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Chevrolet Volt from TorqueNews
Good and promising news for the US economy's auto sector. At least in this particular segment of the automotive world US Made tech cars beat the Japanese made electric cars in October sales. Details are reported at TorqueNews here, by Patrick Rall.

Which of these 3 Electric Cars You Prefer The Most

53%42 votes
3%3 votes
42%33 votes

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More than 47 million Americans who receive food stamps will see their benefits go down starting Friday, just as Congress has begun negotiations on further cuts to the program. What can these 47 million Americans do who depend on food stamps? In this story EmaxHealth reporter Deborah Mitchell discusses on how go save money on food using garbage.


Do you think the Congress will renew food stamp spending?

23%15 votes
44%28 votes
31%20 votes

| 63 votes | Vote | Results

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This is a reflection on 7 important drugs and medications that are currently running low in US hospitals according to a story published in today's issue of EmaxHealth by Tracy Woolrich.

Is it possible that in this day and age, considering how powerful the Pharmaceutical companies are and how much medications they want to sell, that this country can go with drug shortages? It's interesting that in 2008 it was blamed on Olympics in China and Pollution in USA.

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