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I'm reveling in the results of Tuesday and, for the most part now, getting on with life, with a couple exceptions.  One is the mess in Arizona.  The other is Ohio's final vote tally, which is something we'd do well to pay attention to.  Let's see how close the final margin is compared to what the pollsters, who proved to be exceptionally accurate this time out.  Because for the life of me, I can't figure out Karl Rove's thought process during his Fox News meltdown (insert comment here about the holy terror it would be to understand what goes on in Karl Rove's head).  To be sure, there was plenty of well-documented right-wing delusion going into election night coverage about how things would go.  But Rove ain't stupid.  He watched the same results we did...and yet...

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The name Bill Pocan appears in the recall petition against Bob Wirch of Kenosha, one of the Fab-14 Wisconsin senators and one of three up for recall.  If the name Pocan sounds familiar, it is because Bill Pocan's son is Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan (78th).  This according to JSOnline politics blog.

The problem is that Bill Pocan died 20 years ago.

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As most Badger State Kossacks (and many others) are aware, our Republican tool of an Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the State Elections Board seeking to force municipalities to perfectly match voter registration data against other state databases, which would have the chilling effect of challenging or suppressing the vote of hundreds of thousands of us.  

So how did this transparent attempt to game the election turn out?

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