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Sun Oct 28, 2012 at 09:00 AM PDT

Franco Harris, Jim Rooney Get It

by NanaoKnows

Friday night at the Karaffa Elementary School in Toronto, OH___IO !

Retired HOF football player Franco Harris and Steeler's owner's son "get it" and are willing to volunteer and put in the time to make sure President Obama gets re-elected..

"I came to Pittsburgh 40 years ago. And I have a lot of memories from those 40 years. I have had a chance to meet presidents and steelworkers. And I can tell you it will be a great morning when we wake up on Nov. 7 and know we helped re-elect President Obama to another four years in office," said Harris.

Franco lays it out, plain and simple and who could ever bet against a man who performed the "Immaculate Reception" ?

"And it will also be very important that we send Gov. Romney a message at the end of this campaign. And that message is we are going to keep jobs in America. Gov. Romney hasn't figured out yet the winning formula in life is about team and bring us all together. And because it is all about us as a team, we need everyone here to go out knocking on doors and putting up campaign signs," Harris declared.
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Many of you Kossacks are aware of the fact that Rove and his Super Pac hordes having been going all out pouring in millions of dollars to take out Sherrod Brown and replace him with of all things a Josh Mandel who still doesnt have a clue. I live in the Steubenville "Ohio Valley" or Tri-State area where eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia and western Pennsylvania meet. But guess what, all their money cant make a frog into a prince !

The people in the Ohio Valley "get it" !

YORKVILLE - Day two of a seven-day tour of Ohio by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown brought the Democratic incumbent to the Yorkville Fire Station where 200 steelworkers, retirees and Democrats cheered for him and booed his Republican opponent.
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