opened and hoped to attract Western acts. But cool rockers soon decided they wouldn't perform there, so as not to give the regime any monetary or pr benefits. Artists such as Springsteen performed in a video called Aint Gonna Play Sun City.

Question: Will Israel build a resort to attract Western talent? Will it too be called Sun City? If it has another name, will rockers have to write a new song or can they just change a few lyrics on the old one?

Wow. A mystery


Ok, this is a short diary (more like a footnote), but if she's well enough, which is not certain, wouldn't she be a wonderful choice?

Think of it: Nate Silver describes how the Dems are vaguely within strikng distance in AZ, though it's a  hard state for any Dem to win, much harder than neighboring NV or CO, but who else could even come close? Plus, Congresswoman Giffords has the respect of people in AZ

If she's well enough... Go Gabby go!

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When people talk about Jared Loughner and why he committed this monstrous act, it's important to realize that schizophrenia usually starts in people's early twenties. (See references below fold)  Men with schizophrenia often have their first breaks with reality in early college, a few years later for women.  

So when Loughner's ex-girlfriend says she doesn't know what happened, that is because he probably WAS a different person when she knew him.

Kelsey Hawkes, who dated Jared Loughner six years ago, emailed the Los Angeles Times about their relationship. Hawkes, who is a currently a junior at the University of Arizona, where President Obama will lead tonight's memorial for the shooting victims of Saturday's tragedy, emphasized that "he's not the same Jared Loughner that the world now knows as a mass murderer -- not the same person at all. What he chose to do with himself and his life between the time that we weren't dating and what he did on Saturday is far beyond me."

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In a New Yorker portrait on Putin, he was quoted as calling himself a thug.  The latest political death & imprisonment in Russia seem to make him true to his word. First, Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who was uncovering governmental corruption--jailed and tortured to death. Next, Khodorkovsky, oil billionaire who dared support opposition parties, imprisoned in Siberia and, this week, may get 14 additional years for "embezzling." Accusing an oligarch in Russia of embezzling, like accusing Kremlin, Inc. of embezzling, is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

A great man couldn't turn Russia into a big 0 in a few short decades. So there we have it. Welcome to the world where no one in the West ever invests in Russia. Sad. A country, once again, with no future.

  1. If the Supremes disallow mandatory health care coverage, President Obama should run for reelection endorsing Medicare Buy In (i.e. public option under another name), as follows: "In HCR, we guaranteed that you can't lose your coverage, and that pre-existing conditions won't prevent you from getting coverage. The way we planned to pay for it was with mandatory coverage. Judges are banning mandatory coverage, so the Senate needs to pass Medicare Buy In."

This will end the insurance companys'dominance.

  1. Though we all hated the tax deal, I'm sure President Obama is licking his lips to run on the plank of contrasting himself with the Tea Party nominee re his desire to cancel the lower rate of estate tax and canceling the tax cuts for the richest.

Go President Obama!

Below the fold, Huff Po Link: Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed.

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Lawrence O'Donnell was odd tonight on his show. Besides screaming at Alan Greyson in order to eliminate an alternate point of view, he patronized as well--to people against the Obama compromise and to Velma, in order to advance HIS point of view.

For example, L.O:Do you think that when two parties negotiate in Congress, either side gets entirely what they want or do both sides have to compromise?  

Wow. Deep.

How about this answer: When two parties negotiate in Congress during a time of great deficits, advancing the estate tax floor to 5 million might be enough for one side to give, rather than also lowering the estate tax rate to 35%, et al.


--Status Quo With an Edge
--Reducing the Deficit, Whenever
--Addresses His Enemys' Needs
--Serious about Main Street, Sort Of
--A Company Guy with Style
--No Line in the Sand

(Please add your own)


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