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"Journalist" Rick Sanchez called Jon Stewart a bigot for picking on him on the Daily Show.

Here's the link:
Gawker Sanchez link

Sanchez appeared on Pete Dominick's Sirius radio show yesterday, where the topic turned to Jon Stewart, who constantly makes fun of Sanchez on The Daily Show. Sanchez doesn't like it very much. He thinks Jon Stewart is a "bigot." He also doesn't like you, you snobby Northeastern liberals:

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A peek into this American kitchen

This is why "Birthers" exist.
This is why "Deathers" exist.
This is why Bill Maher is right -"Americans are stupid".
This is why Fox News has any ratings at all.
This is why Rush Limbaugh is a millionaire.
This is why lobbyist can recruit people to vote against and campaign against their best interests.
This is why Crooks and Liars get in power and stay in power.
This is what our education system is churning out.
This is why we are lagging in science and math.
This is why I can't talk to a republican for more than 5 minutes without wanting to hang myself.
This my friends is the America I have to protect my own kid's mind from.
This seemingly silly homemade video of some teenagers talking about silly stuff is a perfect example of what a small-minded country exists within our National borders.

Check out the video. It's cringe-worthy.
American/Christian Ignorance

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Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 08:07 AM PST

Interesting Voting Encounter in PA

by NewCon06

I voted to save America from the ignorant, bigoted, do-nothing, take-everything asswads that have held our Nation hostage for the past 8 years. It felt really good!

When I pulled up to the polling place in Southwestern PA this morning I saw a friend of ours had just got her kids off to school. She lives directly across the street from the polling location and was walking back to her house with a cup of coffee in her hand.

I beeped my horn to get her attention. She looked around, saw me and smiled, came toward my car tugging at her RED sweatshirt. As I got out of my car she said with a grin...Gotta keep it RED.

More below...

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If there are any aspiring investigative bloggers out there with time on their hands...It might be interesting to compare a time line of banking industry problems, the Fed and the White House actions to the same time line of the Elliot Spitzer "Hookergate" scandal.

I found this at Project Censored:

Why the Bush Administration ‘Watergated’ Eliot Spitzer
Bush’s Real Problem with Eliot Spitzer

More below:

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I know a lot of you think she's a Lefty Nutjob for challenging Pelosi's seat but this is where we are as a country, and all of the concessions the Dems made to Bush on the 4th Ammendment have come to the DNC's doorstep.

You reap what you sow.

   This is Cindy Sheehan's account on what happened to her when she came back to her hotel room early following a day of activism in Denver to the lead up to this week's DNC..

Phones in the Fridge

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For as many times as I've watched Scott McClellan spew White house lies, spin and propaganda, and trembling with contempt at his swift dismissals of the press corps on any subject they rarely challenged him on, I think I'm beginning to believe that he might actually have an ounce of integrity after all.

Now before you get all "he's just out to sell books" on me, please check out this video over at Yahoo and then check out his interview this morning over at the Today Show.

I just saw this over at Jabberwonk. Here's a direct link to the video.

Think Tanks and the Selling of Iraq War

Today Show Interview


Is Scotty sincere or just a hack selling a book?

43%31 votes
36%26 votes
6%5 votes
13%10 votes

| 72 votes | Vote | Results

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So Hill lovers...

Remember Kenn Starr?

Remember who Bankrolled the Whitewater Investigation?

Why, that was Richard Mellon Scaife.
Owner and Publisher of the Right-Wing Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


Who's that sitting next to you Hill?
Why it's none other than Richard Mellon Scaife.

Sen. Hillary Clinton sat for Tribune-Review reporters and editors.

Click on the View Gallery to right of article. Picture #15

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I diaried this back in October 2007.

Seems sort of relevant today.

Dem's all lined up for a Spitzer impeachment but, You won't de-fund Bush. You won't impeach Bush. You won't investigate Bush. You won't listen to us.
So what is it? Did the warrentless wiretaps turn up something on the heavy hitters in your party?

So Nancy....Steny...Is it blackmail or what?

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It'll take another Clinton to push the party over a cliff.

Don't get me wrong. I voted for Bill twice. I bought the Rolling Stone Magazine with him on the cover. I still have it in plastic. I watched him blush on MTV,  I watched him play sax on Arsenio Hall. I saw him motivate new voters like no-one. I was one of those voters.

I know how much the Right hated him. I know how much money they spent to impeach him. I know they dragged Hillary over the coals. But with all of that going against them, The majority of us loved Bill. We stood by him. We went to bat for him. We defended his ideals and his work for this country. And though we know he got a raw deal on Lewinsky, the fact remains...He had three choices as to were to put his dick...

1) Keep it in his pants
2) Keep it in his hand
3) Keep it in his wife

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Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 09:48 AM PST

Free Obama Poster Here

by NewCon06

What can I say? The guy's got me jazzed.

"Money's tight and nothings free" Except this.

I don't have a server to post the Hi-res PDF of the file but if someone can host the PDF, I'll E-mail the file to them.

Obama Poster

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You won't de-fund. You won't impeach. You won't investigate. You won't listen to us.
So what is it? Did the warrentless wiretaps turn up something on the heavy hitters in your party?

Please tell us why:

Do they have the goods on Murtha's (CTC) non-profit?
Did they uncover Steny's K-Street corruption?

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Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 01:58 PM PDT

"Hillary's War" with photo

by NewCon06

As I watched Hillary on last night's debate, back away from her voting record and her own words from just days ago, I got the sense that we have a (Female McCain) on our hands here.

"The straight talk express" mantra of John McCain's presidential aspirations had turned into a dull hum of "more of the same".

I heard that hum again while she answered Pumpkin head's questions on Iraq.

Here is her (Rummy meets Saddam) moment.
Hill and George plan a war

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