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Norm Coleman has been asked some pretty embarrassing questions lately - about money funneled to him from a supporter, about receiving free suits, and free trips on a private jet.

The culture of corruption that has plagued the Bush White House has infected Norm Coleman as well. These illegal gifts come with a price - influence over Coleman's actions in the U.S. Senate, and this effects all of us.

It is time that Minnesota get the honest representation in the U.S. Senate that it deserves. It is time for Norm Coleman to go.


Bob Schaffer wants to gamble with your Social Security benefits. His fractured logic says that risking your Social Security contributions on Wall Street will be the right thing to do to insure future benefit levels.

Bob Schaffer is not risking his retirement. He's risking yours. Markets can rise, but they can also drop, precipitously. That's a risk that our senior citizens can ill afford.

Bob Schaffer - not dedicated to keeping Social Security safe.


Wicker - where is he on the issues?

Iraq: still supporting the spending of $12 billion per month in Iraq.

Social Security: Still suports risking your retirement savings on Wall Street.

Jobs: Supports tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas.

Voting: voted with Bush almost 90% of the time.

Mississippi deserves better, much better.


Wed Oct 29, 2008 at 05:31 AM PDT

John Sununu - time to leave DC

by NoThirdBushTerm

John Sununu is a tough-love kind of guy. His response to citizens from his state that are concerned about high health care costs "stop complaining."

Sununu has been Bush's man in the Senate -  stopping the U.S. from importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, supported cutting Medicare payments, and voted against better health care for our military veterans.

George W Bush is leaving Washington soon, it looks like Sununu should leave with him.


Norm Coleman has done a great job for the past 8 years in advancing the Bush economic policy:

  1. Tax cuts for the wealthy
  1. Subsidies for Big Oil during times of record profits
  1. Tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas

What we need now is someone to help the rest of us: the middle class, and small business owners.

That person is NOT Norm Coleman.


Where in the world is Elizabeth Dole?

Well, she's not in North Carolina. In recent years, she has only spent a few weeks in the state. All the while, she's voting with President Bush 92% of the time. This has resulted in a very low effectiveness ranking.

Elizabeth Dole has been busy in Washington DC representing the failed policies of the Bush administration. We need someone to represent North Carolina.

It's time for a change.


You have to hand it to Gordon Smith, he is quick on his feet when he's cornered. Now he's lining up names like Kennedy and Barack Obama to shore up his image.

What is his real record?

Well, he has been a great legislator......for President Bush's failed policies:

  1. He's supported tax-cuts for the wealthy.
  1. He's supported Subsidies for Big Oil.
  1. He's voted against allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices through Medicare.

Gordon Smith - he is in someone's corner, and that is Bush's corner.


Roger Wicker is not standing up for workers. He has voted against minimum wage increases multiple times.

The kind of wage increase he does support is one closer to home - his own wage, as a matter of fact.

So while Roger Wicker is busy supporting the Bush agenda of opposing minimum wage increases so the working poor can support themselves, he is busy giving himself pay increases, all at the tax-payers expense.

To make life harder on those who are already struggling, he also voted against expanding health care coverage for the children of poor parents in Mississippi.

Roger Wicker has been busy in Washington - increasing his own pay, but making things harder for the rest of us.


Elizabeth Dole - the silence is deafening.

After 6 years on the Senate banking committee she managed to not ask a single question, about anything!

And now, our economy is in trouble, banks are failing, and the stock market is dropping.

Elizabeth Dole's lack of action on the committee is an appalling level of oversight. Adding to that, she voted against legislation to help people stay in their homes, and has been labeled as ineffective by North Carolina newspapers.

While Dole sat in silence, she did manage to collect donations from Wall Street to the tune of $850,000. Was it all just "hush-money?"

It's time for Dole to leave the Senate, and clear the way for someone who will speak up for North Carolina.


On your marks. Get set. GO(P)!

Norm Coleman must be getting tired. He has been running from his record of supporting Bush, pushing tax breaks for oil companies, and supporting deregulation on Wall Street.

Will he make back to office on Election Day? Will he be able to flee his continued support of failed Bush policies? Will he be able to sneak back to the Senate?

That's for Minnesota voters to decide.


Gordon Smith is a party animal. He's busy throwing a party for the big players on Wall Street - he supports privatizing social security so it can be risked in the stock market.

He has supported tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

He has supported tax breaks for the oil industry during a time of record profits.

Gordon Smith's party has left a mess that we will have to clean up. Lets tell him the party's over!



That's the national sales tax that Saxby Chambliss is in favor of. For the rich, that's a big tax cut, and for the middle class and the poor, that's a big tax increase.

What is he thinking?

Chambliss clearly does not have the interest of the middle class or the poor in mind when he supports legislation that would radically increase their tax bill. What's worse, in these difficult times, which are effecting the middle class and the poor the most, they would be in even worse financial shape that what they are now!

Saxby Chambliss - representation we cannot afford.

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